Trying out the S+ by ResMed, A New Sleep Tracking System

I used to be a fantastic sleeper, I would go to bed and fall asleep pretty much straight away. Then I had children and my quality of sleep took a nose dive. Since then I've had some good nights and some terrible but I always feel better when I've had a good night's sleep. The problem with that is how do you get a good night's sleep?

There are lots of devices out there at the moment that monitor your sleep and can give you information about how well you slept. Some you have to wear during the night, others are simply apps on your phone. Out of the ones I've tried none of them have helped me work out how to sleep better.

Enter the S+ by ResMed, a new device you don't have to wear, that features patent-protected SleepSensor technology. It monitors every stage of your sleep patterns and makes it possible for you to analyse and improve your sleep at home. 

Over the last few weeks I've been trying out the S+ and I've been keeping a sleep diary to help me work out if the device is working.

5 Outfits I Like To See The Hubby Wearing

When getting dressed every morning there are certain outfits you love right? You have your favourites, as does your other half. You may or may not agree with your partner's choice in clothes but most of the time it doesn't matter. If you had the chance though, how would you dress your partner?

I had a think about it and came up with 5 outfits I like to see the Hubby wearing.

1. A great suit

Nothing screams sexy like a good suit. Black trousers, black jacket, a crisp white shirt, and a tasteful tie. I love the James Bond (think Daniel Craig) movies because all the best characters wear suits. It may not be practical day-to-day wear but I love seeing the Hubby wearing a suit.

Coping with Chicken Pox

Since last Thursday LP has had chicken pox, he's been uncomfortable, tired, coughing and sneezing, and sleeping. It's been a while since I had to cope with chicken pox, BP was just two years old when he caught it and it was so easy.

BP slept the majority of the time and he didn't get many spots, it was easy to cope with and as a result I was lured into a false sense of security! 

When LP caught the chicken pox I thought it would be just as easy, he'd sleep a lot of the time, I'd give him paracetamol and it would be a breeze.

What I Read Break

With it being Easter Weekend and LP having chicken pox I am exhausted. At night I'm up numerous times trying to console an uncomfortable LP and during the day I'm finding it hard to get the motivation to do anything but take care of LP. That's why I've decided to take a week's break from What I Read. 

Things are far too hectic and I need to concentrate on my boy right now. What I Read will be back next week as usual. 

Post Comment Love & Newbie Showcase 25 - 27th March 2016

Welcome back to another Post Comment Love and I just wanted to say how much I love hosting this brilliant linky. I get to read your fab posts, comment, and share them and I get to learn more about you. That's what makes hosting so great!
Yesterday I got up, as I would usually do, all ready to get the boys off to school on time. On Wednesday evening LP had gone to bed early because he wasn't feeling well and I ended up giving him some medicine in the middle of the night too. I was hoping he would get over it fast but he didn't want to get out of bed yesterday and I felt really guilty about making him get up but I had to make sure he was ready for school.

What You Need To Know About Chicken Pox

Last night LP went to bed early, he'd been coughing and sneezing most of the day and he was complaining about having a headache. At 7:20pm he chose to go to bed (his bedtime is 8pm) and he was asleep within minutes. 
a ruffled bed

He didn't want to get up this morning and was still coughing. When he got out of bed he said he wanted to show me some spots he'd got because they were "annoying" him. At first it didn't dawn on me but as I examined his body and spotted more spots on his back I realised he had Chicken Pox.

LP is almost 7 (his birthday is in two weeks!) and I'd been hoping he would get chicken pox before he got any older. BP had it when he was 2 and he slept through the worst part of it, I'm not sure how LP will cope, only time will tell.

Stuffed Crust Pizza The Easy Way

Pizza Hut's stuffed crust pizza is one of the best takeaway pizzas there is but it is also expensive. If you were a whizz in the kitchen you could probably make your own, but alas I'm not so I turn to others to do it for me, and that's where Tesco come in. They can help me make my own stuffed crust pizza, the easy way.

Tesco sell a pre-made stuffed crust pizza base that you add your own toppings to and bake at home. It's not as big as a Pizza Hut pizza but it's just right to share.

Top 10 TV Detectives

I love watching a great murder mystery, whenever a new Detective series is announced it always piques my interest. I'm great at solving the mysteries too (even if I do say so myself), more often than not I'll know 'whodunnit'.

As I love detective series so much I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite TV Detectives, so here are my top ten, in reverse order.

10. DCI Tom Barnaby Midsomer Murders

If you're after an easy watch without much tension at all then Midsomer Murders is for you. There's always something suspicious going on in the county of Midsomer. DCI Tom Barnaby is on hand to solve the murder with calm and collected thinking.

What I Read 42

It's Sunday, and you all know what that means right? Yep, it's time for some sharing. I've read some great posts lately and am sure you'll love them too so let's get on with What I Read.

What I Read 42 - badge

Cardiff Mummy Says
As a blogger you may come across some strange attitudes, parenting bloggers are often looked down on. I have no reason for this other than jealousy, I mean we get to do what we love and still stay at home to take care of our children. On this subject though I loved reading Cardiff Mummy's post Why do people look down on parent bloggers? In the post she gets views from other bloggers too and it's a great read.

Post Comment Love 18th - 20th March 2016

It's time for Post Comment Love again and I can't wait to see your brilliant posts this week. So many of you continue to link up every week and Stephanie and I are grateful to each one of you.

The chore list is still going strong, and my house is getting tidier and tidier, I'm liking it!

As for everything else, because the house is so tidy I feel more motivated to write and am getting lots of posts drafted. Always a good thing! I enjoy getting the majority of a post written before I want to post it because I have time to go back and edit if I think it needs it. Also it gives me a chance to think about the topic a little more.

We've been enjoying some family time over the last week with board games (Ingenious, on of our favourites pictured above) and the boys are still enjoying playing with the drone outside. LP loves it at the moment because the lighter nights are coming which means he can play outside when he gets home from school. He's been waiting for so long for this to happen and he's fully taking advantage of the light. For a few days now he's been out until dusk and complained when I called him in.

Why You (and your kids) Should Be Listening to They Might Be Giants

If you haven't heard of They Might Be Giants first let me educate you, because you need to know who they are before you learn why you (and your kids) should be listening to them right?

Formed in 1982 by John Flansburgh and John Linnell, They Might Be Giants is an alternative rock band, but don't be put off because more recently they've been known for their children's music and TV/movie theme music.

One of their songs I'm absolutely certain you will have heard (if you're of a certain age) is Birdhouse in Your Soul.

I remember loving that song when I was a kid!

So why do I think you should be listening to them?

The Importance of Eating Breakfast Together

How often does your family sit at the dining table at breakfast time?

Given how hectic mornings can be this was never a priority for me, I just wanted to feed the boys and hurry them along, getting them ready for school. I'd let them sit in front of the TV, watching Pokemon or some other nonsense while they ate their toast, and then once finished I'd nag them to death to make sure they weren't late for school.

This routine resulted in lots (and lots) of arguments. BP didn't like switching off his TV in the middle of a programme, LP didn't want to move from the sofa, there was always something, some reason for "5 more minutes".

A plaque that says "Good Morning, Let the stress begin..."

Each morning before the boys got up I would sit and have my breakfast, I'd watch BBC News, find out what was going on in the world, and drink a hot coffee. Once the boys were up my relaxing morning was over and it was time to get started rushing around.

All the arguments, and horrible mornings got me thinking "there must be a better way".

And there is...

Have a morning routine.

Over the last few weeks I've got up at 6:30am, done some chores, and woken the boys (all of them, including the Hubby) up at 6:50am. At that point they have 10 minutes to get out of bed, I have breakfast ready for them by 7am. 

At 7am we all sit down in the lounge, with BBC News on the TV, and eat breakfast. 

Brown leather sofa, in our lounge

We *could* sit at the dining table but I think we're all still waking up at this time so it probably wouldn't work very well.

Sitting together, eating breakfast, while watching the news has had a surprising effect on our mornings.

For a start BP has said he enjoys watching the news, something I never thought I'd hear him say. A few weeks ago we ended up having a discussion about the EU referendum. It was a lovely talk and I was pleased because I felt like he was actually listening to us.

LP isn't quite as interested (he is only 6) but he does comment on some things he hears, like the weather. He spotted Nottingham on the map once and got all excited because that's where we live! It was quite amusing.

Some mornings we sit, watch the news, and don't discuss anything but I think the point is that we're all together enjoying breakfast. If the boys want to talk they can, if not they don't have to.

The other thing is that they're seeing what goes on in the world.

People may disagree with me allowing my children to watch the news, after all there can be scary stuff on there, and it's real. But for me that's the point, it's all real, they can ask all the questions they need to. I don't want to keep the real world from them.

Our new morning routine has had a great effect on the boys and as long as we keep it up I think things are only going to improve.

I'm looking forward to more interesting discussions with my boys over breakfast.

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Blogger Showcase 5 El from The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

Being a writer at heart I feel an instant connection to other writers, whether they're bloggers or novelists or authors. Someone's writing I fell in love with is El, from The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback. She has a unique style that is entertaining and engaging, but don't take my word for it, here's El...

The Secret File of Agent Spitback

Blog Name : The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

What I Read 41

Welcome back for another What I Read, this week back to regular programming after last week's roundup.

Zaz wrote a brilliant post about loving yourself, about how we need to be kind to ourselves before we can love others. I couldn't agree more and making time for yourself, time be alone or just enjoy things for yourself is really important. Please check out A love letter - send love to you.

Post Comment Love and Newbie Showcase 11th - 13th March 2016

Welcome to another week of Post Comment Love and Newbie Showcase, I hope you're all looking forward to linking up, reading posts, and 'meeting' our newbie!

Post Comment Love Badge
This week we're still using our chore lists and they seem to be doing the trick, the house has been fairly tidy all week, something that is unheard of here! The boys come in from school, do homework, get on with their chores, and then play their games. Some of the complaining has even stopped, some... not all.

A Car Ride, Music, and Joy

Every weekend we travel for more than an hour in the car to see family. Since the beginning of the year we've spent a lot of hours in the car and it can get dull. Recently though, with me trying to keep joy in mind, I've noticed the special, joyful things about those car rides, things like our love of music.

The Hubby and I love all different kinds of music, ranging from Rock to Classical. I can quite happily listen to the Sunset Boulevard soundtrack, then switch to Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP2 (not while the boys are around though). With all the travel we've being doing we listen to a lot of music, it helps with the boredom.

Time Together Alone

Last weekend the Hubby and I got to spend some quality time together, alone. The kids were staying with my sister, for 2 nights (!), so we tried to take advantage of our time together.


Usually when the kids are away for a night or two we end up being lazy and watching movies all day, or just lazing around the house doing nothing. While it's okay to do that occasionally we thought this time we would actually do something.

Blogger Showcase 4 - Michelle from The Joy Chaser

In the fashion/film/art world there are 'stars' who come to mind when you think of their field, for me in fashion that's Dior, Chanel, Gucci, etc. Film, well there are many but my favourites are Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Helen Mirren, and Art... I'm not really great at naming artists but Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt? Anyway, what has that got to do with Blogger Showcase I hear you shout. This week I'm host to one of the 'stars' of the blogging world, Michelle Reeves from The Joy Chaser. 

Michelle is one of those bloggers that I look up to, I turn to her blog for inspiration (my word for 2016), and she is a lovely person too. I was happy to have met her, all too briefly, at BlogFest in November 2015.

Enough of my nonsense now though, here's Michelle...

5 Reasons Taking a Break from Parenting is Awesome

Being a parent 24/7, 365 days a year takes it out of you. You're tired and don't have enthusiasm for anything. Taking a break from parenting (if and when possible) can make a huge difference to your overall happiness and energy levels. 

The Hubby and I recently had a break for 2 whole nights! It was great and we visited Stratford-upon-Avon, as well as having a lazy day. 

Once it was time to pick up the kids again I was feeling happy and relaxed.

What I Read February Roundup

February seems to have gone by so fast, and here we are 1 week into March and I'm sharing the What I Read February Roundup. Is it just me or does time get faster the older you get?

In What I Read 38 was Carol's post Thinking Outside the Box, a poem about children's view of the world. Steph wrote a post that brought tears to my eyes, be sure to read Coloured Ice Igloo Community Park. An uplifting read was Becky's post My Day of Positivity in which she shares her experiences of 24 hours of positivity. Talya shared a brilliant post about what she'd learned in her first year of blogging, check out 10 things I've learned in a year of blogging. In The Emotions of Motherhood Laura talks about the emotions we feel during the day, it's a tiring read but she was spot on! If you, like me, don't do make-up (any more) then read Mum Muddling Through's post New Dress, New Shoes, Knee Problems: The beauty perils of motherhood.

If you're thinking about going on holiday this year you should check out Debbie's post; 5 Reasons Why You Should Holiday in Zakynthos, that I featured in What I Read 39. Tim takes steps towards a healthier lifestyle thanks to his Fitbit, as he explains in Me and My Fitbit: Simple Steps to a Better Lifestyle. Zaz wrote a brave and touching post about eating disorders called Listening to My Heart - a MUST read. Silly Mummy shared her Toddler Laws of Physics that had me in stitches. Remember all that talk about mums on the school run in their pyjamas? Well Cheryl wrote a great post on the subject, and I have to say I agree with her... Check out Mums in Pyjamas. In Why Can't I Let Go? @imatwinmama reflects on the journey of parenthood and watching your children grow.

I had fun reading Catie's post Eavesdropping on My Kids, I nodded along as I read with a smile on my face! After being reunited with an old friend Crummy Mummy wrote a lovely post about friendship; What Makes a True Friend? How do you think it would feel to find The One only to let them go, regretting it later? Well Katie shares her thoughts on just that, head over and read My Soulmate: The One I Loved, The One I Lost. If you ever struggle for ideas for Valentine's Day Kat has got it sorted for you, get next year's gift ready by checking out Date Night in a Box: A Very Special Valentine's Day Gift. YouTheDaddy is about to become a father for the first time and is trying to help his partner, I loved his post about easing her pain when it comes to mood swings. Be sure to read Pregnancy Mood Swings And How Expectant Dads Can Help Reduce Them. In An Open Letter to My Son's Anger Em writes a lovely post trying to convince her son's anger to take a break. 


Post Comment Love 4th - 6th March 2016

Welcome to another week of Post Comment Love with Stephanie and I.

sun shining through trees

This week the sun has been putting in an appearance and I have to say it is very welcome. I've been getting down with all the awful weather and I for one am happy to see less of it.

As the weather improves thoughts of spring cleaning pop into my mind and I begin to plan a big clean. Of course all the planning in the world isn't going to make it happen, I actually need to clean! I'll get to it eventually... maybe.

Online Education vs Traditional Education: An Employer's Point of View

We go to school to learn how to become a productive adult, to take care of ourselves. One of the best ways to take care of yourself is to land a great job but does a graduate have a better chance of getting a good job if they took online education classes or traditional education?

Let's look at the benefits from an employer's point of view...
laptop, coffee, and notebook

study at home via elearning

Which Type of Classes Offer More Perks to Employers?

Baking Cinnamon Rolls & Pains aux Raisins The Easy Way

I've said before that I'm not very good at baking, and while that's okay I still find myself feeling a little guilty when I can't bake a magnificent cake for my boys. What I can do though is follow instructions, I'm great at that, so instead of baking a cake I decided to try out the Jus-rol Cinnamon Rolls and Pains aux Raisins.


Jus-rol makes it easy for people like me with their easy to use 'Bake it Fresh' products.