About Me

Hey! I’m Morgan.

I'm fuelled by:


I'm a coffee-drinking introvert who has been a stay-at-home mum for almost 15 years (😱 - when did that happen?!) - to two boys aged 9 and 14. Yes, my boys are at school every day and I’m still a stay-at-home mum. When my eldest, BP, was born we decided that would be my role and it has been that way ever since. Now, that’s not to say I was always comfortable with being “stuck at home”. 

When I was a first time mum with a young baby I struggled to find my way as a stay-at-home mum. I had always been ambitious and didn’t see how I could use that passion when it came to being a mum. I let go of the woman I was before having the baby and amongst dirty nappies and night-time feeds I lost myself. I lost my ambition. I lost the need “to do something”. I lost my sense of purpose. But worst of all I lost me. I didn’t know who I was when I wasn’t being mum. I didn’t know what to do with myself other than be BP’s mum. So he became my everything. I turned into the boring stay-at-home mum that only talks about her baby.

I hated myself.

About Me | Morgan Prince, before I knew what I wanted to do.
It was time to take a hard look at myself and decide what I wanted.

I struggled with my own personality for a long time, so long that I had another child. But as my youngest, LP, grew older I started to think about him going to school. I started to wonder what I would do with all the time I would suddenly have. I didn’t want to become the person who stayed home and cleaned all day - I mean, how boring is that?! At that time I’d been reading a book by someone who also had a blog. And Morgan’s Milieu was born. 

Facts about me

My favourite movie of all time is Love Actually

I don't like Game Of Thrones (TV show)

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer back in 2017

I attend a Saturday morning yoga class which helps to keep me focussed

I often wonder if my bathroom floor will ever be free of pee! (2 boys!)

I still quote Friends most days

I LOVE Walt Disney World

About Me | I love chilling out with the Ice Gator in Blizzard Beach, Walt Disney World
I love chilling out with the Ice-Gator.

Since I started Morgan’s Milieu back in 2011 I’ve written about all topics, from politics to crafting, but what I care about most is how I can help other mums like me. It took a long time to rediscover who I was, my blog helped me along that path and gave me something to believe in, and now I can share my story with you. 

So that's why I'm here - I want to help you (and your family) understand and appreciate everything you do as a stay-at-home mum so you can enjoy some me time once in a while - GUILT FREE! 

About Me | Cheers to you - here's to helping you feel happier!
Let's raise a glass and start our journey to feeling happier!

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  1. I can be a bit of an introvert too, Morgan. I really enjoy being alone to contemplate life while I blog! But I don't have kids so it's easy to do lol!
    Suzy x

    1. Aw thanks for stopping by Suzy - yes having that alone time is great. x