5 Outfits I Like To See The Hubby Wearing

When getting dressed every morning there are certain outfits you love right? You have your favourites, as does your other half. You may or may not agree with your partner's choice in clothes but most of the time it doesn't matter. If you had the chance though, how would you dress your partner?

I had a think about it and came up with 5 outfits I like to see the Hubby wearing.

1. A great suit

Nothing screams sexy like a good suit. Black trousers, black jacket, a crisp white shirt, and a tasteful tie. I love the James Bond (think Daniel Craig) movies because all the best characters wear suits. It may not be practical day-to-day wear but I love seeing the Hubby wearing a suit.

2. Black jeans and shirt

Staying with the 'smart' look, adding a casual feel works great too. With black jeans (they kind of still look like trousers) and a shirt it's like a more relaxed suit and your partner will be more comfortable. The outfit Knowing that the Hubby is comfortable in what he's wearing is important to me, like with women it shows when he's not comfortable.

3. Blue jeans and shirt

More casual and relaxed but with a hint of smart blue jeans and a shirt is a classic look. Team it with a great jacket and your partner is good to go. Casual and stylish this outfit would work for most places these days. The Hubby looks great in a shirt and adding his favourite pair of blue jeans ensures he'll be relaxed and comfortable all day. Win win.

4. Black jeans and polo shirt

Jeans are a style staple and always work well, the polo shirt is a smarter version of a t-shirt. I love them and during the spring/summer months like to see the Hubby wearing them. The super casual version of a suit (in my opinion) this outfit is great for a family day out or just to sit about the house looking stylish!

5. Blue jeans and t-shirt

Going for the super casual can also work well, work a good pair of blue jeans with a funny/popular t-shirt and you're sorted. This is the Hubby's favourite outfit when the weather picks up and I'm sure I'll be seeing more of his Pacman and Mr Men t-shirts. The best bit about these outfits is that your man will probably be at his most comfortable (if he's anything like my Hubby!) which means he'll be at his happiest!

What outfits would you like to see your partner wearing?

In collaboration with House of Fraser.

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