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I'm Morgan, a stay-at-home mum to two boys aged 10 and 14.

Work With Me | Work with a stay-at-home mum showing other mums it's possible to enjoy it!

I spend my time navigating the tween and teen stages of parenting while writing content for my blog, helping other stay-at-home mums enjoy their "me time", as well as working on brand campaigns.

Being a mum myself, and knowing how tough it can be staying at home all the time, most of my parenting and lifestyle content has a "stay-at-home mum" theme.

Work With Me | It's all about being a mum, but not Just a mum.

Social Media Reach

Readers of Morgan's Milieu are 80% female, aged 18-44. 

Morgan's Milieu is currently listed in the Top 250 blogs in Tots 100 rankings. I have more than 170k monthly viewers on Pinterest (8k+ engaged), 475 fans on Facebook, over 6,000 followers on Twitter, and an Instagram following of over 1,000. Giving me a combined social media reach of over 16k.

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I enjoy working with brands to incorporate their message into posts in an engaging way for my readers.

Work With Me | Let's collaborate!

Examples of previous brand work:


I have worked with Intel, Wayfair, Coca-Cola, Jamie's Italian, Thomas Sabo, Baker Days, Lego, JD Williams, Polar, and Joe Delucci's, to name a few.

To discuss possible collaborations get in touch.