Post Comment Love 4th - 6th March 2016

Welcome to another week of Post Comment Love with Stephanie and I.

sun shining through trees

This week the sun has been putting in an appearance and I have to say it is very welcome. I've been getting down with all the awful weather and I for one am happy to see less of it.

As the weather improves thoughts of spring cleaning pop into my mind and I begin to plan a big clean. Of course all the planning in the world isn't going to make it happen, I actually need to clean! I'll get to it eventually... maybe.

I've been trying a new tactic this week, chore sheets. I printed out something I found on Pinterest, listed some jobs for the boys to do every day and so far it's going well. LP was enthusiastic about working through a list and ticking things off, BP complained, but then he's a tween so I'll let him off.

I even printed a list off for me too! My list is a little longer than the boys' though, do you think they'll swap with me? No, me either. Never mind.

One thing the list is doing is reminding me of all the jobs that need to be done, and even though I hate doing it I've been working through them. The kitchen is already looking significantly better.

Anyway I'm going to stop going on about cleaning now (how stereotypical of me right?) and let's get on with this week's Post Comment Love.

Newbie Showcase Jenna from Jenna Michelle Pink

Jenna is an artist and mum to two children under 3, she shares posts on other artists, her own art, and her journey through motherhood.

Find out more about Jenna over on Stephanie's blog.

You can find Jenna here too:

Please do stop by her blog, it looks lovely - when I stopped by I loved the design!


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  1. Good morning Morgan, it must be nice for you to see a little sun. It's looking rather gray here today, but that's probably due to us having a Birthday barbecue planned for Gregs today (it's the same world over).

    I was worried that I wouldn't have time to link up this week as it's been manic. I really need to take a leaf out of your book and keep a chore sheet on my phone as it may encourage me to procrastinate less!

    Good luck with your cleaning and 'll be back to browse and comment tomorrow.


    1. Thanks Debbie, structure and routine always work best for me, I know what I have to do and do it. So far the cleaning is going great, I actually have a tidy kitchen and it's been tidy every day for about a week! That might not seem like much but to me that's huge! xx

  2. Hi Morgan, thanks for hosting hun. I'm with you I can't wait for that sun. It's never stopped snowing/raining her so far this morning. I may have to steal your chore idea. I need to get my boys motivated too.

    1. Oh you're welcome hun.
      The list is definitely worth a try, my boys have got into a routine fairly quickly. They do still try to get out of it but they know they have to do the chores before they get to play video games. :)

  3. Hi Morgan, thanks for hosting. Sorry I'm late hopping back. After shopping on Friday I got a fever and have been in bed ill all over the weekend :( Even had to missed seeing my 2 eldest boys coming home as I was so ill. Hope you had a lovely Mothers day :)

    1. That's not a problem hun, I hope you're feeling better. I did have a lovely Mother's Day thank you, hope you did too. xx


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