Time Together Alone

Last weekend the Hubby and I got to spend some quality time together, alone. The kids were staying with my sister, for 2 nights (!), so we tried to take advantage of our time together.


Usually when the kids are away for a night or two we end up being lazy and watching movies all day, or just lazing around the house doing nothing. While it's okay to do that occasionally we thought this time we would actually do something.

We didn't fancy travelling for the majority of the day so we decided to spend the morning in Stratford-upon-Avon, which is only a 1 1/2 hour drive from us. We visited Stratford a few years ago on a chilly day with the kids when everything was closed, I'm guessing it was a Sunday. We had a little walk around but it was too cold for much else so we abandoned the trip.

These days I'm not sure Stratford is somewhere the kids would find very interesting, they're still a little young to understand about Shakespeare. 

So after dropping the kids off on Friday night the Hubby and I got up on Saturday morning and decided to go to Stratford. On the drive the sun was shining and I was hopeful it would be a nice day. The hope didn't hold out, in fact as soon as I got out of the car I realised it was chilly. Hat, gloves, scarf, kind of chilly - only I left those in the car before I realised!

I loved walking around Stratford, we just wandered without any plan and looked at the wonderfully old buildings. It was busy, people milling about the town, hurrying to do their shopping, and stopping to take photos. 

I took a few photos of the buildings, I loved this picture that I took showing the strange carvings in the wood.

carvings in wood at stratford upon avon

As we strolled we popped in the occasional shop, mostly sweet shops or bakers, we do love our sugar!

inside a sweet shop in stratford upon avon

The Hubby and I don't really enjoy places when they're busy so we walked away from the busy areas and happened upon a market. As we walked around looking at the different stalls a few caught our eye. The Hubby loved this...

coca cola painting on metal

All the market stalls had old memorabilia, things like comics, old suitcases, jewellery, and cutlery. It was lovely walking around and I really enjoyed looking at the memorabilia.

After picking up a few comics for the boys, and purchasing that metal picture, we left the market and headed back towards the car. On our way we happened to pass the museum... it was closed - for refurbishment. Never mind eh?

On our way we passed a lovely little shop called For Something Different. Inside they sold trinkets, handbags, cushions, all sorts of things. The great thing about this shop was it was all stuff I'd not seen anywhere else. As I looked around I found a couple of gifts for my mum for Mother's Day. I'm not going to reveal just yet (she might be reading!) but I will soon. 

Once I'd purchased my Mother's Day gifts we headed back to the car and drove home. The rest of the day was, as usual, spent lazily in front of the TV. It was heavenly to laze around, not have to think about feeding small mouths, and please myself. 

All in all our weekend off was brilliant, we got to have an outing together and laze around, the best of both worlds. 

stratford upon avon pictures

What more could we ask for?