Blogger Showcase 5 El from The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

Being a writer at heart I feel an instant connection to other writers, whether they're bloggers or novelists or authors. Someone's writing I fell in love with is El, from The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback. She has a unique style that is entertaining and engaging, but don't take my word for it, here's El...

The Secret File of Agent Spitback

Blog Name : The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

Patient’s name : El
Agent Spitback - a talented writer

Genre :

34% - General Lunacy with some sparks of real serious advice.

33% – Serious stuff as she roars as The Mulk

33% – “so-called” unsolicited parenting and life advice that you never asked for but she will give it to you anyway.

Date of Birth : Classified information

Occupation : Imagined Life & Parenting Nonsense Expert Blogger…oh you mean real life? Fulltime Working Person living off low carb lunches at her desk and who actually can hold a straight face during meetings and chained to three children, one husband and two rabbits at all other times.

Medical Diagnosis :

1) Hallucinations of being a blogger,

2) Delusions of a Mother Pack trying to kill her on the playground,

3) Hearing voices that urge her to eat cake all the time, the same voices which tell her to drink vodka, and the same voices which tell her to stuff housework and cooking and just go watch Netflix, and she actually like those voices because they seem more fun to be with than her conscience.

Transcript on her first admission to Ward 3B:

“Hello…hi…am I on? Can I talk? Hey, hi, I am not sure if anybody can hear me or if anyone really cares to hear what I have to say…if I promise to tell you want, will you let me go? You promise? Really, okay here goes…

I’m El, the person behind the Secret Agent Spitback, the fictionalized blog of a newbie mother, trying to survive the most dangerous place on earth, the school playground.

I started this blog because I hoped someone would take pity on me and beg a publisher to take me on so that that said publisher can package all that dribbling rubbish in a package that can be sold in bookstores round the world. Because honestly, I am terrible at wrapping and packaging. Have you seen my Christmas presents? My children actually told me that Santa should really send his Elves for “gift wrapping” lessons when they were much younger.

I am actually surprised that people like my blogging nonsense. I loved the responses people had to my fictionalised story of Megan in "The Mummy Stalker" and most recently my post “Are you part of a Mummy Pack?” which was featured on Mumsnet). 

I have been so touched by the support from the wonderful blogging community and it has definitely taken the sting off the rejections I have had. It has also given me more motivation to write more…

Huh? Did you just groan? Oh you didn’t…oh yes, it is getting late, isn’t it? Okay, can I go now?

I can…wait, what? I have to promise what?

Oh, okay, I solemnly swear that I am up to writing no good posts, just wickedly funny ones which will utterly make no sense to the non-initiated.

Thank you so much for listening.

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