Post Comment Love 25 - 27th March 2016

Welcome back to another Post Comment Love and I just wanted to say how much I love hosting this brilliant linky. I get to read your fab posts, comment, and share them and I get to learn more about you. That's what makes hosting so great!

Yesterday I got up, as I would usually do, all ready to get the boys off to school on time. On Wednesday evening LP had gone to bed early because he wasn't feeling well and I ended up giving him some medicine in the middle of the night too. I was hoping he would get over it fast but he didn't want to get out of bed yesterday and I felt really guilty about making him get up but I had to make sure he was ready for school.

Long story short it turns out LP has chicken pox. I was hoping he would've had it before now but it never happened and so here we are, him at almost 7 years old (his birthday is in two weeks!) and he's got chicken pox. The poor little guy feels awful and spent most of yesterday on the sofa watching movies. He kept saying how he "felt weird", he couldn't really settle but didn't want to do anything. 

I hate when any of my boys are ill, I wish I could take it away but can't. The funny thing about it is I constantly complain about having no time for anything but when they're ill I turn into Supermum and manage to do everything I normally would plus taking care of them. What's that all about?!

Hopefully LP will be on the mend soon but if it takes me a while to read your posts please don't think I've abandoned you. I'm just taking care of my boy.

Newbie Showcase Kate from The Less-Refined Mind

Kate is in her late twenties or, (very) early thirties, depending on how honest she’s feeling when asked. She resides in rural Essex with her champion husband and their young daughter, who’s affectionately known as the ‘Devil Pixie’.

Kate established her freelance writing business a year ago, having decided that much like cardboard boxes, office politics are significantly less fascinating to adults than they are to children. 

Since then, Refined Prose has evolved into The Less-Refined Mind, where Kate can be found blogging about motherhood, marriage, and all manner of mischief. From petty peeves to politics, Kate doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is. As an inevitable role-model to her daughter, she even throws in the odd ‘inspirational’ post in an effort to quell her cynicism and promote positivity.

Sometimes caustic - but always candid – Kate loves a provocative subject matter almost as much as she loves (good) coffee and (great) cake. 

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