Post Comment Love 18th - 20th March 2016

It's time for Post Comment Love again and I can't wait to see your brilliant posts this week. So many of you continue to link up every week and Stephanie and I are grateful to each one of you.

The chore list is still going strong, and my house is getting tidier and tidier, I'm liking it!

As for everything else, because the house is so tidy I feel more motivated to write and am getting lots of posts drafted. Always a good thing! I enjoy getting the majority of a post written before I want to post it because I have time to go back and edit if I think it needs it. Also it gives me a chance to think about the topic a little more.

We've been enjoying some family time over the last week with board games (Ingenious, on of our favourites pictured above) and the boys are still enjoying playing with the drone outside. LP loves it at the moment because the lighter nights are coming which means he can play outside when he gets home from school. He's been waiting for so long for this to happen and he's fully taking advantage of the light. For a few days now he's been out until dusk and complained when I called him in.

I've started a new routine with BP lately too. I'm sure I've mentioned how mornings can be a tad stressful with nagging BP to be ready for school. Since introducing our new morning routine of eating breakfast together things are a little better but even after breakfast I still have to nag him. So this week I've started not doing. I don't nag him, not at all. Wednesday morning was the first morning I tried it out, I didn't nag him at all, I let him get ready for school in his own time. I was so nervous that he would make himself late but I had to do it. He would normally have to leave the house at 7:50am, on Wednesday he left at 7:55am. We'll see how it goes but I'm hoping that it will teach him to monitor his timekeeping.

Have you introduced any new routines this week?
What have you been up to?

Newbie Showcase Sarah from Craft Invaders

Sarah (and her kids) blog over at Craft Invaders writing about crafts, recipes, home-made gift ideas, and what is important to them. You can check out her introduction over on Stephanie's blog this week.

You can find Sarah here:


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