Why it's okay to act like a child in Walt Disney World

In our many visits to Walt Disney World I know one thing to be certain - you are expected to act like a child. You have a free pass to hop, skip, and jump your way back to your childhood where you can shriek with excitement at the prospect of meeting Mickey Mouse or even Cinderella. The one thing every single Cast Member wants you to know is that it's okay to act like a child. I love this quote...

You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.

Walt Disney

I think Walt's vision is so clear in Walt Disney World, you really can act like a child. They want you to feel like you can let go of all the stresses of being an adult and simply enjoy yourself in a theme park. There's a tangible magic in all of the parks in Walt Disney World, it's like Tinkerbell herself has spread her pixie dust in the air. 

Dancing in the Street

I know this to be true (okay, not really, but roll with it) because when we visited in 2013 on our first day in Epcot we saw the Jammitors and I began dancing in the street! It's certainly not something I would've done at home, even if I was watching street entertainment, but somehow in Epcot it seemed like the right thing to do. I loved the music and the beat of the drums and was so happy to be on holiday that I just let the mood take me. I'm not usually the sort but hey, it's Walt Disney World.

The Jammitors dance in the street at Epcot, Walt Disney World. This is why it's okay to act like a child in Walt Disney World.

Meeting characters

No matter who your Disney character is I have no doubt you'd be able to find somewhere to meet them. Mickey and the gang hang at special places in all of the parks, I remember seeing Baloo and King Louie in Animal Kingdom, and of course there are princesses everywhere you look. 

Baloo and King Louie character greeting in Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World

The first few times we took the boys to meet the characters I figured it was just about the boys, letting them have fun meeting their favourite characters and getting photos with them. Then after being asked if I wanted to be in the photos about a hundred times, and seeing other adults jumping into the photos I decided I was meant to be in the photos too! Get in on the fun!

Be inspired

Like I said, Walt Disney World is magical, and that becomes clear when you find yourself inspired to dream again - like you did when you were a child. For me this happened when we visited the Art of Animation hotel and I saw the walls of what looked like hand drawn sketches. I have always loved art, drawing, colouring in, and being there reignited my love of art. I dreamed about creating something artistic and it inspired me to start dreaming again. I have yet to make any of these dreams come true but the dreaming is so much fun!

An art wall showing drawings of Lightening McQueen, Dory, and Simba, at Art of Animation hotel in Walt Disney World.


The parades are made for everyone - you sit at the side of the road and watch your favourite characters drive, or walk, by waving to everyone they see - including you! Music plays, Cast Members dance, and the characters play their part, but best of all is that if you wave they wave back. Nothing can make you smile quite like seeing your favourite Disney character look you in the eye and wave at you. 

Elsa in Frozen parade at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

Fun in the water

There are two water parks in Walt Disney World - Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. They're both brilliant, but have benefits of their own. The lazy river in Blizzard Beach is amazing, you sit in a ring and float along a river, you can sit for hours or just a few minutes to cool down. Do watch out for the caves though - the water in there is rather chilly! Typhoon Lagoon has the Surf Pool where you can witness 6-foot swells. You'll hear a sonic boom, followed by a scream from everyone in the park, you'll then see people running for the pool because they want to get in on the fun. A minute or so later you'll see the swell swallow up the people in the pool. Once the wave has reached the beach you'll see smiles EVERYWHERE - everyone loves the Surf Pool.

The six foot swell at the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool in Walt Disney World.

Both parks have brilliant slides, both body and ring slides and they're so much fun. Be sure to stock up on the sunscreen though, and stay hydrated.

Let the magic in

When you're in a theme park with your children it can be so easy to stay in "adult" or "parent" mode. With the kids asking for ice-cream or drinks constantly and the craziness of hundreds of people all around can put you in a moany mood. But I urge you to let that magic in, breath it in and let it fill you up because I promise you, you won't regret it. 

We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun - together.

Walt Disney

For me the magic hits me as soon as I walk into the Animal Kingdom Lodge on arrival, but the parks have their own special magic too. When you first walk into the park pause for a second and take it in, look around like you're 8 years old. From then on you'll walk around with your mouth agape and marvel at the splendour around you. 

Extra special magic

There are some times when you might be disappointed. For years now I have missed out on Mickey's Not-so-Scary Halloween Party because it starts just after we leave Walt Disney World. Time and again I was disappointed because I knew I would never get to see it. But then something miraculous happened...

Mickey's Not-so-Scary Halloween Party is starting early!!!

The first dates are 3 weeks earlier than usual and that means that we will be there when it's happening. Needless to say I shrieked with joy and insisted that the Hubby buy us tickets - there was no way I was going to be leaving Orlando without having been to the party this time! I don't remember the last time I got excited about a Halloween Party but I tell you what, I cannot wait for this party! My words do not do my excitement justice - just imagine an 8 year old girl running around screaming with excitement and that's me! 😂

Why it's okay to act like a child in Walt Disney World - let it go and stop being an adult!

You see, no matter how much you want to adult in Walt Disney World it's just not possible. Yes, you could walk around like a grump and say how horribly babyish it all is and why on earth are you spending your time there - but that's not why you're there is it? You're there to have a wonderful time. And there's an added bonus too - if you're children get to see you having as much fun as they are they will love it all the more!

Why not act like a child in Walt Disney World and make memories with your children that will last a lifetime.

When was the last time you acted like a child?

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