Blizzard Beach, Walt Disney World

Blizzard Beach, Walt Disney World is one of two water parks in Walt Disney World. It has a wave pool, water slides, and a lazy river. There's fun for all the family and it happens to be the Hubby's favourite place in the world.

I would recommend arriving at Blizzard Beach with your swimsuit on, you'll be able to get changed quicker and beat the rush. You can hire a locker and a towel (unless you take one with you). and that way you don't need to worry about keeping your things safe.  

Blizzard Beach, Walt Disney World | Morgan's Milieu: A pinnable image of Summit Plummet

As you walk into the park one of the first things you'll catch a glimpse of is Summit Plummet, a near-vertical drop body slide. I'm not brave enough to have tried it but BP did it when he was six and loved it. To get to the Summit Plummet you can take the thousands (okay I'm kidding, but it felt like thousands) of steps or there's a  chair-lift that will take you to the top of Mount Gushmore.

Alongside Summit Plummet is Slush Gusher, another body slide that is 90 feet long. This one is a little more tame than Summit Plummet (but I still didn’t do it!) and lasts longer. 

Teamboat Springs is a must for all the family, six people sit in a large circular raft and race down one of the world's longest group water raft rides. Slipping down slopes, spinning while riding and landing in a pool of water at the bottom, this ride is lots of fun.

Toboggan Racers is a slide we rode many times. Those thousands of steps I was talking about come into play here. Climb the steps to find yourself at the top of this slide. At the top you pick up a purple mat, lay flat on your belly (on your mat), and race alongside 7 other people to the finish line at the bottom of the hill.

We all loved this ride and I ‘got air’ a couple of times as I bounced over the water! 

Snow Stormers is next to Toboggan Racers and you use the same purple mats for this too. In Snow stormers you slalom your way to the bottom of the mountain taking snaking curves and splashing into a pool of water at the end. 

Little ones will float on the purple mats as long as they hold on, my four-year-old thought that was the best bit!

Cross Country Creek - relax on this awesome lazy river!
After climbing all those steps and riding on exciting slides and raft rides you’ll be wiped out. The best place to chill for a while is Cross Country Creek. Here you can take a break while you relax in an inflated tube, drifting along their lazy river.

Blizzard Beach, Walt Disney World | Morgan's Milieu: Morgan Prince, at Ice Gator's house, Blizzard Beach
Be sure to visit Ice Gator too!

The Hubby says it takes about 20 minutes to do one lap of Cross Country Creek so it’s a nice long rest. A welcome break in Orlando, I can tell you! 

Melt-Away Bay is another part of Blizzard Beach where you can rest while you watch others play in the water. Swim in the wave pool, chill in a floating tube as it bounces over the waves or relax on the shore on one of the many loungers they have on the ‘beach’.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about keeping hydrated when you’re rushing around but you'll find huts, stands and vehicles all around the park. There's no excuse for being thirsty at Blizzard Beach. 

A favourite of the boys’ was Snow Balls where they could get Snow Cones, Frostbite Freddy’s will be the adults’ favourite as it sells adult beverages. My favourite place was Warming Hut where we had pulled-pork nachos that were really tasty. Most of the places that sell food have tables near by so that you can sit and eat and then hurry back into the water. 

We never spent more than two hours at Blizzard Beach, not because it's dull but because there's so much to do elsewhere too. It would be easy to spend a whole day there and still have rides you hadn't done. 

One thing to be mindful of is protection from the sun. Be sure to reapply sunscreen if you're in the water all day, you can be easily distracted by the fun but I assure you the sun is ALWAYS there.

Blizzard Beach, Walt Disney World | Morgan's Milieu: The sign for Blizzard Beach