How to make your trip to Walt Disney World more magical

Walt Disney World is full of magic, from the moment you drive onto Disney property you can feel the change. It's like you're transported back to a child (if you're an adult), the magic fills you down to your soul and you can't help but smile.

But you can go further than just the magic from being there - you can take steps to make your trip more magical.

Here's how:

Be a kid again

First up you are allowed to be a child again. This is such an important thing when you're in Walt Disney World - none of that being a parent nonsense, just enjoy yourself. The first time I went to Magic Kingdom and saw Cinderella's Castle I welled up, it was such an emotional thing. And then I got to MEET CINDERELLA!!! I had the cheesiest smile but I just couldn't help myself I was SO happy.

Even miracles take a little time. 

Fairy Godmother, Cinderella.

Skip around the park, squeal when you see a character, and let your own children see you enjoying it just as much as they are. Allow the magic to take you in and you will have the most amazing time.

Meet characters

Have you always wanted to say hello to Cinderella or dance around with Baloo? Well you can! Yes it means waiting in queues (isn't that what us Brits are great at?) but once you get to wrap your arms around that character and say Hi all your troubles melt away.

Morgan Prince stands next to Minnie Mouse, she has her arm around her waist. Both are smiling and looking at the camera.

I've gotta say that Mickey is my favourite - after all "it all started with a mouse" as Walt said. I adore meeting Mickey Mouse and you can be certain where Mickey is, so is the gang. Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy and even Pluto - and be sure to have your camera ready!

Pressed coins

Machines in all of the Disney parks offer to squish a penny into a souvenir for a nominal fee. Some charge $1 others 50 cents but they're always amusing and if you get enough of them you can get yourself a lovely book to keep them in.

A Pressed coin collection booklet, it has Mickey Mouse dressed in a red cloak and blue hat on the front.

As you can see we have a fair old collection of pressed coins. It started by accident a few years ago when we let the boys try it out - well that obviously resulted in an obsessive collecting holiday. Every single machine we passed they wanted to try out. I don't know if we got them all or if they have new ones now, but we have 57 pressed coins and 1 pressed quarter.

My favourites include a few we got from Epcot, and the World Showcase, one of Mike from Monster's Inc, and one of Buzz Lightyear.

Pin trading

In 2013 we decided to let the boys start their pin trading journey, LP was just 4 but he took to it brilliantly and was so confident going up to cast members to ask to swap pins.

How do you start?

It's easy. You need a lanyard for your pins to go on - why not allow your children to choose one for themselves and buy a keepsake to go on the end of it. It let's the kids get involved and excited about visiting. You'll also need a collection of pins you're willing to swap - these can be doubles of ones you already have, or ones you aren't bothered about keeping. We tend to buy a collection from eBay or somewhere else before we go, they always have plenty we don't want to keep which gives the boys plenty to trade. We'll definitely be doing this again this year.

Don’t just fly, soar. 


In a morning we add the pins to their lanyards and the boys will spend the day trading until they don't have any they want to trade. We haven't managed to run out of tradable pins yet, and we're in Walt Disney World for 6 weeks usually!

There are times when I want to influence the boys' choices about which pin they're trading for, but it's for them, so I butt out - I do find it difficult though! A couple of times I've suggested we all do it, but the Hubby doesn't think we should. Boo.

Our collection of pins at home is pretty great now, we have a large pin board and it won't be long before we need another one!

Our whole board - there's only a few spaces left!

A few of my favourites are:

I love the comic book style of these.

I think the cars are SO cute!

Watch on-street entertainment

In all of the parks there is some sort of "on-street" entertainment. In Magic Kingdom there's lots including the band that plays in front of Cinderella's Castle. I also love the Jammitors at Epcot!

The big band were really good, they played Disney music (obvs!) and we smiled as we knew each tune. 

I love the Jammitors - we got to see them on our first day in 2013.

Seeing live entertainment like that, while you're standing in the amazing sunshine on holiday - that's truly something special.

Amazing food

The food in Walt Disney World is amazing, from the snacks to fine dining there's a certain something about everything they do. You can buy a turkey leg to munch on while you're walking around the park, if it's rather hot and you want to a cool drink or snack a Dole Whip is THE BEST thing you could have. The quick service places are brilliant, from huge burgers to lobster rolls (one of my faves!) there's plenty to choose from and you can be sure they'll fill you up.

This is Seabass if I remember rightly, and it was oh-so-yummy!

One of the many massive desserts you get in Walt Disney World.

And then there's the fine dining - an amazing experience if you can do it. Some of our favourite restaurants include Artist Point, The Wave, and Narcoossee's - but there are so many more it wouldn't be fair to list them all. Choose any fine dining restaurant in Walt Disney World and you are guaranteed to have an amazing meal.

Thrilling rides

Of course Walt Disney World is full of theme parks which in turn are full of rides. Some rides are for the little ones, they're fun and sometimes slow but still brilliant, other rides are fast, thrilling, and sometimes scary. There's a ride for everyone and I for one will always love "It's a Small World" and "Carousel of Progress" both at Magic Kingdom.

Splash Mountain

My boys, being thrill-seekers, love the coasters - all the mountains: Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain. I've done the first two but you won't get me on Space Mountain, a coaster in the dark? No thank you! But while my boys are on Space Mountain I get to wander around the shops, buy more pins or lust after all the cuddly toys - WIN!

Walt Disney World is a wonderfully magical place even without all the extras but doing just one of the extras adds magic to your trip. And you want all the magic you can get right?

Have you ever been to Walt Disney World - what is your favourite ride?