What I love most about Walt Disney World

In four short weeks we're heading to Walt Disney World for the eighth time. The last time we visited our youngest, LP, was 6 years old - he's now 9, and it feels like a lifetime ago. I cannot wait to be back there, I love the place so much and I have so many wonderful memories. 

Some people may think "What's so special about Walt Disney World?" but only those that haven't experienced the Disney magic question why you would return time after time. It is the most magical place in the world and definitely my favourite holiday destination.

Below is a list of the things I love most about Walt Disney World.

Act like a child

I am 37 years old, I am a mum to two boys aged 9 and 13 (almost 14), and I have daily tasks that sometimes take over everything else. When I'm at home I rarely act silly, I'm more concerned with getting the boys to school and making sure there's food in the cupboards and clothes in the wardrobes.

Morgan Prince meeting Minnie Mouse in Epcot, Walt Disney World - one of the things I love most about Walt Disney World

Put me in Walt Disney World and it's a completely different story. The moment I set foot in the Animal Kingdom Lodge (the place we always stay) I think my age reduces by about 20 years! I absolutely love being there. Daily concerns and worries melt away and it's all about having fun. The first time I walk into one of the parks it's like I'm a little girl again and my smile reaches from ear to ear, and I shriek with excitement whenever I see a character. I have even been known to skip around the park. And this time I'm super excited because I get to experience Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party for the first time ever!! The party has always started just after we leave Walt Disney World, but not this year - it starts 3 weeks before we leave and this time we booked tickets for it - I CANNOT WAIT! 😝

Smiling children everywhere

Everywhere you look there are smiling children. Everyone is happy and enjoying their holiday, and that just makes for a wonderful experience. But more for me are the smiles on my own children's faces. They're excited to ride the rides, to see their favourite characters, to spend time with us. I get to see my children's smiles every single day of our holiday and I get to be happy with them. 

Most smiles are started by another smile. 

Frank A. Clark

Spending time together 

Six whole weeks (that's how long our holiday is) of being together every day in the most magical place in the world. Spending time with one another, being present every day, and enjoying each other's company, it all does our children the world of good. They get to see us enjoying ourselves and smiling a lot of the time, and we get to talk a lot more than we would normally do. We are together almost all of the time and we enjoy the experiences together. Nothing can beat that.

Three boys stand next to Tow Mater from Cars featured at Art of Animation hotel in Walt Disney World.

Babysitting services

When we're at home the Hubby and I rarely get to go out. With family living far away and no one to have the boys when we want a date night we tend to have to rely on evenings at home after the kids have gone to bed. It's not so bad really, we do enjoy a good night in, but getting out occasionally is so important. 

The last time we visited Walt Disney World we discovered the Children's Activity Centres which are basically babysitting services. You have to pay for it (obvs!) but the children can stay in the centres while you and your partner go out for the evening. You can then relax in the knowledge that your children are having a blast with Disney Cast Members watching fantastic movies, playing games, and making new friends. And of course you get to go out to a restaurant, enjoy time together in the parks, or see night time entertainment together. 

Excitement and fun daily

Every single morning you wake up you know there's more fun and excitement ahead. If you've done it properly you'll have something fun planned for every day and be able to look forward to it, and even if you haven't planned much ahead of time you get to go to one of the Walt Disney World parks and experience the rides, meet characters, and eat amazing food. 

Even though you're growing up, you should never stop having fun. 

Nina Dobrev

For us it is six whole weeks of fun and excitement every day. We get up early every day and head out into the Florida sun and know that we're going to have fun that day. We are in no doubt that we'll have a great time and that is a brilliant feeling. 

Food, food, food

Hubby and I like our food, even when we're at home. Of course this means that whenever we plan a holiday to Walt Disney World we also need to plan a weight loss campaign because we've gained so much weight we couldn't possibly visit without losing weight. The lead up to any holiday is always a weight loss time and we do without all the food we love because we know we're going to be having lots of food that is not healthy.

A meal with fish and salad at California Grill, in Walt Disney World. One of the things I love most about Walt Disney World.

Which is exactly why we love eating in Walt Disney World. With lots of amazing restaurants offering everything from steak to swordfish and plenty of snacks in between you can't go to Walt Disney World without gaining some weight. I have never restricted my diet when on holiday, what's the point? We enjoy eating so much and getting to try out lots of different snacks in various places, and going for amazing meals and some truly breathtaking restaurants just makes the whole experience more enjoyable. 

Entertainment everywhere

From street entertainers in the parks to wonderful shows in the evening there's always something to find. We happened to catch the pianist in Magic Kingdom last time and he was amazing - it was mesmerising watching him play and he didn't make a mistake at all. Then there's the singers on Main Street, oh and the Jammitors in Epcot - and that's just a few of them during the day. When I think of evening entertainment there's our favourite, Hoop De Doo Musical Revue, and of course British Revolution in UK at Epcot, and there's always some sort of entertainment for the children in any hotel. Despite visiting 7 times already there are still some things we haven't seen and this time we have vowed to make more of an effort to see the street entertainment in the parks. 

Find out what I love most about Walt Disney World - including food, and entertainment!

For all the reasons above and so many more I am looking forward to walking through the welcoming doors of the Animal Kingdom Lodge very soon. 

What do you love most about Walt Disney World?