Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World

Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World is a little smaller than Blizzard Beach but still manages to pack in lots to do. This is another water park so my tips for entrance are the same, arrive ready for swimming. Head into the hut, hire your towels (or take some with you) and locker and get into the water as fast as you can.

Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World | Morgan's Milieu: A photo of the stranded boat at Typhoon Lagoon.
The view as you walk in - wow!

Some people may say there’s no need for another water park but I disagree, Disney have made them different enough that having one and not the other would seem weird. Typhoon Lagoon is famous for North America’s largest wave pool where you can experience six-foot swells and smaller bobbing waves at the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool

My experience at the Surf Pool is surprising. I have been to the pool and stayed by the shore or in the water up to my waist - this was a mistake. The waves are very strong and will knock you off your feet, you will then land on your bottom, scraping your skin on the sand-like floor. 

Swimming all the way to the deep end is a much better experience. Hold your breath and dip underneath the wave and you can experience the fun without hurting yourself.

Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World | Morgan's Milieu: A photo of one corner of the wave pool

For the little ones or babies I'd recommend keeping them in the shallow end, they can still experience the fun of powerful waves but won’t be hurt. Both of my boys can swim and every time we went in the Surf Pool we went to the deep end. I held onto my youngest as the wave pushed us back and he thought it was fantastic. It was a mummy-ride. 

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool can get very busy, people scream and rush towards the wave when they hear the signal. This can result in injuries, I once got a bump on the head with someones elbow and had to get out of the water. To avoid injuries try to stay away from larger groups of people, surround yourself with as much empty space as possible. Agreed, this may not be possible but there are lifeguards by the sides of the pool and if anyone gets into trouble they are on hand to help.

Crush ’n’ Gusher has to be the best raft ride at Typhoon Lagoon. This multi-passenger ride is awesome and when my eldest and I had a go I thought we were going to fly out of the thing! I screamed the whole way down and completely loved it! 

You do have to be 48” or 122cm to ride but it is one I recommend for the taller people in the group. Typhoon Lagoon has a slide, similar to Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach but with a twist. It’s called Humunga Kowabunga and it is a five-story, near-vertical body slide - and it’s in the dark! 

I’ve tried it. Once.

The Storm Slides are body slides too but the younger people in the group can ride them. You speed down the mountain in one of three different slides and they all end in a big splash.

Typhoon Lagoon has one thing that sets it apart from Blizzard Beach - Shark Reef. Using a snorkel you swim along a small reef where you watch tropical fish and sharks swim beneath you. 

Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World | Morgan's Milieu: Castaway Creek, Typhoon Lagoon
Chill in Castaway Creek...
Castaway Creek is Typhoon Lagoon’s lazy river and is lovely when you need a rest. The cooling waterfall and various sprays are great when you need a cool down as you laze in your tube and float along the river.

Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World | Morgan's Milieu: Typhoon Lagoon Entrance