Evenings out in Walt Disney World (without the kids)

How often do you get a night out without the children when you're on holiday? I would guess not that often. When we go on holiday it almost never happens, that is except for when we're in Walt Disney World

How do you get a night out? You use Children's Activity Centres.

Children's Activity Centres

For a long time we've managed to get nights out while on holiday in Walt Disney World and it's all thanks to their Children's Activity Centres - a place the kids have fun with other kids while you enjoy an evening out alone.

Simba's Cubhouse,the children's activity centre at Animal Kingdom Lodge - a place for your children to go so you can have an evening out in Walt Disney World

There are 3 Activity Centres in Walt Disney World, one in the Animal Kingdom Lodge called Simba's Cubhouse, one in the Polynesian Village Resort called Lilo's Playhouse, one in the Beach Club Resort called Sandcastle Club, and one in the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel called Camp Dolphin. These clubs are meant for kids aged 3-12 who are fully potty trained. The kids do get to have a meal while they're at the club if they're there at a meal time and it costs $15 per hour. Advance booking is recommended if you're counting on an evening out, and at the Dolphin Club reservations are required.

If we were anywhere else I wouldn't use a babysitting service, handing over my children to complete strangers fills me with dread, but in Walt Disney World it feels different somehow.

Change is good.

Rafiki, The Lion King

There are very strict rules for the Children's Activity Centres surrounding dropping off your children and picking them up. You have to have photo ID to book them and in and only the person who booked them in can pick them up. 

Making new friends - usually from a different country - playing games with new people, and maybe even watching their favourite Disney movies are just a few things the kids enjoy at the Activity Centres. The staff (cast members) who work there are friendly and caring. In fact I remember LP getting "married" to one of the during a visit a few years ago, he was 6 I think. The lovely girl said she loved LP so much they had a pretend wedding on his last visit and she even made him a ring! 💍 It made LP feel wanted and he looked forward to going to the Activity Centre every time - he does even now.

Dropping the kids off is fairly easy, you'll have to sign some paperwork but as soon as that is done you're free to leave your kids in the capable hands of the Activity Centre cast members.

So, you drop the kids off - then what?

Then you PARTY! 🎉

There are various ways you can spend an evening out in Walt Disney World and it depends on what kind of entertainment you're looking for, below are just a few of our favourites.

Victoria & Albert's

If you're looking for exceptional food, perfect service, and a classy and very adult evening then Victoria and Albert's is for you. It is an expensive evening and you'll need 'special' clothes because there's a strict dress code (men must wear dinner jackets) but I cannot fault anything about the restaurant.

A plate of food served at Victoria & Albert's restaurant in Walt Disney World - another great place to spend an evening out in Walt Disney World.

Fancy, chic, sophisticated - are the words that come to mind when I think of Victoria & Albert's. The food is truly exquisite, courses I've had in the past include succulent steak, foie gras, and creme brûlée. There's also the opportunity to have wine pairings with your meal - I did this once or twice and despite not being much of a wine drinker I really enjoyed trying out all the different wines and managed to find some I'd drink at home. If you were going to try anything new this would be the place to try it. 

And while you're sitting eating your fabulous meal you'll be entertained by a harpist playing classic Disney music, it's lovely listening to the beautiful tunes on the harp and it actually inspired us to have a harpist at our wedding. We enjoyed listening to the harpist so much that we were certain we wanted that during the meal on our wedding day. 

I would highly recommend Victoria & Albert's.


Want to see a movie before it airs in the UK? Head to the AMC Movies at Disney Springs 24

It sounds like the AMC has actually changed since we last visited. It used to be just like visiting the cinema at home except you need to be prepared for people to start clapping during the movie - this happened to us when we went to see Inception during our last visit. When everyone started clapping it completely threw me, I wondered what on earth was going on!

I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians.

Francis Ford Coppola

I've since read that you can now dine at the AMC! Go to the cinema, watch a great movie, and have a meal while you're there - now that sounds like a great evening.

Be sure to grab your popcorn too!


If you're into dancing head along to the Atlantic Dance Hall at Disney's BoardWalk and see the lights come to life as the sun sets. I've heard it's a beautiful sight. The dance hall is open only to adults aged 21+.

Enjoy Walt Disney World!

Hubby and I like this best, we get to wander around the parks seeing and paying attention to the things we miss when we have the kids with us. 

At Epcot head to the UK pavilion, grab a drink at the local pub, and listen out for British Revolution. Rock out to classic tunes while enjoying a drink in the not-so-stifling evening heat, maybe even have a dance in the streets! This is one of our favourite ways to spend an evening without the kids and I'd definitely recommend it.

Rose & Crown pub in UK pavilion in Epcot, Walt Disney World - great for an evening out without the kids.

If you get a little peckish take a walk to France and buy a ham baguette from Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie take your baguette back to the UK pavilion and buy some chips from the Yorkshire Chip Shop, then find somewhere to sit - maybe even in the area where British Revolution play. While you're sitting put the chips onto your ham baguette and enjoy! Oh, and don't forget another drink too!

Get fish and chips from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop in Epcot at Walt Disney World.

If you want a romantic boat ride together take a trip to the Mexico pavilion and ride The Gran Fiesta Tour. You will be entertained by Donald Duck as he races around Mexico. While I know it's a ride some of the things you see are lovely and when you're riding together it really can be quite romantic. 

It's easy to get an evening out in Walt Disney World (without the kids) when you know how.

This is one of the many things I love about Walt Disney World, you can enjoy an evening out without the kids and not feel guilty about it - because they're having a great time too.

How would you spend an evening out in Walt Disney World?