Date night at home (when the kids are in bed)

Date night when you're a parent doesn't come around very often, especially if you can't find babysitters, which can be difficult when you live far from family. The Hubby and I rarely get to have a proper date night where we actually go out which is why we have become experts in having our date nights at home when the kids are in bed.

There are SO many things you can do at home for your date night, from simply having a meal together to spending the night in bed (wink, wink). Having an almost teen and a tween-in-training we don't tend to spend an evening in bed (unless it's for sleeping!) so we have found other ways to spend time together and enjoy each other's company.

Play video games

Games play a huge part of our lives, the Hubby has spent the majority of his adult life making games so we know all the good games. Sometimes we'll play games on our iPads separately but this isn't a great thing to do on date night so why not try playing video games together?

Just keep taking chances and having fun. 

Garth Brooks

We like to play Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U, it's an older game now but we still love it. It's a difficult game if you're not a gamer but having the two of you to play increases the likelihood of you completing levels. The Hubby is more of a gamer than me and he is awesome at this game. I tend to let him do all the hard bits and stand around in case he dies!

It's fun to play games together, even if you end up arguing about something silly, because it makes you work together to complete something.

A stargazing picnic

Not something we do very often but sitting outside on a picnic blanket with a few nibbles and staring up at the stars is a lovely way to spend an evening. In this country it can get a tad chilly at night so be sure to take a blanket outdoors with you.

Caleb Woods

If you're a novice at spotting the constellations do a bit of research before you head outside so you know what you're looking for.

Do a puzzle together

This is our 5000 piece jigsaw - I still can't believe we did it!

We have quite a collection of jigsaws and sometimes we spend our evenings doing that. Our favourites are the Wasgij ones, you don't have a picture to follow to help you with the puzzle which makes it much harder. We have a 5000 piece jigsaw which is a real pain to do because a lot of the pieces are the same but when it's completed you get a real sense of achievement. We've done our 5000 piece jigsaw twice, usually around Christmas.

I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells. 

Dr. Seuss

Again it's a great way to be together as you work with each other to complete the puzzle.

Watch a movie

This is the thing the Hubby and I do most. We sit in our dedicated room (projector room) in our reclining seats and watch a movie. Sometimes we'll have a drink (um, hello bourbon!), sometimes we'll have snacks (chocolate, sweets, etc), and sometimes we'll just sit and watch. Be it romantic comedies like Love Actually or action-packed movies like Die Hard I'm sure you can find a movie you'll both agree on. 

Because the Hubby and I spend a lot of time in our projector room we do sometimes get bored of watching movies. That's when we'll get out a Lego set or choose a video game to play. Your best bet is to find the thing you both enjoy doing, and try doing it together (keep it clean people!).

What does your date night look like?