Why you, and your kids, will love Walt Disney World

You're thinking of planning a family holiday and Walt Disney World is a possibility, but you're not sure if you'll enjoy it. You're an adult after all, so how could you enjoy yourself as much as your kids might. You could go to Walt Disney World but is it really worth the cost? If these are just a few of the questions you're asking yourself then this post is for you - here's why you, and your kids, will love Walt Disney World.

Why You, And Your Kids, Will Love Walt Disney World | From entertainment in the street to meeting your favourite characters it's full of Disney magic!
Street entertainment, rides everywhere, and amazing food - what more could you want from your next holiday?

The first thing I often hear from people who have never been to Walt Disney World is "how can you love the place so much? Isn't it just for kids?". This never fails to get me going on a rant about the most magical place on earth isn't just for the kids - it's for everyone!

You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway. 

Walt Disney

Walt Disney himself believed that adults needed to enjoy themselves too. They wanted to have a wonderful time with their kids, not just pretend to have fun because their kids were. I've lost count of the number of times I've been somewhere with the kids and pretended to have fun because they thought it was brilliant. 

In Walt Disney World you don't have to pretend. 


If you've read any of my other posts you'll see me writing about magic a lot when it comes to Walt Disney World. There is no doubting the real magic you get to witness every day, from the moment you step foot on WDW property.

Why You, And Your Kids, Will Love Walt Disney World | Finding little bits of magic all around the parks makes you smile!

The cast members are cheerful and welcoming, everyone wants you to have a memorable holiday and they will do everything in their power to make that happen. From giving you special badges to celebrate special days (like birthdays, anniversaries, first visit), to sprinkling pixie dust over your birthday plans to make it extra special.

It is difficult to describe all the ways that Walt Disney World is magical - but magical it is.

Act like a child

Without feeling like a fool there aren't many places, other than your own home, you can act like a child and feel right at home. But Walt Disney World is certainly one of those places.

I remember walking into Magic Kingdom for the first time and I teared up - I couldn't believe I was looking at Cinderella's Castle - I was actually there! I've skipped through the parks, shrieked when I spotted Belle walking through France in Epcot, and laughed so hard I needed to pee. The freedom you feel in Walt Disney World is liberating and there is absolutely no reason you should feel self-conscious. Every single person in the place is happy to be there and enjoying every moment - and so should you.

Your kids are watching you

Have you ever enjoyed yourself so much that you totally forget where you are and simply enjoy the time with your kids?

In Walt Disney World you really do get to enjoy yourself, and your kids get to see that. They see you smiling and laughing, every day, for a few weeks. They see you get excited about characters, they see you giggling, they see you let go of day-to-day stresses and just be.

Why You, And Your Kids, Will Love Walt Disney World | Take time out to chill and enjoy the time off...
Take time out to chill in Blizzard Beach!

It's a wonderful thing for your kids to see and they will enjoy themselves all the more because they know you're loving it too.

Meeting the stars

Obviously meeting Mickey Mouse is going to be top of your list - or at least it should be! - but there are so many characters you have the chance to say hello to and maybe even hug!

I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known. 

Walt Disney 

Olaf is a new visitor to Hollywood Studios, you'll find Snow White in Germany in Epcot, and if you're a fan of Cinderella (like me) you can meet her inside her Castle!

Some characters stand in special places around the parks, others visit various restaurants throughout the parks, and some even have houses for you to visit. If I listed the characters we've met on holiday I'd be here all day but needless to say it's a big list.

Why You, And Your Kids, Will Love Walt Disney World | Meet your favourite characters - wherever you like!
I *may* have giggled like a little girl when I got to hug Minnie Mouse!

My favourite is Mickey, he's always happy to see you and always has some special interaction that will help you remember it forever. The boys had a great time during summer 2018 when they met Mickey and they were wearing their pins - Mickey pointed out himself on their lanyards and gave them a big thumbs up and a hug! They loved it - even BP who is 14!

Amazing food

The food you'll find in and around Walt Disney World is epic. The choices are vast and you may even have trouble choosing but there's one thing for sure - there's enough choices that you wouldn't need to eat the same thing twice!

From fancy sit down restaurants like California Grill at the top of the Contemporary Resort, to meals with entertainment like at Hoop De Doo Musical Revue, you're sure to have a wonderful time when you're eating.

Why You, And Your Kids, Will Love Walt Disney World | The food is EPIC!
Chips and lobster roll anyone?

And it's not just the sit down restaurants that are awesome. We love stopping by Yak n Yeti, where you can get some really tasty fried rice or noodles, epic burgers can be found at the Starlight Cafe, and if you're after something a little different you could visit during the Food and Wine Festival.

Oh, and don't forget to try the amazing snacks throughout the parks!

Rides as far as the eye can see

There will not be a day goes by when you don't go on rides at least once when on holiday in Walt Disney World. More likely though is that you'll spend your entire days going from one ride to another - but be sure to book your Fastpass+ to beat the hours-long lines. You can find mellow rides like Carousel of Progress and It's a Small World to thrilling, scream-inducing rides like Rock 'n' Roller Coaster or Flight of Passage.

Why You, And Your Kids, Will Love Walt Disney World | Rides as far as the eye can see!
One of my boys' favourite rides - the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.

You can plan your days around rides, going from one to another, or you can walk around and hop on rides when the mood takes you. But one thing is for sure - you'll have a fabulous time!

Limitless entertainment

Not only does Walt Disney World have amazing food, characters you saw on the TV when you were a kid, and rides around every corner, but the entertainment available is brilliant and there's so much of it!

Why You, And Your Kids, Will Love Walt Disney World | Entertainment around every corner, all over the place!
The Dapper Dans sing for a few people in the street, and further down Main Street you'll find the Casey's Corner pianist!

There's shows in the parks like Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular in Hollywood Studios, and Up! A Great Bird Adventure Show in Animal Kingdom, games and fun around the hotel pool run by Cast members, and even night time shows like Ohana or Mickey's Backyard Barbecue.

I have no doubt you'll be entertained wherever you go.

Why You, And Your Kids, Will Love Walt Disney World | Not sure WDW is for you? Here's just a few reasons you will LOVE it!

So there you have it, lots of reasons you and your kids will love Walt Disney World - what are you waiting for?

What would you most look forward to during a trip to Walt Disney World?

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