Top 7 things you should do at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom is one of the largest parks in Walt Disney World and knowing which rides you should check out or where to see the best sights can be an issue if you're only there for a short time. That's why I've put together this quick guide of the top 7 things you should do at Magic Kingdom. 

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Sit in a constantly moving spaceship as you point your laser gun and shoot at targets to get as high a score as you can! Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin is a fantastic family ride that everyone will enjoy. You may even get friendly family rivals as everyone tries to beat each other's scores. It can get busy, particularly during the busy times of the year (summer, Christmas) so if you can I would book your Fastpass+.

Holidays - any holiday - are such a great opportunity to focus on bringing the family together. 

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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Of all the roller coasters at Magic Kingdom this one is my favourite. I'm not a big fan of coasters but I can cope with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - just. It's quite up-and-down and it will definitely make your tummy flip but if you like roller coasters it's one not to miss. Again it can get busy so booking your Fastpass+ will guarantee you get to ride.

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World | Go to Thunder Mountain to have a great time!
Heading towards Big Thunder Mountain...

It's a Small World

If you're going to go on just one ride during your trip to Magic Kingdom make it It's a Small World. This classic gentle boat ride is so good you're guaranteed to smile when riding and you'll probably get off the boat singing the song! See little figures of children dressed in traditional clothing from their country as they sing and move around. Your kids will love it and anyone can ride.

Casey's Corner Pianist

There's so much street entertainment in Magic Kingdom that it's hard to focus on any one as being the best but the Casey's Corner Pianist is on the must-see list. He'll amaze you with his talent, hitting the keys with such speed you wonder how on earth he manages it. He'll get you singing along with classic Disney songs, and maybe even introduce you to some old classics you don't even know. During our summer 2018 trip we stopped by to see the pianist a couple of times, and he even got LP involved in the piano playing!

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World | See the pianist at Casey's Corner...
The pianist is talented and very entertaining.

The Dapper Dans

Another one of the street entertainers the Dapper Dans are not only brilliant singers but also very funny. They'll have you laughing and singing along with their song choices and you'll smile at their banter. Dressed in matching suits of different colours and occasionally carrying musical instruments they're sure to bring a little magic to your day.

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World | See the Dapper Dans sing at the entrance to Magic Kingdom.
I loved listening to the Dapper Dans singing.

Main Street Philharmonic at Main Street U.S.A.

It's quite a spectacle to see the orchestra playing songs on Main Street U.S.A. During our summer 2015 visit we stopped as they were performing in front of Cinderella's Castle and I could've stayed there for hours listening to them. Unfortunately it was just too hot to stay out in the sun, but if you can be sure to check out the Main Street Philharmonic.

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World | See the Main Street Philharmonic perform in front of Cinderella's Castle.

I absolutely love spending time with my family. 

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Happily Ever After

This night-time fireworks show should be on your MUST-DO list. Watch Disney animations projected onto the front of Cinderella's Castle as fireworks fly into the sky and amaze your children. Every time I see this show it brings tears to my eyes - standing in front of the Castle as you watch amazing fireworks and see the smile on your children's faces brings a lump to your throat. Why not grab a snack while you're there too - the kids will love it!

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World | Here's the top 7 things you should do at Magic Kingdom... and they're not all rides!

What do you most look forward to seeing at Magic Kingdom?

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