Why Walt Disney World is not just for kids

Whenever anyone mentions Walt Disney World I'm sure people think it's a place just for the kids, and of course, because kids love Disney it is - in part. But it is also a place where adults can have amazing fun and enjoy their days as much as the kids do. That's why I believe Walt Disney World is not just for kids - adults can have an amazing time too.

Why Walt Disney World Is Not Just For Kids | Alcohol everywhere, rides to love, and you can be a kid again - what's not to like?
Margarita anyone?

Get into the Disney spirit

Okay, so in order to enjoy Walt Disney World you have to at least like Disney a little bit. But here's the key thing to enjoy yourself, you have to get into the Disney spirit and believe in the magic. Magic does exist and it's around every corner - you just have to know where to look. Like the smile of your kids when they meet their favourite character, or catching a glimpse of Mr. Incredible walking through the park. Accept that magic is real and you're well on your way to having a wonderful time.

When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do. 

Walt Disney


While there are plenty of rides for all the family, there are also rides that thrill-seekers will enjoy. From roller-coasters in the dark like Space Mountain to amazing 3D effects in Avatar: Flight of Passage you're sure to find more than one ride you love. And if you're not into the thrill rides not to worry, like I said there are plenty of gentler rides for you to enjoy. My favourites include Carousel of Progress, Na'vi River Journey, and Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.

Why Walt Disney World Is Not Just For Kids | Thrill rides in all the parks means there's something for the adults too!
Will you brave the mountain?

No matter what your preference you'll find a ride to love.


Of course Walt Disney World isn't just about the rides, there's amazing entertainment wherever you look. Firework shows, actors performing on stage, even parties, are waiting for you. A few I would recommend are Hoop De Doo Musical Revue, Fantasmic! and Finding Nemo the Musical. There's all sorts of different shows to choose from too, some Hawaiian themed, some funny, some full of fun, but they are all fantastic. You are sure to find something you like, and it'll give you a rest from all the rides!

Why Walt Disney World Is Not Just For Kids | The Hoop De Doo Musical Revue will have you in stitches!
Enjoy a show at Fort Wilderness Camp Ground - Hoop De Doo Musical Revue - while you eat your meal!


If there's one thing the Hubby and I love it's the number of restaurants. There's no shortage of places to try out and once you find ones you love you'll be stuck trying to decide between going to those again or trying somewhere new. Want to try out a new cuisine? Head to World Showcase in Epcot where you can try foods from Mexico, Japan, China, and many more. We love Tepan Edo in Japan, where the chef cooks your meal at the table right in front of you.

Why Walt Disney World Is Not Just For Kids | Watch talented chefs cook your meal right in front of you!
Steak, prawns, and chicken are on the menu - which would you choose?

Outside of Epcot there's plenty more to choose from, and don't forget to check out the restaurants in the Disney hotels too. Like California Grill at the top of the Contemporary Resort - an amazing restaurant with delicious food, one not to miss in our opinion. 


For a long time Disney didn't have alcohol in the parks but in 2018 they introduced alcoholic drinks in all of the parks. You can now buy alcohol whenever you like, not just in Germany in Epcot. Find fruity cocktails, alcoholic slush (brilliant in the summer!), or just regular bourbon - and it's right there waiting for you!

Why Walt Disney World Is Not Just For Kids | You can buy alcohol in the parks as well as the restaurants now - WIN!
Me, enjoying a lovely cocktail at Tepan Edo. 

Why Walt Disney World Is Not Just For Kids | Smoked Turkey, one of the best bourbon cocktails available!
A Smoked Turkey - our favourite bourbon cocktail of all time!

Don't forget to drink responsibly though, I'm certainly not advocating going crazy with the alcohol - after all you'll have kids with you. But it is nice to know it's there if you want it.

Be a child again

The point of Walt Disney World is not to entertain just kids, but to make you feel like a kid again. Yes, the most Disney movies are for kids and the majority of the rides and such are aimed at kids, but if you allow yourself to remember what it was like to be a kid you'll find you love Walt Disney World too. 

You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway. 

Walt Disney

It is a chance for you to reconnect with the child within you, to let go of being responsible all the time and simply enjoy life. And the best bit? You get to enjoy it with your kids!

Why Walt Disney World is Not Just For Kids | There are so many reasons to love Walt Disney World as an adult - why not find out!

These are just a few reasons why Walt Disney World is not just for kids, but there are so many more!

What would you enjoy most?

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