Things at home we bought from Walt Disney World

During our many trips to Walt Disney World we’ve made lots of purchases. From Pins to huge works of art we have lots of things in our home that we bought in Walt Disney World. Each and every one of them has a story or a memory attached to it and I’m going to list just a few of them below.

Huge painting

In our lounge hangs a fairly large painting we bought from the art shop in the Swan Hotel - Hubby and I had seen it a few times and said how much we liked it. We even took a photo of it hanging in the shop so we could talk about it later. After chatting and working out where we would put it we decided we wanted to buy it.

An oil painting hangs on the wall of a lounge.

The painting now hangs above our sofa in the lounge and every time I look at it I remember that we bought it in Walt Disney World and smile.

Goofy picture

Another thing that hangs on the wall in our lounge is a Goofy picture. We love going into the shop in Epcot, right near Spaceship Earth. One time we went there and saw a series of pictures that were all along the same lines and we loved them. Unfortunately we couldn’t take all of them because we didn’t have enough space (I would totally have had them all if we could). In the end though we settled on the Goofy picture because we knew where it would go. Right now it hangs on the wall right by where the Hubby works in the lounge, so he gets to look at it every day.

Aloha Isle sign

If you’ve ever been to Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World you surely know the best drink/snack to get is a Dole Whip - they’re tasty, refreshing, and SO GOOD. Well, during one trip we happened to do the drawing class that, when exiting, would take you through another art shop. We would often go in the shop but rarely saw something we wanted. However this particular time the Hubby spotted this…

And we simply had to have it. Aloha Isle is where you buy your Dole Whip from and it was such a brilliant memory to take home we couldn’t leave without it. Unfortunately at the time they didn’t have one to sell, but Disney being Disney they searched for days until they found one!

Light boxes

Art isn’t the only thing we buy from Walt Disney World though, there’s also these lovely light boxes. We spotted them a few times but none really stood out. Until we saw these

There was something about these ones that stood out to us, they were the best we’d seen, and of course we were in Walt Disney World so we had to buy them. 

Wall hanging

I’ve mentioned before how much I love walking around the World Showcase in Epcot. In particular I like China, there’s just something about it that makes me feel all relaxed. One time when we were walking around I spotted a wall hanging that I liked.

The best thing about that though was that I had just moved into my office (spare room) at home and had somewhere I could put it. It was promptly bought and brought home.


Our collection of pins is always growing and just before our trip to Walt Disney World this year we had to buy a second pin board because we’d run out of space. The boys have bought ones they like, as have we. But the main part of our collection has been gathered through pin trading with Cast Members

We introduced the boys to Pin Trading when BP was 9 and LP was 4 and they’ve loved it ever since. It’s a great chance for the boys to talk to strangers without the worry that they’re not allowed to talk to strangers, and they get to collect something that reminds them of holiday. For us we get to watch our boys have a great time and we do, on occasion, point out the best pins for trading.

Things at home we bought from Walt Disney World

There are lots of other things in our home that we bought in Walt Disney World and I have no doubt there will be more before long! I love having mementos from our holidays and things we can look at while at home and remember being there.

What mementos do you have from your holidays?

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