Things I love about coming home after a holiday to Walt Disney World

Whenever we’re about to come home after visiting Walt Disney World we often start to talk about the things we’ve missed about home. It’s a good way of getting yourself ready to be home as well as preparing yourself for leaving the best place in the world. The thing is I always think it’s a good way to look at the positive, because that way we don’t get too depressed about coming home. 

My favourites

I like to make a list of the things I’m looking forward to. No matter how long you’re on holiday you’re always going to miss something from home. For me it’s all about the home comforts…

The prospect of going home is very appealing. 

David Ginola

My Bed

This is probably the thing I miss most - my bed. We have a memory foam mattress and I like to sleep on my back. When we're in the Animal Kingdom Lodge we don't have a memory foam mattress which means I can't sleep on my back, I'm not comfortable. While I do get enough sleep, mainly because of all the walking, I don't have as comfortable a sleep as I'd like. I always look forward to our first night back home after a holiday and relaxing in our own bed - bliss! 


Most of our evenings when we're at home are spent on our reclining chairs watching our favourite TV shows and movies, again this is something we miss when we're on holiday. Being able to relax in our chairs while we just sit and watch our shows is another comforting thing about being back at home. Being in Walt Disney World is amazing but after six weeks of being busy all the time it is nice to just be able to relax and chill.

Separate rooms

You don't realise how much time you're spending together until you get home and have the ability to be in different rooms! When on holiday we have one room, one room for all of us when we're used to have lots of separate rooms. Not great. Which is why it's so good to be back home and be able to tell the boys they can go into their rooms and watch TV and we can do the same. Brilliant.


Unless you've been to Walt Disney World you can't quite describe the absence of silence. There is absolutely no where you can go where there's silence, even at night. At night you have all the animals outside making noises and in the daytime you can hear the air con units everywhere. The last time we returned home after a holiday we really noticed the silence on walking into our house. We stood for just a minute, inside our house, told the boys to shush, and listened. It was silent - no noises at all - and it was heavenly. It was really striking how much we'd missed the silence.

Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing. 

Irina Shayk

I was talking to the boys and it seems we're not the only people who miss things from home while we're away.

Their beds

They both miss their own beds and are eager to have a nap with their own covers and beds. It's funny how much you can miss your bed when you're away.


LP says he misses his teddy bears. He doesn't carry them around or anything but he says he often plays with them at night when he's bored and I think it's funny that he misses them while he's away. When he gets back home he tends to sleep with a lot of them in his bed for a while.


Watching their favourite shows and movies is something they've missed out on for the last six weeks so they look forward to just sitting and watching something fun. 


Playing games with their friends on the Xbox, or Switch, is again something they haven't done for a while. They both look forward to connecting with friends and playing their games. And while we're on the subject of games LP says he misses playing board games too - parenting win!

Things I love about coming home after a holiday in Walt Disney World.

Coming home after a holiday can be a little depressing if you let it get to you which is why I spend time thinking about all the good things about coming home. That way, rather than focussing on the fact that I'm leaving Walt Disney World, I see the good things about being back at home and that makes the process easier to deal with.

What do you love about coming home after a holiday?

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