How to spend time together as a couple

Despite the Hubby and I both being at home all day we don't spend every hour of every day together. Because the Hubby works at home and has a good work ethic during the day he works, regular work hours are when he sits at his computer and makes games. And while he works I either tap away on my computer in my office or I do the housework. Most of the time during working hours we don't see each other, although we may send messages to each other. But of course all this means we still have to make an effort to actually spend time together as a couple.

It's easy to get lost in the day-to-day routines and forget that you really ought to be spending time together, not just as a family but as a couple. Whether you both work out of the home, both work at home, or one works out of the home and the other doesn't, you need to allow time for each other.

It can be difficult trying to work out how you should spend time together and that's where this post comes in handy because I'm about to list ways that you can do just that, ways that the Hubby and I spend time together as a couple. We both make a conscious effort to spend time together, we put our phones down, put the iPads away, and connect.

Keep love alive

Spending time together as a couple is about as important as spending time as a family and spending time alone. You need that time as a couple, to connect and remember why you fell in love. Far too many people fall out of love, for whatever reason, but I believe that if you're with the right person there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't be able to enjoy each other's company for a lifetime.

An old couple dances together as a way of spending time together.

If you allow time for one another you learn together, you laugh together, you grow together.

How to spend time together


Watching movies together might not sound like a good way of spending time as a couple but it really is, especially if you both enjoy the movie. What watching movies does is spark conversation, much like when you watch movies with your children. If you watch a movie and then talk about it afterwards, chat about what you both thought and your opinions you're sharing something with one another. You may have opinions someone wouldn't agree with, something you'd be afraid of sharing, but when you're with your partner you can share those opinions in the knowledge that you won't be judged for it.

If I can, I love staying in pajamas all day and watching movies and eating good food. 

Becky G

I love watching movies with the Hubby and whenever we watch something new we always end up talking about it afterwards. Some of our favourites, ones that have sparked huge conversations afterwards, include Gravity - where we talked about Sandra Bullock's talent, about the brave astronauts who dare to go into space, and the fact that space is filled with debris that could cause such havoc at any moment - The Great Gatsby - one of our favourites because of the director Baz Luhrmann, the music is amazing and the story is really well told - and Moulin Rouge, a movie that has been a favourite for many years and is another Baz Luhrmann movie.


More than once I've mentioned the good things about walking together. When it's with your family it does you all good but it's also great to get outdoors walking with your partner. Getting out into the open, breathing fresh air and maybe even seeing nature while you're out does you both good and again can spark excellent conversations.

Hubby and I walk regularly, we have a routine that allows us to get a walk together as a couple every Sunday. LP has a Karate class every Sunday and while he's in his class the Hubby and I go for a walk around the area, our walk takes us along footpaths and close to a supermarket but more than anything we talk a lot. We discuss plans, we make new plans (like adding a day to our upcoming holiday!) and we talk about life in general and what may happen next. It's a great time to talk about the things we're uncomfortable talking about in front of the boys and we get to be just a couple, rather than parents. I always look forward to our Sunday walk.


Work together or get competitive (although not competitive enough to cause an argument!) and play together. Working together usually works better because then you need each other to complete tasks and such, it makes you realise that you need the other person and you end up laughing together when you inevitably mess up!

Because the Hubby has worked in the games industry for more than 20 years games have always played a huge part in our lives. When he worked on console games like Timesplitters it was those games that Hubby played and we didn't often play any games together. More recently, with the Wii U we enjoyed playing Super Mario 3D World, it was great being able to work together to complete the game and we did actually have fun doing it. These days Hubby is involved with mobile games and I play those games too. We've found a few games we can play together on the iPads, as well as competitively and that's fun too.

Of course I don't just mean computer games, board games are fun too. We used to play Scrabble together, although I'm a little less keen on that these days because I don't remember the last time I was able to win a game, but the simpler games are fun.


This may only work if you have similar tastes in music, or it may widen your music choices. Listening to music together can bring you closer. The Hubby introduced me to Eminem and although that might sound kind of odd he opened my eyes to the fact that I do like Eminem's music. When I actually sat and listened to the lyrics in the music I realised that he is not only a talented rapper but also an amazing song-writer. I love that Hubby made me listen because I had completely decided that Eminem's music was not for me.

Could it be the same for you - has your partner introduced you to music you never thought you would like, but actually now love?


Whether you call it a date or not make the effort to go out and see a show. It could be a musical like Legally Blonde or Shrek, or it could be something a little more serious like An Inspector Calls. When you see a show together you're both enjoying (or not as the case may be) the same show and can talk about it afterwards, much like watching movies together.

I love seeing shows with the Hubby, possibly because we like similar things, but I always enjoy it. In the past we've seen Much Ado About Nothing which starred Sienna Miller, we saw An Inspector Calls, and more recently we saw Around the World in 80 Days, although we took the boys to that one too. It's always fun watching shows and again it sparks conversation afterwards.


If you're anything like the Hubby and I you like your food. From burgers and chips to foie gras and sirloin steak we've tried all sorts. I enjoy going for a good burger at Five Guys just the same as going for a fancy meal, although I have to say when we go for a fancy meal I do get to dress up which is nice because I don't do it that often. Sitting across from your partner talking while you eat a lovely meal is one of the nicest ways to spend time together and I highly recommend it.

Food is not just eating energy. It's an experience. 

Guy Fieri

Make it extra special

Sometimes it's nice to make a whole day of it, that's why it's great when Hubby and I take a day together when the boys are at school. We get to go for a walk, go into Nottingham, even go to a restaurant for lunch if we want to. It is such a lovely day when we do that.

HOW TO SPEND TIME TOGETHER AS A COUPLE - spending time together as a couple does you the world of good.

I know it can be difficult to make time for one another but it so important to, spending time together when you're not thinking about daily chores and responsibilities allows you to connect as a couple.

When was the last time you spent time together as a couple?

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