Have a Cracking Easter with Crack Attack!

With the Easter holidays upon us we all know the iPads (and other tablets) are going to be used a lot. We'll struggle to keep the kids entertained every day for two whole weeks (well I will anyway) and games come in handy. 

But what happens if your kids are bored of the games they already have? Nagging, moaning, and groaning, that's what. They play the same games all the time and are 'booorreeed' of them. Finding new games for the kids to play can be a pain but it just so happens that I know of a brilliant game that your kids will love and it's FREE!

Crack Attack

Crack Attack breathes new life into casual mobile gaming, but it's not just another matching game! Featuring fresh new gameplay mechanics, innovative features like colour-blind mode, and in-game content to collect and redeem for prizes, Crack Attack is uniquely challenging but enormous fun to play. Players must match eggs in sequences to smash them open and free the creatures imprisoned by the Evil Eggsterminator.

The game will launch on iOS on 2nd April with six themed worlds of 25 levels each. Versions of the game for Android, Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle devices will be released later in 2015.

Crash Lab (the Hubby's company) and Kuju Entertainment have come together to form a new UK games company, Attack Games Ltd. 

Kuju Entertainment, based in London, is one of the UK's oldest gaming companies, and has typically been a development business focused on providing world-class content for companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Activision, Ubisoft and Sega. Attack Games, operating as a subsidiary of Kuju, represents their first move into self-publishing original IP.

Crash Lab is a multi award-winning games studio based in the East Midlands, UK. Their critically acclaimed game, "The Snowman and the Snowdog", won "Best Game' at the 2013 Broadcast Digital Awards, and "Best Tablet App" at the 2013 BIMA Awards.

I've been playing this game for months and love it. Crack Attack is child-friendly and your kids will go mad for the little creatures (there's lot to collect).

Pop over to the App Store and download this FREE game right now!