10 things you'll learn from being a parent

When I gave birth to BP I had no idea how much he would change our lives. Becoming a parent really is a life-changing thing.

Sometimes I'll think back to life before we had children and wonder what on earth we did with all the time we had.

Being a parent is a learning experience too, from learning how to feed a baby and change their nappy to knowing how to deal with tween tantrums (not that I've mastered this one yet). The learning never ends and I'm sure that when I'm a grandma I'll be talking about how I'm still learning.

1. You can deal with anything

A poorly child with a high temperature? No problem.
Nappy explosions? Easy.
Projectile vomit covering bedding, people, and clothes? You're on it.

The things that you never thought you could deal with suddenly become easy, even when it's 2 am and you've only had an hour's sleep.

2. You're ridiculously soppy.

Before you had children you could watch a romantic comedy and laugh.
After children you can't watch romantic comedies without crying, big wet, soppy tears.

Ads on the TV have you in tears, any baby within a 2 mile radius makes you broody, and when your child runs out of nursery with a blob of paint on a piece of paper you have to hold back the tears of pride.

3. You had no idea how strong love could be.

The very moment you're handed your very own bundle of joy your heart is filled with such love you feel like it could burst. Tears trickle from your eyes as the little one clings to your finger.

4. You're bestowed with certain magical powers

When your little one is a baby yours are the only arms he/she will fall asleep in. When they're older and they skin their knees a simple kiss from you will make it all better. And when they're older still your stories are the only ones that will put them to sleep.

5. Nothing can make you happier than seeing your child smile.

You could be in the lowest of moods and seeing your child come out of school with the biggest smile on their face as they run towards you will make your heart sing. The look on their face on Christmas morning will stay with you forever. But the best smile in the world is the one they give you just before they go to sleep every night.

6. You have far more patience than you realised.

Before you have children you pride yourself on your patience but as soon as you have children you realise you had none. No one can test your patience like your own children can.

7. You're a master at disguising 'nasty' foods.

You become talented at hiding vegetables and sneaking fruit into your child's diet. Courgette in spaghetti bolognese and strawberries in a smoothie, who knew you were such a master!

8. You'll become a hoarder.

Every single piece of paper your child writes on, every piece of art they bring home from school, will be kept. Your house will be filled with clay "candle holders" that can't hold candles, cups with cracks, and reams and reams of paper. And you can't bring yourself to throw any of it away.

9. You're capable of being Supermum/dad - until the kids are better.

When your child falls ill you'll go into Super mode. The house will run smoothly and you'll take care of the poorly child. All will be well and you'll think you're great, you didn't even catch the flu...

10. You catch EVERYTHING.

Your child comes home with the sniffles and you get a cold. Your child catches chicken pox and you get the flu. Your child is sick, once, and you're struck down with sickness and diarrhoea that lasts a week.

As your child grows they get immunity to various sniffles and childhood diseases, but you? You continually get the flu, sickness bugs, and are ALWAYS sniffling.

If being a parent has taught me one thing it's that I had no idea who I really was until I had children.


  1. This made me smile. It is all so true.
    These are the things that all the baby books don't tell you. I love it.

    1. Thanks Kim. I think that's the thing, there are so many thing the books don't tell you and it's great to point them out. :)

  2. Not sure I've learned many of these yet, but some of them are slowly coming. A lot of the things involving love are taking a bit longer to come. Great post though!

    1. It can take time sometimes, but I promise you these things will come. I've been a mum for more than 13 years now, my youngest is 8, and all these things are still true! Thanks for stopping by. 😊

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