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Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning, from the moment I dropped LP off at school until around 5:30pm with a few breaks for lunch and picking LP up from school. The trouble is, with all those hours I only managed to finish downstairs. I was completely exhausted but there's still upstairs to do. 

The funny thing is I needed to do it, I've been feeling a bit down lately. Everything has been getting on top of me and I'm ending every day stressed. I'm putting pressure on myself to get things done and it's causing me to worry. A cleaning day allows me to escape from everything that has been stressing me out and concentrate on cleaning the house. The only thing that occupies my mind is the next cleaning job and how long it will take to finish it. It's a great release.

I'm feeling better today, still tired but glad I had a cleaning day.

What do you do to escape when you're feeling it's all just too much?

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  1. Hi Morgan, sorry to hear that things are getting on top of you, but there's nothing like a clean house (or even half a one) to make you feel better. At the moment there are strict instructions that nobody touches a shelf or moves anything (if you don't touch the dust it's invisible).

    I hope you manage to totally de-stress on the upstairs and if that doesn't work you can always pop over here and give ours a good going over!

    Thank you for hosting.


    1. Hehe Thanks Debbie. I'm feeling much better now, I took a few days off and am feeling good again. ;)

  2. Ouch, cleaning sucks, I hate it... It's supposed to be nice weather this weekend so make sure you go out and have a great time. Hope you feel better #pocolo

    1. Thanks hun. I took the weekend off, for the most part, and enjoyed the lovely weather. It was so good to step back and breathe fresh air!

  3. Hi Morgan, hope your feeling a bit better? I really need a good clean but it does take hours don't it!! Thanks for hosting :)

    1. Thanks Claire, I am feeling better now. Oh it takes FAR TOO LONG! I wish I could have a cleaner, but if I did I'd have to clean before she came so she wouldn't think I was a slob! ;)

  4. Thank you for hosting an allowing me to link #FridayFitBit up to #PoCoLo! A cleaning day is a good escape but hope you are feeling better now chick - put your feet up!xx

    1. Thanks Sim, so glad you're linking #FridayFitBit.
      Feeling much better now thanks, as long as the boys don't trash the house after my epic clean!

  5. Thanks for hosting this awesome party! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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