Leaving the Novel Behind

After last week's tough decision I feel amazing.

Morgan's Milieu | Leaving the Novel Behind: A woman at sunset, raised arms in the air, staring at the sun.

I first started this blog as a way to document my writing journey and back then I was fixated on writing a book. It was what drove me to the computer every day.

Words flowing from my fingers and onto the page fulfilled me.

But somewhere along the way the love of writing a book died. The darkness of my novel consumed me and writing it became a chore. I lost my way and each time I took a break from the book I felt great.

I forced myself to get back to the novel, thinking that was what I was supposed to be doing. 

As it turns out, what I was supposed to do is write. It doesn't matter that I'm not writing a novel anymore, I'm still writing every day. I can concentrate on creating short pieces, the ones I enjoy most. 

I've always loved writing my flash fiction and can often make a good impact with them. Some of my most powerful writing happens when the piece is short, like The Storm Rages On or Thankful.

My writing journey is still ongoing, I am a writer and will always be. Creative writing is only a part of the writer in me. 

I adore writing this blog. It has become the thing I most look forward to and it has given me opportunities I thought I could only dream of.

Writing every day, here, it's me. My words, my world, my family.

It's real.

Morgan's Milieu | Leaving the Novel Behind: A photograph of the sky at sunset. A darkened windmill in the distance and a car on the road.
The beautiful sky at sunset.

And right now the real world is calling more than a fictional one.

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  1. I can really relate - I've been 'trying' to write a novel for a very long time. Recently I've come to the conclusion that I just do't have time (two young children, a business, a family...a life!) something has to give and for me that is writing a novel.
    I love blogging, short snippets of life (real life as you say). I still want to write a novel and although I don't believe in putting this off in a 'never-never' fashion, I am going to give myself a bit of a break.
    Good for you, recognising what makes you happy - that's the whole point isn't it.

    1. It is. I wonder if the writing a novel thing is really just a 'I want to write' thing. Starting to write a novel is what brought me to blogging and, at the moment, that's what I love.

      Life gets in the way all too often without putting other things on our list to stress about!

      I'm glad you've given yourself a break, the novel (or idea) will still be there later. Thank you for stopping by and commenting, I really appreciate it. xx

  2. Well done for keeping going even though the writing hasn't turned out as you imagined. It's great that you write every day and love what you do. Good luck with the flash fiction and the blog x

    1. Thanks Izzie! Something had to give and just by choosing to write the blog rather than the book told me which I enjoyed most. I do love writing and that will never stop. :)

  3. I think there is sometimes pressure to do what everyone else is doing. I've certainly felt it this week. When I began blogging, the end goal was always a book. Four years later, I make a living from writing commercially, but the book is still a pipe dream. I probably need to un-park it, and trade it in for something with a different style, so I can stop feeling like it needs to be done. Well done for liberating yourself :)

    1. Thanks! You're right, there is always pressure and when you say you're a writer people expect you've written a book.

      I am starting to make money from blogging and I'd love that to increase. I am constantly amazed that people want to read what I have to say and that it's worth paying for!

      Having dreams is what keeps us going and if dreaming about writing that book keeps you coming back every day then keep it. But really it sounds like you're doing a great job (I love reading your posts) and the book may just happen naturally at some point. :)


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