Leaving the Novel Behind

After last week's tough decision I feel amazing.

Morgan's Milieu | Leaving the Novel Behind: A woman at sunset, raised arms in the air, staring at the sun.

I first started this blog as a way to document my writing journey and back then I was fixated on writing a book. It was what drove me to the computer every day.

Words flowing from my fingers and onto the page fulfilled me.

But somewhere along the way the love of writing a book died. The darkness of my novel consumed me and writing it became a chore. I lost my way and each time I took a break from the book I felt great.

I forced myself to get back to the novel, thinking that was what I was supposed to be doing. 

As it turns out, what I was supposed to do is write. It doesn't matter that I'm not writing a novel anymore, I'm still writing every day. I can concentrate on creating short pieces, the ones I enjoy most. 

I've always loved writing my flash fiction and can often make a good impact with them. Some of my most powerful writing happens when the piece is short, like The Storm Rages On or Thankful.

My writing journey is still ongoing, I am a writer and will always be. Creative writing is only a part of the writer in me. 

I adore writing this blog. It has become the thing I most look forward to and it has given me opportunities I thought I could only dream of.

Writing every day, here, it's me. My words, my world, my family.

It's real.

Morgan's Milieu | Leaving the Novel Behind: A photograph of the sky at sunset. A darkened windmill in the distance and a car on the road.
The beautiful sky at sunset.

And right now the real world is calling more than a fictional one.

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