Escape Soft-Play Centre Review

Escape is our local soft-play centre and we tend to visit during the school holidays. Soft-play centres are great when your kids need somewhere to burn off that extra energy.

Morgan's Milieu | Escape Soft-Play Centre Review: The Over 4s Area in Escape.
Slides, boxes, tubes and zip lines - you're kids will love it!

Escape is located next to the Giltbrook Retail Park, Nottingham and is open all year round. It's great for kids aged up to 11, although some children of that age might feel they're 'too old' for it. BP, who turns 11 in August, loves running around and climbing in the large area. On the website they say for kids up to 14 but I haven't seen any kids there older than about 11 or 12.

When you first walk in to Escape you enter a large entrance area, so if it's a little chilly outside and there's a long queue (fairly likely) you can still wait indoors. There's plenty of parking spaces too, it is located next to the retail park so you can park there and walk to Escape if necessary.

With many soft-play centres you find that the area for under 4's isn't adequate but the one at Escape is large and has plenty of cushions and climbing apparatus for your toddlers/babies. 

Morgan's Milieu | Escape Soft-Play Centre Review: A photo of the sports area in Escape
Above the Under 4's area is a section for older kids, it is filled with various soft balls and has goals built in at either end and basketball hoops attached to the walls. Perfect for those that like sports.

On the opposite side of the huge room is the climbing area. Filled with slides, stairs, zip lines, ladders, and tubes, your kids are sure to enjoy at least one thing here. Just outside the entrance to the climbing area is a place for your kids to keep their shoes.

For the adults that come along to Escape there are plenty of tables and chairs, you'll never be short of somewhere to sit. The tables are big enough for a laptop and planner so you could always get some blogging done while there (I've done this many times). The chairs could be a little comfier, although they're high-backed they have no arms and when you sit you sink into them. It's hard to get comfortable and I often leave there with a backache.

Escape offers food and drink for sale, no need to worry they have a range of coffee drinks including cappuccino and latte. A regular cappuccino costs £1.65. There's soft drinks (fruit shoots or dilute drinks) for the kids and a few muffins and cakes to choose from. 

Food on offer includes fresh sandwiches (ham salad, tuna mayo), toasties (ham and cheese, cheese and baked beans), pasta, and chips. There's a children's menu which includes pasta and beans on toast, amongst other things. 

Adult menu prices range from £1.85 (bowl of chips) to £4.75 (paninis). Children's menu prices range from 70p (toast) to £3.25 (pasta bolognese).

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday   9:30am - 6:00pm
Friday to Saturday  9:30am - 7:00pm
Sunday  10:00am - 6:00pm

For a two-hour play session costs are as follows:

Under 8 months  - free
8 - 18 months - £3.25
18 months to 4 years - £4.30
4 years to 14 years - £5.80

Escape is a large play-centre with plenty of space for lots of children. My boys love going and enjoy climbing and sliding for the two hours. Most of the time they're completely wiped out when it's time to leave. 

I'd recommend Escape to anyone with children, it's great when you need a rest but the kids are still full of energy!

This is NOT a sponsored post, I just wanted to write about Escape because I think it's a great place for kids.