Finishing the Draft

As always I'm inspired to write and the boys break up for Easter on Thursday. Yesterday I wrote words for the crime novel!

Muddled Manuscript

I said last week I was inspired by a tiger photo to take another look at my fantasy novel. It has plagued my mind and is not going away, unless I do something. I will read through the draft and take notes, if there's anything worth salvaging I'll find it. A few days ago I saved the draft as a PDF to on my iPad while taking notes. If I printed it out I'd have to lug around a huge amount of paper and that's not going to happen!

Health and Weight Loss Tips 13

Last week I said I'm still struggling to shift the weight, something isn't working and it was time to step it up. On Wednesday I went for my first run in about 2 months.

Morgan's Milieu | Health and Weight Loss Tips 13: health and weight loss tips badge


55, 423 steps

When I stepped onto the treadmill on Wednesday I didn't think I'd be able to run very far without getting out of breath. I haven't been running for months and I know it's hard to retain that ability if you don't keep up the exercise. After dropping the boys off at school I stepped onto the treadmill, switched on my music and began. 

What I Read 12

Another busy week gone and we're only a few days away from the boys' Easter holidays. I haven't decided yet if I'm happy about that or not. But enough about that let's get on with some sharing.

What I Read 12 | Morgan's Milieu: #WhatIRead Badge

Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence loves paper, she runs a linky and often talks about how much she loves stationery. That's why I was a little surprised when I read A Blessing or a Curse? In this brilliant post Jocelyn talks about how much she likes technology and is pleased her children get to use it to help with their studies. I loved this post because Jocelyn said a lot of things I'd been thinking myself. 

In #PoCoLo this week I stumbled across a post that I couldn't pull my eyes from. I'll Wait With You was so well written that I had to read it to the end and comment when I'd finished. It is a touching post about a lady with dementia and why the writer chose to work in antenatal care. Please do head over there to read.

Chantelle at Mama Mummy Mum is running a fantastic giveaway right now. Hotel Chocolate Scrambled Egg Review and Giveaway - who wouldn't want to win a Hotel Chocolat Egg just in time for Easter? Head over there and enter the giveaway for your chance to win.

Tara over at Sticky Fingers is also running a giveaway - nab yourself a Vax Pressure Washer worth £220. Now that would certainly come in handy this spring, I've entered - why don't you?

And finally I read a great review over at Actually Mummy today. Time for a change is a post about her Actually Mummy's daughter and how they want to decorate her room. With specific requests from her daughter she turned to someone for help. 

I hope you enjoy reading these posts and good luck if you enter the giveaways. See you next week for my What I Read March Roundup.

Are You Limiting Your Child's Future?

How many hours, per day, does your child use a tablet? 1 hour, 2?

Morgan's Milieu | Are You Limiting Your Child's Future?: iPad Air resting on the top of a Macbook Pro. The Macbook is sitting on a dark oak desk.

Do you restrict the time they spend on devices or do you ban them altogether?

Talking to a friend of mine this morning she told me she doesn't let her children use these devices. I was shocked. She is limiting her children's ability and possibly harming their future chances.

A Writer's Determination

Since the start of February half-term I haven't done any creative writing. The novel has stalled, again. The problem is I reached the same point that always holds me back.

This morning blogger's block hit and I had no idea what to write about. I scoured the internet for prompts, stared at photographs hoping it would inspire me, but nothing worked.

Well, that's not entirely true - something worked. The picture of the tiger inspired me, it began talking to me and made me think of my fantasy novel, the one that I put away and didn't intend getting back to. 

A List of Great Movies from Disney Pixar

In 1995 a film aired that would change the way everyone viewed animated movies. Up to that point Disney had been the kings of animated movies with classics like Snow White and Cinderella.

Morgan's Milieu | A List of Great Movies from Disney Pixar: Toy Story - the first in a long line of great movies.

Pixar stormed onto the scene with the brilliant movie Toy Story and clinched their place in history as one of, if not THE best, creators of animated movies. I was a young teenager when Toy Story came out and I loved it. At the time I didn't realise that my love of Pixar movies would only grow.

Re-defining Myself

Last week I asked "Are You A Writer?" and, if you are, when you realised you were a writer. Some of you told me you'd always thought of yourselves as writers and some said it was a few years ago that you realised.

Morgan's Milieu | Re-defining Myself: A tidy desk with Macbook - if only mine was this tidy!

I've been writing since 2011 but didn't think of myself as a writer. I blogged about being a stay-at-home mum (SAHM), I wrote a (terrible) novel, and each time I wrote I felt a sense of achievement. Writing gave me something else to worry about other than Little Prince starting nursery. I was a young mum and letting my youngest go to nursery was a hard step. Writing was my saviour.

Do Your Children Know The Green Cross Code?

Teaching our children about road safety is one of the most important jobs a parent has. Ensuring they can cross safely and know the rules of the road is paramount.

Morgan's Milieu | Do Your Children Know the Green Cross Code?: bent Tricycle chained to a lampost.

Around 1,400 children aged 0-11 are killed or seriously injured on Britain's roads every year. That works out at almost 27 children every week!

When I was a new driver an incident on a quiet housing estate terrified me and taught me to keep an eye out for children when driving.  I was minding my own business when, from between two parked cars, a young boy came running out in front of my car, chasing after his ball. I stomped on the breaks, my car screeched to halt. The boy saw none of this; by the time I'd stopped he was standing on the pavement with his ball. Had I not been paying attention the story could've been very different, perish the thought.

Health and Weight Loss Tips 12

My weight is not shifting. I lose weight through the week then the weekend comes and the same weight goes back on again. 

11st 1.3 lbs

65, 878 steps

I've worked hard this week, walking more, but I'm struggling. Right now I'm at the stage most people give up. My weight is yo-yoing and I'm not happy but I won't give up. What I will do instead is step up my efforts. No more chocolate, no more alcohol, cut down food. I'm hoping combining that with starting running again my weight will begin its descent.

What I Read 11

It's been a busy week but I'm enjoying blogging more than ever. Always happy to share the blogging love I'm back again with another What I Read. Enjoy.

What I Read 11 | Morgan's Milieu: #WhatIRead Badge

I love Linkys, who doesn't right? They allow us to share our own work and read other blog posts too. They bring bloggers together, whether through the theme of the linky or the prompt. So you can imagine my joy when I stumbled across another linky. Hosted by Rachel Hirst over at U Me and The Kids, #RetroBlogPosts Linky allows you to share any old post, any niche. Pop over there if you want to get some blogging love for an older post.

Do You Watch TV All Day?

WARNING: This is going to be a rant!

Morgan's Milieu | Do you sit on your bum all day?: Roaring Lion sitting on grass - cue rant.

Before I fell pregnant with Big Prince I worked in an office. I woke every morning, drove to work, spent hours in the office and drove home again. I stopped work to have children and becoming a stay-at-home mum was one of the best things I have EVER done.

Most of the women I know work while their children are at school. On the school-run they're dressed in their suits or uniforms and hurry off as soon as the children are in the classroom. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like. 

Are You A Writer?

When did you realise you were a writer?

I saw this question on The SITS Girls website as one of their March prompts and it inspired me to write this post. 

Morgan's Milieu | Are You a Writer?: Lit up Macbook Air.

Every writer ought to sit down and think about this question. Be honest with yourself, when did that realisation hit you?

When I was a child (teens) I wanted to be a writer. My English teacher in Comprehensive School encouraged me to try and loved my stories. I wrote stories all the time and had a pretty decent imagination. I enjoyed entertaining people with the words I wrote and dreamed of the day I would write a real book.

Then I grew up. 

Saying that sounds like writing was a pipe-dream but I don't mean it that way. When I left Comprehensive School a lot was going on in my life and I didn't have time for dreams. I had to grow up fast and ended up going to College to train to be a Secretary. I needed a job and this was the quickest way I could think of getting into the workplace. My writing dreams faded and I soon forgot how much I enjoyed writing.

Fast forward 12-13 years, after having children and being thrust into a new routine, I rediscovered my love of writing. I spent a couple of months writing the first draft of a terrible novel, I even managed to write "The End" but didn't consider myself a writer. At the time I defined a writer as someone who had written a book and had it traditionally published. 

I don't think that anymore, blogging has taken over a large part of my daily life and finishing my second novel is an ongoing battle. I suffer from writer's block and other afflictions too, like the self-doubt demon. I write every day, ideas pop into my head at the most inopportune times and I'm always thinking about writing.

I first realised I was a writer early this year after reading a brilliant blog post from Honest Mum. Her post Be Who You Want To Be prompted me to start referring to myself as a writer. With linkys like #WhatImWriting and #AllAboutYou encouraging me to blog daily and the constant battles with self-doubt and writer's block how could I not call myself a writer? So yes, I AM A WRITER.

I want YOU to take a moment and think about this question. 

Don't automatically answer "I'm not a writer", really think about it.

Do you write almost daily? Sitting at a computer and typing blog posts DOES count, even typing posts out on your phone counts. Are you inspired to write posts or stories at all hours? Do you think about writing all the time? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions you ARE a writer.

I'd love to hear when you realised you were a writer, please share in the comments.

Brilliant blog posts on

Playing Pool at Riley's, Nottingham

I recently wrote a post about my boys' new obsession with pool and how it transformed their attitude to one another. The attitude change didn't last very long, they yell at each other all the time, but the pool obsession is ongoing. 

Morgan's Milieu | Playing Pool at Riley's, Nottingham: BP playing pool

The Hubby and I did some research into where we could play pool on a proper sized table. The boys enjoy playing so much at home we thought they might like to see a proper pool table. After a Google search we found a couple of places and Riley's in Nottingham was one of them.

Earning Money

I'm lucky, I'm in a situation that allows me to concentrate on my writing. From 9:30am (roughly) until about 3:15pm the day is mine (with a lunch break in the middle) and I can do as I choose. My boys are both at school, the Hubby works and I have the day to myself. I choose to write during these hours.

Blogging here at Morgan's Milieu keeps me fairly busy and I try to squeeze in time for my novel when I can. Generally my days are easy, I don't answer to anyone and I can be who I want to be. I realise I'm a very lucky lady to be in this position.


Health and Weight Loss Tips 11

Morgan's Milieu | Health and Weight Loss Tips 11: health and weight loss tips badge

11st 0.8 lbs

52, 169 steps

One of my friends has been looking for a job. This weekend she went to see someone about a job and got news that she starts a new job in April. This is brilliant for her and I know she'll love it but for me it means I'll have to change my exercise routine.

What I Read 10

Happy Mother's Day and welcome to another week of What I Read. Please read, share posts and maybe even say hi to the bloggers.

What I Read 10 | Morgan's Milieu: #WhatIRead Badge

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 10: Casey, aka Dashboard Dad

A relatable post that touched my heart and made me remember what it was like when my boys were babies was Casey's post; FLETCH, So this is why people shake babies. I know that just the title is a little shocking, but believe me when I say Casey is in no way condoning shaking babies. Please head over to have a read and you'll see what I mean.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 10: Mama_andmore, aka Zaz

Zaz tweeted me recently about a post she wrote and I was disgusted and horrified when I read it. In her post she explains that the N word is still out there. I couldn't believe people still say that. I'd like to think if I heard someone using that word I would say something and it's such a shame that people still think it's okay to use as a derogatory comment. A great post from Zaz and I'm glad she was able to rise above it.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 10: Tarana Khan

Tarana wrote us some tips on how NOT to be a supermum. I am no where near being a supermum and I cheered along as I read these tips. Things like 'leave the housework' made me smile, I do that all the time! I'm sure the Hubby is nodding along right now. Really though, being a mum is hard enough why make it harder by trying to be perfect?

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 10: Virtually All Sorts Badge

I'd like to share two poems I read this week by two very talented writers. The first is by Carol Cameleon and was written for her mum, A Mother's Day poem for My Mum. It's lovely to hear how people appreciate their mum and this poem inspired a post about my mum.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 10: Wry Mummy

Wry Mummy wrote a fab poem this week too. Other Mums is a poem that sums up motherhood for me. I'm no master-chef and I'm certainly no good at crafts but I do love my boys, better than any other mum could! Great poem.

I'm also sharing a poem I wrote for my mum last year, For Amanda, Happy Mother's Day.

As I said, please do read the other posts and comment if you have a moment. Share the blog love and make someone's day, you know you want to.

Brilliant blog posts on

My Mum

It's that time of year again and reading poems about wonderful mums is hurting. Not that I don't love Mother's Day, I get lovely gifts from my boys, we go to see my mother-in-law and I send gifts to my step-mum. 

But something is missing...

The Ice Twins: A Book Review

Have you ever looked in a mirror and saw something off? So has Sarah Moorcroft.

Morgan's Milieu | The Ice Twins: A Book Review - A page turner and a very chilling tale.

I am Kirstie
I am Lydia

I am confident and loud
I am thoughtful and quiet

I lived
I died

Or did I?

Amazon Original: Renewal of Kids Shows

In a household of movie lovers Netflix is the best thing since sliced bread but did you know that Netflix isn't your only choice for on-demand TV?

Amazon has on-demand TV and you can access it if you pay for their Prime membership. For £79 per year (in the UK) you get free delivery on Amazon orders (which qualify for Prime), you can download one free book per month to your Kindle with Kindle First, and you can watch TV shows and movies with Prime Instant Video.

Morgan's Milieu | Amazon's Prime Instant Video: Kids and adults can enjoy on-demand TV shows and movies.
A selection of movies available on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Apple Watch and The New Macbook

On Monday evening (5pm GMT) Apple broadcasted their event and the Hubby and I sat watching using our Apple TV. We hoped to get more information about the Apple Watch and maybe some new technology. We were not disappointed.

Unlike Tim Cook (there was padding) I will get right to the interesting part; Apple Watch.

A choice of band is just one of the decisions you'll need to make with this new piece of technology. Your choices determine the price you pay for your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Sport

Choose either a 38mm or 42mm case, made from aluminium, which comes in Silver or Space Grey. The special fluoroelastomer band comes in five colours; white, black, blue, green and pink. The 38mm case costs £299, the 42mm is £339, and the colour of the band makes no difference to the price.

Apple Watch

There are 20 different models, also in 38mm or 42mm case. The case is stainless steel and again you have a choice of strap including the sport band, a classic buckle, or a milanese loop (amongst others). Prices range from £479 to £949, depending on size and strap choices.

Apple Watch Edition

If I could choose any watch this would be it, unfortunately Apple have priced the Edition a little out of my range. The 18-carat Rose Gold case, 38mm or 42mm, comes with selected bands and prices start at £8,000. A girl can dream...

Apple Watches require iPhone 5 or above to work and come with apps already installed. These apps include Fitness, Workout and Messages. I'm a little excited about getting my hands on one of these.

The Apple Watch will be available for pre-order on 10th April 2015.

A surprise reveal at the event was the new Macbook, I'd heard rumours about this but wasn't sure if they would reveal it. The video was amazing and I fell in love - maybe because they showed the Macbook in Gold!

Let's get the technical stuff out of the way first. The screen is a 12-inch Retina Display and the Macbook comes with 256GB flash storage and 8GB memory. With battery life of 9hrs, weighing in at 0.9kg light and 13.1mm thin, the new Macbook is Apple's most portable Mac yet. You can buy it in Silver, Space Grey, or Gold (this makes no difference to price). Prices start from £1,049.

There are two significant things about this Macbook, for me anyway. The first is the keyboard keys, Apple have redesigned them. Instead of the standard scissor mechanism (underneath the keys) there's a butterfly mechanism making the movement of the keys different. Being someone who touch-types this could be a huge change for me. I think I'd want to try out the keys before buying one. The second change is the trackpad, it seems Apple wants to do away with the right-click. With the new trackpad they're introducing Force Touch which senses how hard you touch the trackpad. The whole trackpad is clickable which means there isn't a left and right-click. I'm not sure what Apple's answer to the right-click issue is.

One other issue that the Hubby didn't like is the new power port. Unlike every other Macbook there are no other ports (apart from a headphone jack). The port is a new kind, it's all very technical but they called it USB-C. It's not a regular USB and it's not the same mag-safe power adapter as in the Macbook Air. The downside to this new port is if you want to plug any devices into your Macbook you'll need an adapter. An expensive adapter.

Overall I was happy with the announcements, a new toy to help me track my fitness and a new, more portable, Macbook. All I need to do now is convince the Hubby I need both.

What do you think to the Apple announcements?
Which Apple Watch would you choose?

Do You Analyse Family and Friends?

Writers analyse, they observe, they take notes. People-watching is a skill you learn and use, sometimes daily. You take mental notes on how that woman tipped back her head as she laughed or how the man touched his nose while talking. It's all useful in some way but, as a writer, do you analyse your friends and family?

Writing Bubble

The best way to make a character seem real is to give them mannerisms or ticks, give them a personality. How they react in any given situation is dictated by you (most of the time), and people-watching can be used to aid your character development. But people-watching doesn't show you the intimate side of the relationship. The little things that a husband and wife share, or a mother and son, make those relationships special.

Health and Weight Loss Tips 10

Running is my exercise of choice (or walking with friends), it gets my heart going, I get outside and when I'm finished I feel like I've worked hard. Underwear can make or break the love of running.

11st 0.8 lbs

52, 187 steps

I haven't been trying hard enough, my weight isn't moving - or if it is, it's in the wrong direction. I'm eating too much, drinking too much and the motivation hasn't been there. But this weekend I went on a long walk with the Hubby and the boys on Saturday. The sun was shining, and we walked across the fields near our house. Sunday we took a trip to Warwick Castle (I'll write about that later) and although the weather was awful we still had a good time. Between Saturday and Sunday I did a lot of walking.

What I Read 9

Doing my What I Read Roundup last week gave me a chance to read lots more posts. Here's more sharing for you, please do take a moment to visit these other sites and give the posts a read. We could all do with a little comment love sometimes.

What I Read 9 | Morgan's Milieu: #WhatIRead Badge

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 9: Aby of You Baby Me Mummy thanks a stranger for their kindness in an open letter.

After a rough day Aby took her daughter to the supermarket in the hope things might brighten. A tantrum ensued and Aby thought her day couldn't get any worse, then a kind stranger offered support. Aby decided to thank the stranger by writing an open letter to them on her blog. Sometimes just one kind word can turn someone's day around.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 9: Nadine Hill, she's exhausted and has been for 2 decades!

While enjoying some well-deserved 'me' time and a hot cuppa Nadine realises she has been exhausted for two decades! As a young woman she had a busy job and liked to go out and then she settled and had children. Over the years she has watched her children grow and become more self-reliant and she is now able to enjoy the occasional nap on the sofa. Nadine, you deserve it - enjoy that nap.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 9: Charlene, aka Moderate Mum, offers advice to a new dad.

Moderate Mum offers sound advice to a new dad in this post. The dad, Ben Wakeling, asks a question and I simply loved Charlene's advice. Every baby has their favourite parent for a time but sooner or later the novelty wears off and they switch their allegiance.

I stumbled across a great Dad Blog this week over at In his post, It's not You... It's Your Dad, he wonders if his son is missing out on playdates because of him. As a stay-at-home-dad he is in the playground every day, picking up his child from school. He happened to overhear a conversation about a playdate and began to question whether it's his fault that his child is missing out. Do you have any advice to offer him?

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 9: Tim from Slouching Towards Thatcham gives advice from his 8 years of blogging.

Tim from Slouching Towards Thatcham offers us some blogging advice; 8 blogging lessons he's learned in his 8 years of blogging. One of my favourites is Stats aren't Everything but there are plenty more. He has some wise words and I'd recommend listening. 

While we're on blogging tips and advice I thought I'd share this post on The 8 types of images that increase the psychological impact of your content lists some great ways to engage with your readers. I have bookmarked this site and will refer to it in the future.

On the subject of images another post I found was this: 25 Awesome sites with stunning free stock photos. Another list post but this one tells you where you can find some fabulous photos you can use for your blog. I love some of these sites and often use Unsplash.

Enjoy reading and I'll see you again next week for more sharing.

Haro Basketball Play Set Review

Does your child/children enjoy playing outdoors but is bored with kicking a football?

Look no further than the Haro Basketball Play Set from House of Fraser. They have a large range of outdoors toys including water guns and scooters but the basketball set was our choice. Costing £29.99 (reduced from £49.99) I think it is one of the best outdoors play sets I've got for my boys.

Little Prince loves to be outdoors kicking and bouncing balls but we don't have many outdoorsy toys because Big Price likes to be inside. When I was given the chance to review this basketball play set I jumped at the chance. Spring isn't too far away now and it would be great for Little Prince.

World Book Day 2015

Being a writer I look forward to World Book Day every year. I enjoy seeing you all post pictures of your children dressed up as their favourite book characters and this year my boys get to dress up too. 

It wasn't that long ago that I spent my time trying to encourage Big Prince to read. He's never enjoyed it as much as I would like. I figured we needed to find the right book to capture his imagination, but it hasn't happened yet. We've gone through Horrid Henry, Skulduggery Pleasant, even Harry Potter. He said he enjoyed them but didn't get any further than the first books. Big Prince is currently re-reading Skulduggery Pleasant book 1 again.

Little Prince is different, he's taken to reading and books are a big part of his life. I read him a story at bedtime most nights and he reads to himself afterwards. He has read the 'That's Not My...' series, The Dinosaur that Pooped series and he's currently making his way through the Mr Men books. All of them. I think he's on book 30 out of 50. LP is 5, nearly 6 years old and his goal for now is to read the Harry Potter books.

Apple Event March 2015

A few days ago Apple announced they'll be holding an event on 9th March at 10am PDT, that's 6pm GMT.

Morgan's Milieu | Apple Event March 2015: Spring Forward, a suggestion about Apple Watch?

Apple sent out invitations with their usual cryptic message. This time it read "Spring Forward" and given the even is scheduled one day after the switch to Daylight Saving Time it perhaps suggests the Apple Watch will be the star of the show.

If you read my post on the Apple event in September 2014 you'll know we're expecting further information on Apple Watch, the company's first wearable tech. At the event they gave us a glimpse of this new device, like a Mickey Mouse watch face, but revealed few details. 

Planning, Blogging and now... Writing

After trying out a writing exercise I feel like this past week has flown by. I've written lots but not on the novel.

Muddled Manuscript

It's been mainly blog posts and there's lots of ideas whizzing around my head for new posts. Planning sheets scatter my desk, my planner is stuffed with more and my diary is filling up. In one respect this is a good thing, I've never been this organised before. But on the other hand it means there's no time for the novel, I can't even spare half-an-hour.

Saying that though I realise I can spare it, I just don't want to. This week my priority has been the blog, I enjoy writing posts and finding new things to write about. Funnily enough today is the first day I've felt like writing the novel. So you know what, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

I'm signing off - only a short post this week. The timer will be set and writing will get done.

Health and Weight Loss Tips 9

Last week my tip was 'believe in yourself' but once you do you have to get down to business and take action. The next step should be examining your portion sizes.

Morgan's Milieu | Health and Weight Loss Tips 9: health and weight loss tips badge

11st 1.3lbs

40,916 steps

Ignite Your Inspiration

As a writer I often get asked how I get my inspiration and today I thought I'd tell you.

But not here...

I'm guest blogging over at Welcome to My Circus today so if you'd like to learn a little more about how I get inspired, and how you can ignite your inspiration please head over there. Lysa has a new guest blogger series called The Sideshow and I am the third guest blogger. People who have gone before me are Sunshine Dad with his post Goodness Snakes Alive and Janice Wald and her post How to Use Pinterest to Boost your Blog Traffic. Please take a look at both their posts and while you're there maybe take a minute to follow them on social media.

And don't forget to check out Lysa's blog too, the lovely blogger who is hosting this series, her Blonde Problems are always entertaining!

What I Read Jan-Feb Roundup

I have read so much over the last couple of months and I wanted to do a roundup of my favourites from each week of What I Read. 

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read Jan-Feb Roundup: What I Read badge

In week 1 I was touched by Benjamin Brooks-Dutton's post called Tell Them and Annie Spratt wrote a great post about blogging for the love of it, not doing what other's think you should. Please head over to her blog and read Shake it Off. Week 2 brought us a post by Honest Mum that I have bookmarked and refer to whenever I doubt myself. Be Who You Want To Be is a truly inspiring post and if you haven't read it yet, you should. Also in week 2 was Just Do It by Aimee Horton, I think week 2 was a week for inspiring posts because this one had me nodding along too!

In Week 3 of What I Read was a useful post from Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence about a Media Pack. At the time I didn't have one and had been thinking about creating one but didn't know where to start. Jocelyn's post helped me organise my thoughts and you should go read Blogger's Guide to Creating a Media Pack. Katy, aka @carryonkaty, shared a great post called Toy Story's Glory and I think every mum can relate to this.

Victoria Welton's poem Simplicity made me think a little more in week 4 and when Kate Portman overheard a woman talking about chips she wrote a post about body image. I loved this post and we should all take note!

Zaz made me want to go on holiday to Trinidad and Tobago in week 5 with her amazing posts about her holiday. She painted such beautiful pictures with her words that these places are definitely on my 'to visit' list.

Steph made me giggle in week 6 with her post about bungee jumping in a bikini. Her top tip? NEVER do it! Sarah Howe's post, Am I too old??? asks if she's getting too old for particular hair-cuts and clothes. As far as I'm concerned you're never too old for anything, all you need is confidence.

Week 7 brought posts from Stressy Mummy and her tips to Expect the Unexpected when parenting. She was dead-on with most of these and I loved reading this post. Another great post was Maddy's quiz, if you're a writer of any sort you should take this quiz. It'll only take a minute and you'll smile. Win Win.

And finally, last week I read a fabulous quote that Brighton Mama shared, her favourite quote from the book Captain Corelli's Mandolin. ReneƩ, aka Mummy Tries, shared a post about pressure. She thinks it is the pressure we pile on ourselves that's the problem and sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break.

Over the past couple of months I've read some fabulous posts and I've enjoyed sharing them. Please head over to these posts if you missed them. There's also more in each week of What I Read so if you're in need of reading material you'll find more there.

Next week I'll be back to my usual weekly sharing of posts but in the future I'll be doing a roundup at the start of each month.

If you've read any great posts please do share them in the comments and I'll be sure to read them.