Are You Limiting Your Child's Future?

How many hours, per day, does your child use a tablet? 1 hour, 2?

Morgan's Milieu | Are You Limiting Your Child's Future?: iPad Air resting on the top of a Macbook Pro. The Macbook is sitting on a dark oak desk.

Do you restrict the time they spend on devices or do you ban them altogether?

Talking to a friend of mine this morning she told me she doesn't let her children use these devices. I was shocked. She is limiting her children's ability and possibly harming their future chances.

I do not think, even for a second, children should spend hours on end looking at a computer or tablet screen. It is not good for them to stare at screens all day. What I'm saying is there's a place for these tablets. They're a useful tool in the household and can be great for education. 

My eldest, Big Prince, had a school project last year in which he had to give a presentation. He went straight for the scissors to cut things out of a magazine. The Hubby and I suggested he use an iPad, it has apps to collate photographs, write descriptions and organise his thoughts all in one place. Not only that but he could take the iPad into school with him for the presentation, just like he'd practised. He did and after the presentation BP's friends said how impressed they were.

We had BP's parent's evening yesterday and his teacher told us he uses BP to help some of the other children when they're doing computer lessons. BP is confident using computers, iPads, any technology really. He knows enough that he can help his fellow pupils in IT. In the future BP will not be afraid to try out new technology.

And this is my point. If you deny your children access to a tablet, phone or computer you're restricting their ability to learn. The more your children can explore these devices the more they learn and that can't be a bad thing. These tablets are a part of life, that is a fact.

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A List of Great Movies from Disney Pixar

In 1995 a film aired that would change the way everyone viewed animated movies. Up to that point Disney had been the kings of animated movies with classics like Snow White and Cinderella.

Morgan's Milieu | A List of Great Movies from Disney Pixar: Toy Story - the first in a long line of great movies.

Pixar stormed onto the scene with the brilliant movie Toy Story and clinched their place in history as one of, if not THE best, creators of animated movies. I was a young teenager when Toy Story came out and I loved it. At the time I didn't realise that my love of Pixar movies would only grow.

As a parent Disney and Pixar movies are a god-send. They entertain the children for an hour or two giving me the peace I need. Over the years I started to notice the script more than the bright colours in these movies. It was actually entertaining for me too! I found myself laughing at jokes that were clearly meant for adults. From then on I've been hooked on Pixar movies.

Here's a list of Pixar movies, starting with the brilliant Toy Story.

1995    Toy Story
1998    A Bug's Life
1999    Toy Story 2
2001   Monsters Inc
2003   Finding Nemo (A favourite of BP's when he was a baby)
2004   The Incredibles
2006   Cars
2007   Ratatouille
2009   Up
2010   Toy Story 3 (I can't believe this was 5 years ago!)
2011    Cars 2
2012    Brave
2013    Monsters University

Morgan's Milieu | A List of Great Movies from Disney Pixar: Inside Out - Pixar's movie out 24th July 2015

In July Disney Pixar release their 14th movie Inside Out and it looks like it's going to be another great movie. You can view the UK trailer and the US trailer - I prefer the US one, it's more entertaining. We traditionally go to the cinema to see Pixar movies and will definitely be going to see this.

We can expect some more great movies from Pixar including The Good Dinosaur some time towards the end of the year, Finding Dory - the sequel to Finding Nemo, some time in 2016 and Toy Story 4 in 2017. Those dates are by no means set in stone but they give you an idea of what's coming in the future.

By the time Toy Story 4 comes out LP will be 8 years old and it's unlikely he'll be very interested but the Hubby and I will continue to buy these brilliant movies.

Do You Watch TV All Day?

WARNING: This is going to be a rant!

Morgan's Milieu | Do you sit on your bum all day?: Roaring Lion sitting on grass - cue rant.

Before I fell pregnant with Big Prince I worked in an office. I woke every morning, drove to work, spent hours in the office and drove home again. I stopped work to have children and becoming a stay-at-home mum was one of the best things I have EVER done.

Most of the women I know work while their children are at school. On the school-run they're dressed in their suits or uniforms and hurry off as soon as the children are in the classroom. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like. 

As I wander back to my car I think about those mums and how busy their lives must be. Not only do they work but they do housework and take care of the children too. On the plus side they get to talk to colleagues and other adults throughout the day. I would never say they have it better than me, or the other way around, but some people do.

I am a stay-at-home mum, I take care of my children and while they are at school I do the housework. A mum is not all I am. Writing is a huge part of my life now and I most of my time doing that. Recently I was talking to a friend who made an off-hand comment that wound me up. She was talking about returning to work after being made redundant and she said "I won't have to watch Jeremy Kyle anymore". She laughed at the time but I saw the look in her eye and knew what she was trying to say.

As a stay-at-home mum it is presumed that I sit on my bum all day, while the boys are at school, and watch daytime TV. I can't tell you how angry that assumption makes me. I don't remember the last time I saw any daytime TV and even if I had the time for that I'd write instead.

Admittedly the woman I was talking to didn't know that I write but even if she did I'm sure it wouldn't make a difference. Some people think that because you work from home you sit and stare at the TV instead of working. It is not real work. 

*Hear Chandler from Friends* They couldn't be more wrong.

Just because I work from the comfort of my own home does not mean I will sit in front of the TV. I spend my days sitting in front of the computer, as I would if I were working in an office. When it's time to pick up the boys from school I jump in the car and go get them. Then the housework starts. Some days I don't get a real break until 9pm, just like some of those people that go out to work. 

So no, I DO NOT watch TV all day. 

Morgan's Milieu | Do you sit on your bum all day?: Sleeping dog, rant over.

How about you - how do you fill your days?

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Playing Pool at Riley's, Nottingham

I recently wrote a post about my boys' new obsession with pool and how it transformed their attitude to one another. The attitude change didn't last very long, they yell at each other all the time, but the pool obsession is ongoing. 

Morgan's Milieu | Playing Pool at Riley's, Nottingham: BP playing pool

The Hubby and I did some research into where we could play pool on a proper sized table. The boys enjoy playing so much at home we thought they might like to see a proper pool table. After a Google search we found a couple of places and Riley's in Nottingham was one of them.

My Mum

It's that time of year again and reading poems about wonderful mums is hurting. Not that I don't love Mother's Day, I get lovely gifts from my boys, we go to see my mother-in-law and I send gifts to my step-mum. 

But something is missing...

This will always be the case, I don't foresee any changes to the situation, there's nothing I can do to change it. My real mum is inconsistent and selfish. There I said it. That might sound harsh but I've been through a lot and when I needed her most she turned her back. 

I was 14 years old when she shattered my heart, she broke me. At a time when a teenage girl needs her mum most mine turned away. She denied me love, she called me a liar. And she will never know how truly broken I am because of her words. 

From a very young age I realised my mum didn't love me as much as my sisters. I have two sisters and to this day she sees them on a regular basis, even taking care of her other grandchildren. But I was different. I don't know why and I don't think I'll ever understand what I did wrong. I have tried, many times, to reconcile. I've given her more chances than I can count and in the end I had to cut ties.

My little family matters more to me than anything else in this world and I will not allow an uncaring person to go anywhere near my boys. Even if that means denying them a grandmother. As I see it I am sparing them the heartache I've endured. 

Mother's Day always brings these feelings up and it always will, we all need a mother's love.

I am a very lucky lady though, my two boys (and the Hubby) will make Mother's Day a great one for me, I can count on that. We'll visit my mother-in-law, chat and have tea, and then return home after a busy day. Although I won't get to see my step-mum I'll be sending her a card and gift and she'll know how much she has helped me through the years. 

To thank her for all she's done I've written a poem and sent gifts, but it will never be enough. She stuck with me through difficult teenage years. We fought, yelled and hated each other but she was there, she's always been there, and if we lived closer I know I'd see her all the time. From now on when I talk about my mum, this is who I'm talking about. A very special lady who took care of a broken child she didn't give birth to. It was a difficult job but she took it on and she did a fantastic job.

This Mother's Day please take a minute to thank your mum for all she has done. To have a strong bond with your mum is an incredible thing and you should NEVER take that for granted. Whether she gave birth to you or not she took care of you as you grew, she guided you the best she could, and you wouldn't be the person you are today without her.

Morgan's Milieu | My Mum: Roses and Thank you.

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The Ice Twins: A Book Review

Have you ever looked in a mirror and saw something off? So has Sarah Moorcroft.

Morgan's Milieu | The Ice Twins: A Book Review - A page turner and a very chilling tale.

I am Kirstie
I am Lydia

I am confident and loud
I am thoughtful and quiet

I lived
I died

Or did I?

The Ice Twins, written by S. K. Tremayne, is a chilling tale about a mother's love (and guilt), a father's pain, and a family tragedy. 

After the accidental death of one of her identical twin daughters, Lydia, Sarah and her remaining family, Angus and Kirstie, move away from London. In their new home, on an isolated Scottish island, Sarah has to deal with her troubled daughter and claims of mistaken identity. Blow after blow hits the troubled family and as I read I was with Sarah, guessing which of her daughters had survived the accident. Just when I thought I'd found the answer another twist knocked me off my feet. I was surprised, shocked and almost brought to tears by the end.

I finished the last five chapters of The Ice Twins in one sitting, I was gripped and my eyes couldn't move across the page quick enough. I enjoyed reading, it was different, intriguing and made me think. It's one of the few books I've finished within 2 weeks.

The last chapter was a little distracting, until I realised what was going on, but I loved the characters, especially Sarah Moorcroft. Her inner thoughts and fears felt so real, it was like I was in her head. The ending of the book was brilliant and shocking.

Sometimes when reading a book I try to analyse the writing, try to figure out how they did what they did. I tried that with The Ice Twins and failed miserably, I was so engrossed in the story that I forgot about analysing. For me, that's the mark of a great book!

The Ice Twins by S. K. Tremayne: 9/10

I was sent a copy of The Ice Twins from Mumsnet Bloggers Network for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. 

Haro Basketball Play Set Review

Does your child/children enjoy playing outdoors but is bored with kicking a football?

Look no further than the Haro Basketball Play Set from House of Fraser. They have a large range of outdoors toys including water guns and scooters but the basketball set was our choice. Costing £29.99 (reduced from £49.99) I think it is one of the best outdoors play sets I've got for my boys.

Little Prince loves to be outdoors kicking and bouncing balls but we don't have many outdoorsy toys because Big Price likes to be inside. When I was given the chance to review this basketball play set I jumped at the chance. Spring isn't too far away now and it would be great for Little Prince.