Haro Basketball Play Set Review

Does your child/children enjoy playing outdoors but is bored with kicking a football?

Look no further than the Haro Basketball Play Set from House of Fraser. They have a large range of outdoors toys including water guns and scooters but the basketball set was our choice. Costing £29.99 (reduced from £49.99) I think it is one of the best outdoors play sets I've got for my boys.

Little Prince loves to be outdoors kicking and bouncing balls but we don't have many outdoorsy toys because Big Price likes to be inside. When I was given the chance to review this basketball play set I jumped at the chance. Spring isn't too far away now and it would be great for Little Prince.

When the box arrived and I unpacked, I realised there were no instructions. Faced with a pile of pieces that needed to be put together, without a clue, I huffed.

Then I spied the instructions printed on the side of the box and breathed a sigh of relief. I counted up my pieces, checked I had everything and set about putting the thing together.

Given that I'm not very good at building stuff I thought it would take me a long time but within 30 minutes the basketball stand was together. I used two spanners to tighten all the bolts (and asked Hubby to check them) and the stand was almost ready.

The Hubby carried the stand outside and I filled the base with water. The whole time I was building I had Little Prince by my side eagerly awaiting his chance to play. Once it was outside and filled with water I let him loose.

The next morning LP couldn't wait to get outside and asked, before school, to play basketball! 

The only downside is the ball, it comes in the box with a pump but it's not durable enough. LP has spent most of the week playing with the basketball set but then disaster. The ball got caught in a bush, a thorn stuck into it. The thorn caused a tiny hole and the ball can't be bounced anymore. I need to get LP a new ball. 

I love LP being able to play outside and this basketball set will keep him busy throughout spring and summer. The stand itself is tall enough that he can't just pop the ball into the basket, he has to throw it up into the air or bounce it off the backboard. With the water in the base I know that stand isn't going anywhere, it seems very sturdy. If I wanted to I could remove a piece from the stand's pole to reduce the height of the basket, useful if you have smaller children.

It's not getting LP outside that's the problem in our house, it's giving him something to do while he's out there. That's why I knew the basketball set would be perfect and I was right.

Overall I give the Haro Basketball Play Set:  9/10

I was sent the Haro Basketball Play Set for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.