Playing Pool at Riley's, Nottingham

I recently wrote a post about my boys' new obsession with pool and how it transformed their attitude to one another. The attitude change didn't last very long, they yell at each other all the time, but the pool obsession is ongoing. 

Morgan's Milieu | Playing Pool at Riley's, Nottingham: BP playing pool

The Hubby and I did some research into where we could play pool on a proper sized table. The boys enjoy playing so much at home we thought they might like to see a proper pool table. After a Google search we found a couple of places and Riley's in Nottingham was one of them.

Riley's is located on St. James Street in Nottingham and as we walked up the street Little Prince seemed to know where we were going. "We're going here aren't we?" He said as we walked towards the door. The Hubby and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

To play for 1 hour it cost £5 but on the website it says cost varies so it's best to call and check before you leave.

Morgan's Milieu | Playing Pool at Riley's, Nottingham: LP playing pool

An hour was plenty of time for us, we ended up having 3 games. The Hubby and I played first to show the boys how it worked (I won), then the boys played each other. Big Prince loved playing on the big tables and keeps asking to go again. Little Prince struggled, the cues are a lot bigger than the ones he uses at home and they're back-heavy too so he found them difficult to use. With a little help he managed to have one game but he did complain, a lot. We were running out of time, and LP was ready to leave, so the Hubby and I had one more game - oh, and I won again!

If two adults played for the hour you could squeeze in 4 games. The boys' game took a lot longer than mine and the Hubby's. It's unlikely we'll take the boys there again until LP is a little bigger, maybe when he's 7, but we enjoyed playing pool. 

Aside from LP's complaining we had a great morning and the boys got to play on a full-sized table. 

Have you ever visited Riley's or somewhere similar? 
What did you think?