A List of Great Movies from Disney Pixar

In 1995 a film aired that would change the way everyone viewed animated movies. Up to that point Disney had been the kings of animated movies with classics like Snow White and Cinderella.

Morgan's Milieu | A List of Great Movies from Disney Pixar: Toy Story - the first in a long line of great movies.

Pixar stormed onto the scene with the brilliant movie Toy Story and clinched their place in history as one of, if not THE best, creators of animated movies. I was a young teenager when Toy Story came out and I loved it. At the time I didn't realise that my love of Pixar movies would only grow.

As a parent Disney and Pixar movies are a god-send. They entertain the children for an hour or two giving me the peace I need. Over the years I started to notice the script more than the bright colours in these movies. It was actually entertaining for me too! I found myself laughing at jokes that were clearly meant for adults. From then on I've been hooked on Pixar movies.

Here's a list of Pixar movies, starting with the brilliant Toy Story.

1995    Toy Story
1998    A Bug's Life
1999    Toy Story 2
2001   Monsters Inc
2003   Finding Nemo (A favourite of BP's when he was a baby)
2004   The Incredibles
2006   Cars
2007   Ratatouille
2009   Up
2010   Toy Story 3 (I can't believe this was 5 years ago!)
2011    Cars 2
2012    Brave
2013    Monsters University

Morgan's Milieu | A List of Great Movies from Disney Pixar: Inside Out - Pixar's movie out 24th July 2015

In July Disney Pixar release their 14th movie Inside Out and it looks like it's going to be another great movie. You can view the UK trailer and the US trailer - I prefer the US one, it's more entertaining. We traditionally go to the cinema to see Pixar movies and will definitely be going to see this.

We can expect some more great movies from Pixar including The Good Dinosaur some time towards the end of the year, Finding Dory - the sequel to Finding Nemo, some time in 2016 and Toy Story 4 in 2017. Those dates are by no means set in stone but they give you an idea of what's coming in the future.

By the time Toy Story 4 comes out LP will be 8 years old and it's unlikely he'll be very interested but the Hubby and I will continue to buy these brilliant movies.


  1. I remember going to the pictures to see something in 1995 we missed the start so ended up watching Toy Story and loved it....I was about 14/15 at the time....lol
    We love the Pixar movies and I'm quite looking forward to seeing Inside Out x

    1. It's a fab film and I can't wait to see Inside Out. BP is looking forward to The Good Dinosaur and LP's favourite is still Wreck It Wralph (not Pixar but still Disney). x

  2. Disney have used the success of their mainstream children movies like avengers as a platform to create educational tools such as "Toy Story" pencils and "Cars" rulers. Disney consistently promote value of education in their works.

  3. Anonymous23:16

    I know the article's over a year old, but...why didn't you include WALL-E (2008 release)?! That's my favorite Pixar feature!

    1. OMG!! I cannot believe I forgot WALL-E! You're so right, I'm a terrible fan!!! DOH.
      Thanks for pointing it out. :)


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