Keep Trying

On Monday I wrote about Big Prince trying out for the Swimming Gala at school and on Wednesday I was so nervous for him. He was really looking forward to it and couldn’t wait to get to school, he wanted to leave the house at 8am so that he could be at school on time. Not that he has ever been late but this shows how excited he was.

When he left me with the biggest smile on his face I hoped that he wouldn’t be leaving school disappointed. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be and as he walked towards me at the end of school I knew straight away that he hadn’t made it into the Gala. As we walked to the car I put my arms around him and told him not to worry, he could always try out again next year. He told me he would but he needed to get lots of practice in between now and then because he wasn’t fast enough. Normally I don’t go in for the competition stuff but hearing him say that made me so proud. 

Big Prince has never been one to take on a challenge, or at least if he did and failed he wouldn’t try again. If he can’t do something he generally gives up. Swimming is different - he loves to be in the water. His stroke isn’t great and we’ve been working on that but he keeps trying and now he has a reason to push himself harder. I really believe that he will try and I’m sure he’ll spend the entire summer in the pool. 

Gut Instinct

I’ve been struggling with my creative writing lately and have decided to take a break from the novel, instead using my time to concentrate on the blog for a while. However, I still need that creative outlet so here I am for Prose for Thursday again. I thought I would test out parts of my original novel on you all and you can let me know what you think, maybe that way I might get the motivation to sort out the story!

Maria trudged across the green field, her legs feeling heavier by the minute. Would it really be so bad to transport home? Yes, it would. The rules were there for a reason and she was the one to come up with them after all. How would it look if she broke them? She forced her legs to move beneath her body. The training session had taken it out of her this time and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could take his power. He was growing so fast and she was so proud but she was very tired.

The thought of a hot steaming bath carried her home and as she pushed on the large oak door and wandered into the lobby she heard the trickle of water and smiled. A flash before her eyes and she blinked, her brows pulled together and her heart ached. Shaking her head she walked to the bottom of the stairs, planted her hand on the banister and pulled herself up. The training was weighing heavy on her now and she struggled to get up the stairs but as she stepped onto the first floor landing she smelled lavender and took a deep breath. Another flash. She placed her hands on the banister and closed her eyes. Not now, please.

She breathed in deeply and drifted towards her bedroom door, she thought about the hot water and how it would ease the aches in her muscles but in the back of her mind she could feel the tension growing. She tried to imagine sinking into the water and closing her eyes and just letting the pain go but she couldn’t shake that doubt. Maria stood in front of her bedroom door and gripped the handle but paused when a mumble inside got her attention. She grinned. Victor was inside waiting and the thought of him suddenly wiped her pain away. She turned the handle, pushed on the door and sauntered into the room.

She only got a second to look at the bed before the freight train ploughed into her and she fell back against the wall. She gripped her chest and tried to catch her breath as she stared. The aches from training were gone but another, stronger pain sunk its claws into her. Victor stood, topless, by the side of the bed staring at Maria with his mouth open and eyes wide. On the bed Elizabeth, the maid, had curled into a ball near the headboard. The bed sheets were in a pile at the foot of the bed, with Elizabeth’s clothes. As tears blurred her vision Maria tried to say something but only squeaked. She took a deep breath, pushed away from the wall and glared at her husband. She foresaw a fight…

This is just a short piece of one chapter and lots more happened but I didn’t want to put the whole thing on here, it would take forever to read!

Prose for Thought

Blog Customisation Tips

My very first post on this blog was way back at the end of Dec 2011 and if I’m honest I can’t believe it’s been going for that long. I haven’t posted nearly as much as I could have. Back then Little Prince was still not at nursery and I was a very busy mum who wasn’t really sure how to organise herself, fast forward to now and I have a lot more time to myself. This means I can concentrate on me for a while, well a few hours in the day at least.

The style of my blog hasn’t changed that much if I’m honest, it’s always been one of the simpler templates that Blogger give you and I haven’t really messed about with it too much. Until now this hasn’t bothered me, I figured that having a simple blog wouldn’t matter. Since spending a lot more time blogging and sharing and visiting others’ blogs I’ve noticed that mine looks very… dull. There is so much that I don’t like about it and I intend to change things. That is once I learn how.

Cross-stitch Progress Week 1

This is what the finished thing ought to look like.
I started this project one week ago and I’m not quite as far along as I’d hoped. As you can see from the picture there’s only a tiny bit done but in my defence I had to spend a few hours sorting out threads and weaving along the edge of the aida to make sure that it doesn’t fray. 

My tiny progress
This is something I forgot about, when starting a cross-stitch you have to weave along the edge to prevent fraying otherwise your aida will fray and you’ll end up with half of it disappearing. When I first started my cross-stitching I didn’t do that and on a few occasions I ended up with a problem. With the larger designs this is more important because you’re always going to be messing with the edges and moving the aida around to be able to get to the area you’re stitching.

Valentine's Day Plans

When I was growing up I remember my mum watched a lot of soaps, Eastenders, Coronation Street, Neighbours, all of them. I enjoyed the Australian ones like Neighbours and Home and Away. I spent hours every week in front of the TV at particular times of the day and loved every minute of it. As I’ve grown my love of soaps has faded and I don’t watch any of them anymore. No Neighbours, No Home and Away and definitely no Coronation Street. I don’t know why this is the case I guess I just drifted away and didn’t want to be pulled back in. 

I know that a lot of women watch these soaps, every day. They arrange their lives around being able to sit down and watch said soap. I’m not about to launch into a rant about how they shouldn’t do this, I think everyone is entitled to their down-time and how they spend it is up to them. This is about me. I don’t have an organised enough life to be able to watch these things on a daily basis and follow every storyline, there’s always some reason to be keeping the kids up late or sending them to bed early. I guess this must be why I gave up on the soaps, it was never possible to catch my shows when they were on. Now, don’t get me wrong I love watching TV. I’ve said recently that I love movies but I also love various TV series.

Swimming Anyone?

In this little space I like to call my own I often talk about my eldest boy and my youngest boy and have never called them by name. However, constantly referring to them as ‘my eldest’ or ‘my youngest’ seems a little odd so from now on ‘my eldest’ will now be called Big Prince and ‘my youngest’ will be Little Prince. 

So onto my magic moment and this week Big Prince decided it would be a good idea to surprise me. Before I get to my moment I want to explain that Big Prince is not an athletic child, he doesn’t like to be outside unless pushed and he has never taken a proper interest in any sport. He is a quiet boy who likes to sit and read or draw, plays on the Xbox a lot more than he should and has a few close friends who are mostly girls. He hates football. He doesn’t like playing out when it’s muddy and he has no interest in bugs or any creepy-crawlies. I think this is partly our fault because he was our first and we didn’t want him being outside messing with mud or hurting himself. We were so worried that something bad might happen that we may have influenced him and now it is really tough to get him outside.

My Week in Review

Oh my it’s Friday again, I can’t believe how fast this month has flown by. It seems like two minutes ago I was pledging to blog every day and was wondering what on earth I would write about and now I’m at the end of week three and haven’t really struggled yet. I’m so proud of myself so far and I’m sure that my enthusiasm will continue because I’ve started to enjoy this blogging lark a lot more than writing that novel! I never thought that would happen, I can tell you.

I think part of the reason I seem to be falling in love with blogging is the absolutely wonderful community of people out there that offer encouragement and support when you need it most. People who give you a 140 character boost and make you smile when the kids are driving you crazy and you think you may have no hair left by the end of the day. This week I’ve realised how nice and welcoming people can be and I’m so grateful for that.

Aside from this personal journey my week has been a bit of a bumpy one, what with the hubby getting some bad news on the games front, the little one getting the sniffles and a cough that is worsening by the day and the eldest becoming more ‘tween’ every day, I’ve felt like I'm fighting a losing battle. Yet I’ve been sat at the computer screen every day, blogging, venting and receiving such lovely comments and tweets that the week hasn’t seemed so bad. 

Chocolate Biscuits with Soft Chocolate Centre Recipe

My finished biscuits

Yesterday after a trip to the supermarket I decided to bake some cookies for my boys. This is something I haven’t done for years and I thought it would be a huge disaster but went ahead and did it anyway. I got the recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Happy Days with the Naked Chef recipe book, one which I’ve had for years but not really used.

The recipe is really easy and doesn’t take long so I thought I’d let you all know how the process went. 


140g/5oz butter
140g/5oz sugar
2 egg yolks
255g/9oz self-raising flour
30g/1oz cocoa powder
30 squares of chocolate (milk, white or plain)

I used Dairy Milk chocolate and Tesco’s own brand cocoa powder and self-raising flour.


Another week zooming by and I’m back again for #Prose4T. I only started writing daily 3 weeks ago but since joining in with Prose for Thought I’ve learned how much I love writing these short pieces of fiction. Victoria Welton over at Verily Victoria Vocalises set this link up and I’d like to thank her for being so nice and welcoming. I’d definitely recommend joining in with this link if you enjoy writing, it’s a chance to let out that creative side and maybe tap into some of those buried feelings. So, on with this week’s #Prose4T…

I Dream.

I dream of you sitting at our dinner table, joining the family.
I dream of you in our lounge, smiling.
I dream of you playing in the garden with my boys as the sun shines.

I dream of my children knowing who you are.
I dream of shopping days and coffee mornings.
I dream of seeing your smiling face every day.

Music's Effect on Mood

My alarm went off four times this morning before I could drag my aching body out of bed. The dark morning laid heavy on me and getting out of my lovely, cosy bed and feeling the chill of the day wasn’t really the best start to the day. If you didn’t know already, I HATE mornings. It is very rare that I wake up and feel happy or enthusiastic for the day and I don’t really function very well before my morning coffee. This morning was no different.

I stumbled downstairs with little one in tow and didn’t feel like doing anything, I just wanted to crawl back into my comfortable bed and blank out everything. However, being a mum of two school-aged children this is not possible. Instead I made breakfast for everyone, made sure they had a drink and then set about having my coffee. As the sun came up I saw the bleak outlook of the day, the damp drive and gloomy clouds didn’t brighten my mood any. 

Moments that Mattered

Cinderella's Castle - Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World
In the summer of 2013 me, the hubby and my boys took the holiday of a lifetime - 6 weeks in Orlando, Florida. We’ve been before on numerous occasions and always love it but this time was different. You see, every other time we’ve been on holiday over there the hubby has had to work part of the time and constantly carried a Blackberry around with him in order to respond to emails. We have never had a time when our holiday wasn’t interrupted by his work. Well that is until summer 2013.

A New Project

This was my Everest.
A later project.
When I became a stay-at-home mum more than nine years ago I wondered what on earth I would do with all my free time. I didn’t know how to use up all the time I would’ve been at work. I panicked that I would be stuck with loads of time and nothing to do. Yeh, I know - deluded! Anyway, back then I figured I’d need a new hobby to use up the spare time. A friend who did cross-stitches in her spare time said maybe I should try that. I did and after a few botched jobs I enjoyed it.

I only have a few projects under my belt, the one of Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore being the first (that was finished and not ruined). In 2006 I went to Disney World, Florida and fell in love with one of the kits they had there. I insisted the hubby buy it for me and he did which meant I had a huge project to begin. Unfortunately as time went on I lost interest in cross-stitch and the huge project got left half-finished for a while. It wasn’t until I fell pregnant with the little one that I started up again. I looked at my half-finished project and promised I would finish it. One day.

One I did for my little one.
In the end I did finish it, about 3 months ago! That's it, at the top, and I think you can see why it took so long. This project was the biggest I’d tried so far and it was very hard. I’d never done any beading before so this was really challenging and all the intricate details with the sparkly thread was quite annoying due to the thread being delicate. But I finished it.

Now, after that taking so long you wouldn’t think I’d get another one would you, but I did. Again I was in Florida and happened to be scanning the shelves of kits again, the hubby should probably keep me away from them. This time I wanted a girly one, one for me, so I got Beauty and the Beast. I think it is really beautiful and although it will take a while I’m up for the challenge. The difference this time is that I’m blogging about it too and that means that I don’t have any excuses to give up on it. I’m planning on posting regular updates on how this project is going and hopefully this one will not take seven years to finish. I opened the pack last night and as you can see there’s lots to it but I’m going to be making a start tonight. I’ll post pictures of my progress every Tuesday and I’m hoping it all goes well. 

Wish me luck!

Oh boy this looks complicated!

Have you started any new crafty projects? 

Maybe it’s something you’ve never tried before or something you’re well trained at, let me know how you’re getting on.

Mama and More

The Revelation Returns

Way back in April I blogged about cleaning the kitchen, yep riveting eh? As a stay-at-home mum it was one of the things that I found myself doing constantly and I was always battling with the children to put their plates away when they were finished eating. My revelation in April was that if I did a little tidying everyday then I could keep my house looking tidy without much effort. Well that is almost true.

These days my kitchen is tidy. Tidy - not sparkling. What I’ve found is that it is easy to keep it tidy but with the constant coffee and tea making, lunch and dinner and sticky fingers, there is no way to keep my counter tops sparkling unless I keep everyone out of the kitchen. This isn’t practical but I have come to terms with the fact that tidy is okay. I don’t mind it actually. My kitchen doesn’t ‘need’ to be sparkling all of the time and as long as there’s not food going mouldy on the tops and plates piled high above the dishwasher then I think I’m doing a good job. 

The Bright Side

Although I linked up with #PoCoLo over at Verily Victoria Vocalises again this week I also wanted to write a post too so this one is linking up with Reasons to be Cheerful hosted by Lakes Single Mum this week.

The doubts festered in my mind this week and the black hole of writers block stopped me from getting any writing done on the novel. It happens from time to time and can be a real pain in the… well you know. Anyway, instead of lingering on the bad I thought I would try and get myself inspired. I spent three hours on Wednesday night doing research and as I read through facts and wrote notes I suddenly got inspired. Yay!

So, my reasons to be cheerful are:

1. No matter how long that void stays in my head there’s always going to be something that comes along and fills it. Whether that be hours of research like Wednesday night or a simple stroll through the woods with my kids. I am a creative soul and if the void lingers for long I know to change it up and move away from that blank screen. Although the weekend is here I have plans for my writing next week and can’t wait to get started on them.

Home At Last

It’s Thursday again and time for Prose for Thought. Last week when I posted My Muse I never thought it would feel good to have other people read my work and I was really surprised by the great comments I got. Thank you to all of you who commented last week, you were so kind and have given me the confidence to continue. So here we are, my #Prose4T number two.

Her paws pounded the ground and her lungs burned as she raced across the field towards the dense forest. The dark night hid her black athletic body from sight but her yellow eyes glowed. She pushed through the brush and entered the cover of the trees, branches and leaves scraped her skin as she stole a glance behind her. Nothing. He wasn’t following. Images of that awful dungeon still lived in her head and she shuddered when she thought of what she'd been about to do. Unable to stop herself, screaming while trapped in her own mind. Watching as someone controlled her body, using her like a machine, in order to harm others. If it hadn’t been for the lion she may never have escaped.

As Emily hurried through the forest, twigs snapping under her paws, she went over what had just happened. The lion… He must’ve been a ‘Cooler’, there was no other explanation. Because of him she’d managed to transport herself away, save her own life and those she was threatening. She’d never wanted to harm Samuel and Anna, they were her friends, but Patrick’s gift - that necklace, stole her body. She wished she’d seen it coming, she wished she had been able to stop but most of all she hoped that Anna survived.

Emily reached the crest of a hill and looked down into the valley. She stopped and stared. A small cottage with cobblestone walls and a rickety roof covered in moss stood next to the glorious deep waters of the lake. She padded down the hill, seeming to glide over the grass. Reaching the water’s edge a blue mist encircled her and she sighed. As she breathed out her slender panther body disappeared and Emily stood naked, in human form, with her feet touching the damp rocks just beneath the surface of the water. She inched forward and smiled as the water eased the burning in her legs. She sank down, laid back and looked up. The clouds had cleared and the stars twinkled for her.

Emily blinked and as she dove under the water her tail flipped up and the moon bounced off her golden scales. Her black hair flowed behind her as she pumped her tail and sped through the water towards an orange glow ahead. A shoal of small silver fish joined her race and she grinned as they danced around her, welcoming her home. A moment later she floated before it, the small glowing ‘hole’ in the base of the lake that she called home. She was safe, at last.

I was going over the very first novel I wrote a few years ago (it’s hidden away in a file on the computer) and was inspired by one of the characters. In the book I didn’t write her perspective but I thought for a short piece it would be great. Again I’d love to hear your comments.

Prose for Thought

Wii U Review

First of all I have not been paid for this review, it is simply my opinion on these products. We spent our own money buying the products after months of wondering whether we should.

I’ve said before that I live in a house of gamers, the hubby has worked in the industry for a long time and both my boys love their computer games, be it on the iPad, Xbox, Wii or computer. Up until the recent consoles our household had the newest consoles on day one, as soon as they were available we would have them and plenty of games to play on them too. However in recent years we’ve seen less games that we want to play and our Xbox 360 is on its last legs but we still refuse to buy the Xbox One. Why? Various reasons, one of which is backwards compatibility but this isn't about my irks with the Xbox One. This is about the Wii U.

When the Wii U came out I read a review over on Stressy Mummy’s blog about how great it was for the children and how they could all play together. At the time I convinced the hubby to have a look at it but he said there weren’t enough games out that he wanted to play so it wouldn’t make it worth spending the money. He was right of course, if we’d bought the Wii U back then it would’ve sat on the shelf just like the Wii did, unused.

Before Christmas we decided to give it another look and find out what games were available. We were amazed to see that there were now plenty of games we wanted to get and you could buy the Wii U in a pack that included games too! In the end we caved and bought it for Christmas, we were so excited (me and the hubby) that we almost opened it before Christmas! 

My Love of Movies

Mama and More

First of all I want to thank Luci over at MotherWifeMe for making my post last week a feature on her #AllAboutYou post this morning. Luci you have made my day!

When I was a little girl I dreamed of the day a prince would come and save me from my boring life. I watched movies like Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and The Little Mermaid, sang along to the songs and wondered why my life wasn’t like that. Why didn’t I get the boy I liked? I was a bit of a geek if I’m honest but I still imagined that one day ‘my prince would come’.

This isn’t a ‘happy ever after’ post where I tell you he did and we’re married and have a fabulous life, blah, blah. I want to tell you that all those years ago is when my love of movies began. All the girly ones are great and get better as you grow up, I remember watching Jerry Macguire about one hundred times. Those movies that have two people falling in love are fantastic and you always feel good when they’re finished. I think rom-coms are my favourite with Love Actually at all time number one movie. Moulin Rouge and The Holiday are up there too. It’s no surprise that I enjoy these movies, after all I am well-and-truly in their target market but these aren’t the only movies I like.

Fracture starring Ryan Gosling and one of my all-time favourite actors Anthony Hopkins is dark and compelling. The story is fantastic and the acting - brilliant. I love the ending but I don’t want to tell you about it - Go watch it! I promise you won’t regret it. Another ‘dark’ movie I think is fantastic is Seven with Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey. A serial killer is loose and the detectives try their very best to find him. Kevin Spacey plays a brilliant part in this movie and is very convincing. Another movie that I suggest you see if you haven’t already.

On a lighter note Simon Pegg is amusing in Shaun of the Dead and Paul but my favourite movie starring him and Nick Frost has to be Hot Fuzz. Me and the hubby know the script to this movie and have watched it so many times that I think the DVD may be broken! It’s funny and has a great story - another must see.

Most of the movies I have mentioned above are fairly old now and having two children and a busy life we don’t get much opportunity to go to the cinema anymore. We do, however, get to rent the movies on the Apple TV, which is better than nothing. A movie we did manage to see at the cinema was The Great Gatsby which was directed by Baz Lurhman. There’s a talented man. We love most of his movies including Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet and The Great Gatsby - all of which are on our favourites list. The Great Gatsby is an amazing movie which draws you in from the moment it starts. If you do see it try to pay attention to the music too because the soundtrack for this movie is awesome, I have it playing most of the time while I’m working. Now You See Me was another movie from last year but this one we rented and then later bought on DVD. A great movie that is a little different.

My favourite movie of last year?


This movie is unlike anything else I’ve ever watched and we’ve seen it twice at the cinema. The second time was just as good as the first even though I knew what was coming and although the cast is minimal it is a fantastic movie. If you wanted a recommendation Gravity would be it. There is no way to describe this movie other than to say it’s about space. If I said anymore I would give away the story. If you are bored of all other movie types give this one a try - it is completely different, a breath of fresh air.

So there you have it. I LOVE movies and when I’m not taking care of the children, doing housework, cooking meals or writing then I’m watching movies. I like being able to escape into another world while I watch people’s lives unfold in front of me. Maybe it’s the writer in me that thrives on this stuff or maybe it’s just the escapist, either way I enjoy myself (as long as the movie isn’t terrible). This year I’m looking forward to seeing The Lego Movie in February. 

I’m linking up this post to #AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party, you all know me a little better now and I got to give recommendations for some great movies. Win, win I say! :)

Do you have any favourite movies you’d like to recommend? Tell me below and I’ll give them a try if I haven’t seen them. Have a great day everyone.

Our Entertainer is Back

Good Morning all, I trust you had a fabulous weekend and are looking forward to this week’s antics, I know I am. It’s week two of my posting every day and I can’t wait to get started, I guess that’s a good sign?

Anyway as it’s Monday I’m linking this post up to #MagicMoments over at The Oliver’s Madhouse, Jaime is a lovely person and the group that get involved in this link are kind and friendly. Why not hop over there and take a look?

When my youngest was a baby he was so cheerful, he’d spend most of the day smiling and laughing and very rarely you would see him crying. Then we went on holiday and while there we lost his comfort blanket and with it our cheerful boy seemed to disappear. He suddenly turned into a screaming, angry child who wouldn’t let anyone comfort him. We tried to buy him a new blanket, it was identical to the old one but he knew it was different and it didn’t get accepted. For three years I’ve felt the guilt of losing that blanket, it’s eaten away at me because I wonder if we’d just looked after it better we wouldn’t have lost our cheerful boy. The annoying thing about the blanket incident was that it wasn’t even me that lost it but it was a long time ago and there’s no point assigning blame now. 

A Goal Achieved

Well we’re on Friday already, where did the week go? I’m so pleased with myself this week because as you can see I’ve managed to post something everyday, this may be the first time I’ve done that! I’ve linked up with some great linky’s and achieved a goal. 

Yesterday was my birthday and given that I’d posted about doing new things at the start of the week I figured it was the best time to allow other people to read my fiction. It was my very first attempt at flash-fiction but I think I did okay. I didn’t do as much writing as I’d hoped for yesterday though, I was feeling a little worse-for-wear and decided to take half the day off. It did me good and I’m looking forward to having a similar routine next week. 

I have decided that although I’m posting every day I’m going to take any time off at the same time as my kids (not including yesterday). This way I get to enjoy my time with them but at the same time I get to do what I enjoy. So you won’t see any new posts from me until Monday when I hope to take part in the #MagicMoments link again.

My Muse

Today I’m going to join in with the Prose for Thought link over at Verily Victoria Vocalises. I’ve been considering doing it for a while and I thought now would be a good time. So here’s some creative writing for you…

She screams. The sound bounces off the walls and rings in my ears. I can barely see her inside that dark confined space. She rushes to the bars, reaches her arms through and I notice the scrapes. Trying to grasp at me and pull me closer she pushes herself into the bars and stretches but only swipes at thin air. Tears begin to blur my vision and I turn my head away.

“Look at me” she spits.

I know she wants to be free. I know if I don’t let her out soon she’ll disappear and I’ll never see her again. The tears trickle onto my cheek and I look at her. She is standing in the centre of her cell, her bright white wings spread out. A light at her stomach begins to glow and slowly spreads throughout her body. I watch - completely captivated. The light pulses and I hear a low hum coming from somewhere close. She wraps her wings around herself and curls up into a ball on the floor. The light’s pulses get faster and my heart thumps.

A boom and a flash of light, I have to shield my eyes. The light dies away and I look at her again. The cell is gone. She is hovering two feet in the air surrounded by nothing but blue skies and she is smirking. She drifts closer and gently comes to the ground beside me. 

Leaning in she whispers, “Nothing can hold me for long.”

She laughs and jumps high in the air, doing back flips while flapping her huge wings.

“Now get back to work!” She yelled.

Love poetry or creative writing? Why not take the plunge and get involved with #Prose4T.

I’d love to know what you think of my attempt.

The Curse of the 30's

Okay, first of all I’m going to warn you that this post may be a little depressing.  Something has been happening to me recently and I wasn’t sure whether or not to write about it but when I realised it’s something that no one ever mentions I figured ‘why not?’

When you’re in your 20’s, nearing that big three-zero, it seems like it’s a huge number and some people don’t cope too well with it. I remember watching Friends, the one where Rachel turns 30, and thinking that would be me (if you haven’t seen it, why not?). It wasn’t as it turns out and I didn’t mind turning 30, it was just another number and I entered a new phase of my life. Everyone seems to make a big deal out of turning 30, I guess it’s because it’s when we’re expected to grow up, act more like an adult. At least when you’re in your twenties you can act how you like and most people will just say it’s because you’re young. Everyone I know told me that becoming 30 was the turning point, “It’s all downhill” they said. I didn’t believe them, of course. 

To be honest I don’t think it is all downhill, I think it’s just another step in the journey. Looking back, the thing that no one mentioned is that this is the decade you realise you are mortal. That sounds kind of stupid I know but hear me out. In the last few weeks something very unnerving has started happening to me. I’ve started to think about my, my husband’s and even my children’s mortality. Everywhere I look I see something that could completely change our life or I worry that when the little one jumps off the couch all kinds of things could go wrong and he’ll end up in the hospital. I never realised before how vulnerable we are… all of us, all the time. I never thought that this would dawn on me in this decade - and no one warned me about it either, which makes it even worse.

A New Year and New Hopes

I love new year, it brings with it hopes and aspirations and everyone has that little bit of optimism about what the year ahead holds for them. Unfortunately this slowly fades as they realise that it’s the same old trudge through life and nothing is going to change. Except, I’m not sure that’s true. I think if you truly want things to change then you have to make the change yourself. For example, many times on this blog I have said that I want to blog more, be more involved with others and try harder but something always seems to get in the way. 

Me. I get in the way. I give myself excuses, I say it’s someone else’s fault that I can’t join in with that twitter party or this link up. I’m not doing anything wrong, it’s someone else’s fault. Nope - not true.

Well I’ve had enough of myself and I’m going to do something about it. Yes I’m a busy stay-at-home mum but once the kids are at school, the house is tidy and the washing has been put on (not to mention all the ironing!) the day is my own. Almost. But anyway, come about 9.30am I’m usually able to do what I please and most of the time I head into my little ‘office’ and start tapping against the keyboard. I’ve been doing that for a while now but I am making progress and learning along the way. My blogging has been slightly erratic and I hope to change that in the future. Sometimes it’s hard to find things to write about and I just think ‘why bother?’, but isn’t this what I want to do?

A Surprising Magic Moment

Happy New Year! 

I trust you all had a fantastic time.

We had a wonderful Christmas and the boys were so pleased with the Wii U that Santa left under our tree. The boys were excited about playing the new games (and that includes the hubby!). 

As well as the Wii U there were a few shrieks of delight as they tore open the rest of their presents.

With so many magic moments, and the boys growing so fast, I'm doing my best to remember all of them. You'd think that my magic moment would be to do with Christmas, but surprisingly, it's not.