My Muse

Today I’m going to join in with the Prose for Thought link over at Verily Victoria Vocalises. I’ve been considering doing it for a while and I thought now would be a good time. So here’s some creative writing for you…

She screams. The sound bounces off the walls and rings in my ears. I can barely see her inside that dark confined space. She rushes to the bars, reaches her arms through and I notice the scrapes. Trying to grasp at me and pull me closer she pushes herself into the bars and stretches but only swipes at thin air. Tears begin to blur my vision and I turn my head away.

“Look at me” she spits.

I know she wants to be free. I know if I don’t let her out soon she’ll disappear and I’ll never see her again. The tears trickle onto my cheek and I look at her. She is standing in the centre of her cell, her bright white wings spread out. A light at her stomach begins to glow and slowly spreads throughout her body. I watch - completely captivated. The light pulses and I hear a low hum coming from somewhere close. She wraps her wings around herself and curls up into a ball on the floor. The light’s pulses get faster and my heart thumps.

A boom and a flash of light, I have to shield my eyes. The light dies away and I look at her again. The cell is gone. She is hovering two feet in the air surrounded by nothing but blue skies and she is smirking. She drifts closer and gently comes to the ground beside me. 

Leaning in she whispers, “Nothing can hold me for long.”

She laughs and jumps high in the air, doing back flips while flapping her huge wings.

“Now get back to work!” She yelled.

Love poetry or creative writing? Why not take the plunge and get involved with #Prose4T.

I’d love to know what you think of my attempt.