Another week zooming by and I’m back again for #Prose4T. I only started writing daily 3 weeks ago but since joining in with Prose for Thought I’ve learned how much I love writing these short pieces of fiction. Victoria Welton over at Verily Victoria Vocalises set this link up and I’d like to thank her for being so nice and welcoming. I’d definitely recommend joining in with this link if you enjoy writing, it’s a chance to let out that creative side and maybe tap into some of those buried feelings. So, on with this week’s #Prose4T…

I Dream.

I dream of you sitting at our dinner table, joining the family.
I dream of you in our lounge, smiling.
I dream of you playing in the garden with my boys as the sun shines.

I dream of my children knowing who you are.
I dream of shopping days and coffee mornings.
I dream of seeing your smiling face every day.

I dream of not feeling this void in my heart and wondering what I did wrong.
I dream of the day I don’t hurt anymore, when I can just accept you aren’t going to change.
I dream of you explaining what I did wrong and why you just can’t be here.

I dream of being involved in your life and you in ours.
I dream of not having to hide my pain.
I dream of being loved by you, unconditionally.

That ache in my heart will never be eased.
It grows when I hear you’re visiting my sisters.
I dream of the day you understand my pain and know what you did.
But most of all I dream of the day you say you’re sorry.

I hope you liked it and have a great week!

Prose for Thought