Home At Last

It’s Thursday again and time for Prose for Thought. Last week when I posted My Muse I never thought it would feel good to have other people read my work and I was really surprised by the great comments I got. Thank you to all of you who commented last week, you were so kind and have given me the confidence to continue. So here we are, my #Prose4T number two.

Her paws pounded the ground and her lungs burned as she raced across the field towards the dense forest. The dark night hid her black athletic body from sight but her yellow eyes glowed. She pushed through the brush and entered the cover of the trees, branches and leaves scraped her skin as she stole a glance behind her. Nothing. He wasn’t following. Images of that awful dungeon still lived in her head and she shuddered when she thought of what she'd been about to do. Unable to stop herself, screaming while trapped in her own mind. Watching as someone controlled her body, using her like a machine, in order to harm others. If it hadn’t been for the lion she may never have escaped.

As Emily hurried through the forest, twigs snapping under her paws, she went over what had just happened. The lion… He must’ve been a ‘Cooler’, there was no other explanation. Because of him she’d managed to transport herself away, save her own life and those she was threatening. She’d never wanted to harm Samuel and Anna, they were her friends, but Patrick’s gift - that necklace, stole her body. She wished she’d seen it coming, she wished she had been able to stop but most of all she hoped that Anna survived.

Emily reached the crest of a hill and looked down into the valley. She stopped and stared. A small cottage with cobblestone walls and a rickety roof covered in moss stood next to the glorious deep waters of the lake. She padded down the hill, seeming to glide over the grass. Reaching the water’s edge a blue mist encircled her and she sighed. As she breathed out her slender panther body disappeared and Emily stood naked, in human form, with her feet touching the damp rocks just beneath the surface of the water. She inched forward and smiled as the water eased the burning in her legs. She sank down, laid back and looked up. The clouds had cleared and the stars twinkled for her.

Emily blinked and as she dove under the water her tail flipped up and the moon bounced off her golden scales. Her black hair flowed behind her as she pumped her tail and sped through the water towards an orange glow ahead. A shoal of small silver fish joined her race and she grinned as they danced around her, welcoming her home. A moment later she floated before it, the small glowing ‘hole’ in the base of the lake that she called home. She was safe, at last.

I was going over the very first novel I wrote a few years ago (it’s hidden away in a file on the computer) and was inspired by one of the characters. In the book I didn’t write her perspective but I thought for a short piece it would be great. Again I’d love to hear your comments.

Prose for Thought