Gut Instinct

I’ve been struggling with my creative writing lately and have decided to take a break from the novel, instead using my time to concentrate on the blog for a while. However, I still need that creative outlet so here I am for Prose for Thursday again. I thought I would test out parts of my original novel on you all and you can let me know what you think, maybe that way I might get the motivation to sort out the story!

Maria trudged across the green field, her legs feeling heavier by the minute. Would it really be so bad to transport home? Yes, it would. The rules were there for a reason and she was the one to come up with them after all. How would it look if she broke them? She forced her legs to move beneath her body. The training session had taken it out of her this time and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could take his power. He was growing so fast and she was so proud but she was very tired.

The thought of a hot steaming bath carried her home and as she pushed on the large oak door and wandered into the lobby she heard the trickle of water and smiled. A flash before her eyes and she blinked, her brows pulled together and her heart ached. Shaking her head she walked to the bottom of the stairs, planted her hand on the banister and pulled herself up. The training was weighing heavy on her now and she struggled to get up the stairs but as she stepped onto the first floor landing she smelled lavender and took a deep breath. Another flash. She placed her hands on the banister and closed her eyes. Not now, please.

She breathed in deeply and drifted towards her bedroom door, she thought about the hot water and how it would ease the aches in her muscles but in the back of her mind she could feel the tension growing. She tried to imagine sinking into the water and closing her eyes and just letting the pain go but she couldn’t shake that doubt. Maria stood in front of her bedroom door and gripped the handle but paused when a mumble inside got her attention. She grinned. Victor was inside waiting and the thought of him suddenly wiped her pain away. She turned the handle, pushed on the door and sauntered into the room.

She only got a second to look at the bed before the freight train ploughed into her and she fell back against the wall. She gripped her chest and tried to catch her breath as she stared. The aches from training were gone but another, stronger pain sunk its claws into her. Victor stood, topless, by the side of the bed staring at Maria with his mouth open and eyes wide. On the bed Elizabeth, the maid, had curled into a ball near the headboard. The bed sheets were in a pile at the foot of the bed, with Elizabeth’s clothes. As tears blurred her vision Maria tried to say something but only squeaked. She took a deep breath, pushed away from the wall and glared at her husband. She foresaw a fight…

This is just a short piece of one chapter and lots more happened but I didn’t want to put the whole thing on here, it would take forever to read!

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