Take time to do something new for you

The kids are at school, your chores are done (for now), and you're sitting on the sofa enjoying a hot cup of coffee. But what next? The kids won't be home for hours and you're not quite sure what you should do with your time. You could tackle the ironing, you could clean out the kitchen cupboards. There are so many jobs on your list that you could choose any one of them. But what if you spend that time on yourself instead? What if you take an hour or two to learn something new? How amazing would that be?

As a stay-at-home mum I know that more often than not when we have time free (when the daily chores are done) we tend to focus on other chores we could do. Or we think of something that would benefit the rest of the family - like baking. It's so easy to focus on things that need doing and most of the time it involves cleaning something. But there are so many hours in the day that taking one or two for yourself can't really hurt anyone, can it?

Of course if you have no idea how to spend an hour on yourself then you're pretty much stuck aren't you?

Well, no - actually.

I've put together this little list of things you could try, and they're all meant for just you.

Read a good book

It is World Book Day on Thursday so what better time to pick up a good book and give it a read? It could be a novel you've been meaning to read for years, like Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky (an epic book by the way!), or something a little lighter like the Harry Potter series. I love reading fiction, it helps me escape the day-to-day monotony of chores and I can forget that I have things I have to do and just enjoy the story I'm reading. 

Take Time To Do Something New For You | Reading can stimulate your imagination, or help you improve!
I love reading a good book.

Right now I'm reading News From The Squares, the second book in a series of three by Robert Lewellyn (the guy who played Kryton in Red Dwarf). It's a book that gets your mind thinking about recycling and the impact we have on the earth as well as taking you on a journey with the main character, Gavin Meckler. I'm really enjoying it and can't wait to get onto the third in the series.

Then there's non-fiction. I don't read a lot of non-fiction because I find it difficult to turn off if I do. The self-help books make me feel inadequate most of the time and I have enough trouble with that by myself, never mind reading a book about how to improve myself! However, there are one or two books that do actually help. Like The Happiness Habits Transformation by Michelle Reeves. This book helps you think about how you're spending your time and transform your days. It gives you permission to think about yourself without the guilt - something I'm sure every mum needs to do. As well as my fiction I'm working my way through The Happiness Habits Transformation and love it so far.

If you're a blogger, or even thinking about starting a blog, then Blogs Change Lives by Aby Moore is a book you'll definitely need. Aby writes about her own experiences starting a blog while suffering with Post-Natal Depression and how it has helped her. She also talks about the ways you can make your blog work for you in a way that will change your life. She gives you tips and advice on how to make the most of your skills, teaches you to believe in yourself, and most of all she makes you realise that you're not the only mum in the world that wants more. More for herself as well as her family. Aby is one of the nicest people I know, she is supportive and encourages all mums to go for their dreams. As well as her book she also runs a free Facebook Group called Mamapreneur Revolution and there's a paid membership called the Inner Circle which has loads of benefits including access to a Facebook group full of other supportive women - including me.


Take Time To Do Something New For You | Sketching is a great way to let yourself just be. Be creative.
Sketching helps me to chill out.

If you've spent any time on my blog at all you'll know how much I love sketching. I've gone from drawing BP's favourite Disney character, Stitch, to starting my own Etsy shop selling personalised prints for families. Drawing has always been a huge part of my life, I used to spend hours on end working on my latest creations and it always makes me feel calm and contented.

Take Time To Do Something New For You | Drawing my mermaid helps me to free the niggles that hold me down.
My finished mermaid!

Now you may feel like you're no good at drawing, but why not give it a try and see? You may find you have a talent you didn't realise! Start out with something easy, like flowers or a house - in classic doodle style. I still believe there are things I can't draw, I'm certainly not good at realistic drawings but when it comes to cartoons I'm in. Have fun with a pencil and see what you're capable of.


Okay so I have never tried crochet, years ago when I used to visit my grandma we would knit together occasionally but crochet wasn't on my radar then. I know it has had a bit of a boost recently and lots of people enjoy it, I think there's even a local group that meets in the pub once a week to crochet together!

You could give crocheting a go and see if you like it. 


Yes, I said that was something for the rest of the family earlier but if it's something you enjoy doing then surely you'd do it? For me it's more of a chore but for someone who enjoys it it can be just the thing you need. The family benefits by having wonderful treats to eat but you benefit because you're doing something you enjoy.

Take Time To do Something New For You | Baking a cake could make the family happy - but will it make YOU happy?
Does baking make you happy?


I know walking doesn't really sound like a hobby or something new to spend your time doing but it could be. Walking is a brilliant way of clearing your mind and giving yourself the space and time to chill out. When I say walking I don't mean take a hike up a mountain, for me it's more like taking a slow walk along the local canal or through a forest. 

Take Time To Do Something New For You | Walking helps me clear my mind. Get outdoors and get walking.
A lovely walk will help you feel good.

Getting outdoors when the sun is out is good for you - you're getting those lovely sun rays on your skin after a dull winter and you're outside, breathing fresh air and listening to wildlife around you. I love being able to go for a walk, something we enjoyed just last weekend. We took the boys to our local park and wandered around for a couple of hours. When done alone walking allows you to organise your thoughts, when done with someone else it allows you to talk through those thoughts and maybe even come up with new ideas for yourself.  I would encourage you to get out walking as regularly as you can manage.

Start a blog

Seven years ago I was terrified that when LP started school I would become a mum who spent all her time cleaning the house and be bored out of my mind. At the time I happened to read about a writer who was also a mum and had a blog and it occurred to me that I could do that too. In the last 7 years I have spent hours writing - something I love to do - and I've also spent a lot of that time learning and gaining new skills along the way.

Take Time To Do Something New For You | Blogging has helped me learn new skills and be more ME.
Blogging is MY thing. 

I won't say starting a blog is easy - or rather, having a successful blog is not easy. It is really easy to set up a blog - you simply head over to either Wordpress or Blogger and set one up. It's all the other stuff that goes along with it that is a little more complicated. But for someone just starting out it could be a brilliant idea and something you could spend your time on when the kids are at school - like me. 

Because I set up my blog my mind didn't turn to mush and I am learning all the time. That was my 'something new' all those years ago and I'm so glad I took the plunge and did it. I am who I am today because I took that step.

Take Time To Do Something New For You | There are so many things, other than chores, you can spend your time doing!

There are so many things you could try out when the kids are at school, but these are just a few ideas. Most of all you should be thinking about what would make you feel good, spending time on yourself and making yourself feel good will make the rest of the day so much better!

Which one in my list are you most drawn to?

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Do stop by Facebook and let me know which new thing you'll be taking time for.

And to keep your kids busy why not grab this Wonderful Winter Activity Book, and maybe then you can enjoy a hot coffee!

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