Skills to Learn for a More Interesting Life

Lenore Edman

I know all too well how being a stay at home mum can make you feel isolated. I have felt the terrible boredom of having nothing to do but clean the house and run around after the kids. It's a sad case of affairs when you end up watching daytime television just for something to do. I eventually resolved to step outside of my comfort zone more and get out to meet new people and try new things. One of the best things I think you can do is to learn a new skill. It can open up a world of opportunity for you. You can gain a hobby, start travelling more or maybe even come up with a business idea. Here are some of my top skills to learn to change your life.


I can't make my own clothes, but it's fascinating watching other people do it. I would love to learn when I have the time. A lot of mums probably learned some sewing at school or home, but only enough to sew on a button or perhaps take up some trousers. Taking a dressmaking class means you could learn to make clothes for yourself. And you can make them for your kids, your partner, and just about anyone else who's willing to stand still for you.

Magic Tricks

Some new skills don't have to be anything practical. Occasionally they're just fun things you can show off as a party trick. Learning to perform magic is one of those things, whether you want to try some card tricks or illusions. It's easy if you want to get started, and there are plenty of tricks that don't require special props. But when you're ready to step it up a bit, you can go to and order some cool things. Another thing I find interesting is circus skills, which range from juggling to acrobatics and clowning.


Who says that woodworking is for boys and sewing is for girls? It's not like that anymore, so get out your power drill and knock something up. There are lots of things you can make if you want to use wood as your medium. It could be large items of furniture that you can put around the house or even sell. Or maybe you wish to make smaller, decorative things that require more attention to detail.

Speaking a Foreign Language

It's never too late to learn something new. Picking up a foreign language is harder as an adult, but it's not impossible. If you've always wanted to speak another language, there are a few ways to do it. You might have somewhere near you that offers classes in the evenings. Or you can learn at home using lots of resources. You can buy books and CDs, use websites and even find a native speaker to chat to over Skype. Don't be put off by your experiences of learning a language at school!

Don't stop improving yourself just because you've become a mum. In fact, it's the perfect time to do it, so you retain your identity.

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