How to get that hot coffee even if the kids are at home

Getting just five minutes to yourself when you're a busy mum can be tough. When the kids are at home, there's always something to be doing, whether that's entertaining the kids or putting another load of laundry in the washing machine, but that doesn't mean you can't get that coffee. Below are just a few ways you can grab a hot coffee even if the kids are at home.

Enjoy movies (and coffee) with the kids at home

Movies are great for occupying your kids long enough for you to enjoy a hot coffee and a bit of peace while they are at home. You could choose the latest Pixar release (check out The Incredibles 2 if you haven't already!) or something for older kids like Guardians of the Galaxy. 

How To Get That Hot Coffee Even If The Kids Are At Home | Movies on hand, with popcorn, to keep the kids busy. A bowl of fresh popcorn.

The key here is to make it a treat, so have blankets if it's cold and dreary outside, be sure to have popcorn on hand, and set them up so they can have the lights off too. My boys love it when we have the lights off and sit to watch a movie, they can almost convince themselves they're at the cinema. Whenever I say we're having a cinema day they scream with joy, and I secretly cheer too because it means I'll have some quiet time while they enjoy their movie. 

If you're struggling for ideas for a movie, look at my boys' favourites.

Reading / writing / drawing

Get your kids to be creative. If they're enjoying reading a book, you could get them to draw something out of the book. Tell them to imagine their favourite character and to draw them. If your kids don't enjoy drawing, you could try asking them to write something - again use something they really like - Fortnite motives both my boys so during the upcoming school holidays I'll tell them to write a story featuring their favourite character from the game. 

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Reading is another great way to keep them occupied, particularly if they're reading a book they're enjoying. LP is in the middle of the first Percy Jackson book and LOVES it, he read for an hour last night because he wanted to finish the chapter, and he's always looks forward to reading. It not only teaches them but it's a good way to kick start their imagination. Even someone like LP who is more logical that creative, enjoys being able to imagine scenarios for the characters in his books.

Activity book distractions so you can get that coffee

If your kids aren't creative at all, then colouring in or activity books are another good way to occupy them. Again LP loves sticker books, especially the Lego ones - he's had 5 or 6 so far and I know he'll be asking Santa for more this year. 

How To Get That Hot Coffee Even If The Kids Are At Home | Distract them with activity books!
Don't forget to grab your copy!

Like I said, school holidays are just around the corner and because I know the boys will be at home all day, I've been working on ways to keep them busy. That's why I created the Fun with AniPals activity book, it's more for LP, who at 10 years old would probably find the activities easy but would enjoy them either way. There's colouring pages, and puzzles, - and you can grab your copy of my Fun with Anipals! activity book and keep your kids busy so you can grab your hot coffee!

Let the kids enjoy games when they're home

Being a parent to any school-age child these days means you must have heard of Fortnite and Overwatch. My boys obsess over both these games and are on them almost every day. Now I'm not saying you should let them play all day, but giving them an hour to play games with their friends means you'll get a little time for yourself. They become so engrossed in the game that they forget to ask you for anything and will leave you in peace for a while. 

How To Get That Hot Coffee Even If The Kids Are At Home | A white Xbox sits on a dark brown wooden table.

My boys have time limits for their games. We don't allow them to play for hours every day, but I don't mind increasing their time during the holidays, especially when the weather is horrid. The occasional day when we let them indulge in playing their games means we get quiet time and the rest of the holidays are more bearable. 


Depending on the age of your kids you could occupy them for anywhere between 10 minutes to 2 hours with puzzles. I'm talking jigsaw puzzles here, but if there are other puzzles you have - like a Rubix cube - then give them that too. 

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. 

Albert Einstein

BP likes a good jigsaw puzzle, he enjoys helping the Hubby and I when we get ours out but he also enjoys his own. LP has a good one that teaches him about European countries. He fits the pieces together, and when it's finished it shows a map of the continent. He then has to find where places are - he has pieces with all the city names on them. It's a great teaching tool.

School holidays are a tough time for stay-at-home mums. We have to cope with having the kids at home when we're used to having the day to ourselves. But that doesn't mean we have to lose our minds, we just have to consider how we'll schedule in our 'me time'. Hopefully, these ideas will help you out - and don't forget to grab your free Halloween Activity Booklet!

What do your kids enjoy doing that could help you get that hot coffee?