Essentials to pack for a trip to Walt Disney World

Taking a trip to Walt Disney World is a wonderful thing, but when it comes to packing for your trip it can be difficult to work out exactly what to pack. In my years of going to Orlando I've learned that thing that always get left behind and the things that I really didn't need in my suitcase, so I'm here to help you plan for your next trip to Walt Disney World.


Obvs! If you're from the UK, you're going to want to take shorts, t-shirts, whatever you wear in the summer. There haven't been many times I've visited Orlando and been cold, even in October. So for your whole family you're going to want your summer clothes. And don't forget the underwear too!

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | All your summer clothes and some good shoes are what you'll need.
Pack for the summer - even when travelling in October!

Of course you could always buy some things when in Walt Disney World. There are lots of shops where you can purchase clothes and accessories and you will love them all if you're a Disney fan.


We tend to travel in our main footwear - which tends to be trainers or sandals. But you're going to want to pack a spare pair too. You do lots of walking around the parks and hotels and if you're first pair aren't up to the task you might need that second pair. Be sure to pack comfortable shoes - with all the walking you're going to do the last thing you need is to get blisters.

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | You do LOTS of walking so be sure to have good footwear.
You can walk about 10 miles per day in WDW!


Not that you'll probably use them in the parks (apart from your phone) but you may want them later in the day when you're back in the hotel room so be sure to pack tablets, handheld consoles, and other entertainment devices. Oh, and don't forget the chargers and an adapter for the American sockets!

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | We all need our devices, even if we don't use them during the day.
Devices are great for winding down at the end of a busy day.

Chargers are obviously necessary - but the adapters are too. You can buy these online before you go - you won't find any once you're there!


If you're planning on carrying around lots of things when you're in the park you'll need a good, sturdy bag. Be aware that at every entrance to the parks there are bag-checks which means you'll be waiting in lines to enter and if you have a large bag it might take a while.

I do not like to repeat successes, I like to go on to other things. 

Walt Disney

I always try to get away with a bumbag, it's big enough to fit in essentials and fits around my waist. It also only takes a few minutes to be checked, and can sometimes be left behind!


If you're planning on pin trading you'll want to pack your pins and lanyard to take with you. You can buy these in Walt Disney World if you choose but buying pins to trade ahead of time is definitely a pro tip. Pins in the Disney shops are expensive, and you often end up not wanting to trade them. We always take a bag full of pins we want to trade and keep them in the room ready to swap out when needed.

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | Buy your pins ahead of time to save money.
Buying pins to trade is best done before you leave.


Don't forget the dollars! In a lot of the shops and restaurants you can pay with card but there are places that only accept cash and it would be a mistake to forget it. Think tips in restaurants or valet. There's always the chance your kids will want to spend money too so having cash handy is a good idea.


I'm not thinking aspirin or calpol here - I'm referring to your prescription medication. Whether it's creams, tablets, or something else, if you need it for your health don't forget to take it. You can buy painkillers and other simple medical stuff from any supermarket when you're there but if you require a prescription you'll need to take it with you.

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | Have your medication with you at all times.

Sanitary products

Women - if there's a product you prefer to use and you're not sure if you can get it over there - take it with you. On a few trips I've ended up feeling rubbish during my period week because I didn't take any products with me and I didn't like the ones I could buy in the supermarkets. I learned my lesson and always take my products with me now. The product range in Orlando has increased significantly in the years I've been visiting but it's still not the same as at home.

I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained. 

Walt Disney

Hair products

Again ladies, if there's a product you can't do without take it with you. Whether it's shampoo, your hair straighteners, or some mousse, there's not always the same products available in local stores so take it with you.

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | If you're partial to your shampoo take it with you - you might not be able to buy it there.

When it comes to hair I tend to not fuss too much. The difference in the water will make your hair feel different anyway. I always take hair bobbles to tie my hair back and use the shampoo provided by the hotel. I tend to leave it at that because fussing with hair is last on my list of things to do when I'm in Walt Disney World!

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | A few things you'll definitely need to take with you rather than buying it there.

So there you are - a quick guide to a few essentials to pack for your next trip to Walt Disney World.

What things do you always forget to pack?

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