How to Look Stylish, Fashionable, and Put-Together While on a Hectic Family Vacation

Family vacations are an opportunity to get away and make incredible memories together that last a lifetime. A vacation is a chance to experience new destinations, cultures, and attractions, but let’s be honest, they also tend to have a fair amount of activity and a hectic-vibe attached to them when there are kids involved. Much of your energy and focus is on them, keeping them happy, and entertained.

So, even though you’ll be on parent-duty all the time, there’s no reason your style needs to suffer. Here are some expert tips on how you can look stylish, fashionable, and put-together, even while rushing around on a family vacation.

Choose a Color Theme

A great place to start is with a little pre-planning of your packing. Rather than just grabbing at random outfits to throw in your suitcase, it can be wise to use a color theme or palette to guide you. What this means is that you can mix and match items, allowing you to create outfits on the fly that will work with whatever activity you are doing. 

Combine High-Fashion with Comfort

Another expert tip is to look for a way to combine high-fashion with comfort. Sure, those two things may not sound like they go together, but in reality, there are plenty of pieces that fit this description. Take, for example, a fabulous and trendy pair of Gucci sneakers, such as what you would find on SSENSE. This iconic fashion brand is known for using only the most luxurious materials, with the most stylish designs, yet when you purchase a sneaker you are also getting the added bonus of comfort.

SSENSE features an array of Gucci sneakers including their more classic designs featuring the logo and Italian flag colors that Gucci is known for. The Gucci White New Ace Sneakers and Gucci White Screener Sneakers are great examples.

As a bonus, designer sneakers can be paired with pretty much everything which means less footwear you’ll need to pack.

Let Your Bag Be a Fashion Piece

No matter what kind of holiday you book, or the destination, there's a good chance you'll be lugging a fair amount of "stuff" around with you. What that means is that you'll want something larger than your purse to use. So why not use your bag as a fashion accessory, and give a little personality to your outfit? Designer oversized totes, beach bags, and backpacks will all act as a statement piece yet make it possible for you to carry around everyone's stuff with ease.
Keep Your Makeup and Hair Simple

Finally, comes your makeup and hair. This can be the dead giveaway when feeling frazzled. The best approach is typically to keep things simple and sleek. A high ponytail, a sleek low bun, or even a messy up-do are great and fashionable solutions for your hair. As for your makeup, look for multi-functional products like a tinted moisturizer with built-in SPF, bronzer with a slight glow that can also double as eye-shadow, waterproof mascara, and lip balm with SPF and a glossy lip-plumping look to it.

Now you’ve got all the tips you need to look great while on holidays.