How to cope with the walking in Walt Disney World

If you're planning a trip to Walt Disney World there's one thing you need to be aware of before all else - you'll do lots and lots of walking. During our last trip we worked out we walked around 400 miles (in six weeks), and that's all around the parks. It takes a lot to be prepared for all that walking and there are some top tips to get prepared. In our experience being prepared can make a huge difference, so here's how to cope with the walking in Walt Disney World.

Walking in Walt Disney World

Apparently the average guest walks around 8-10 miles every day, and that includes all the zig-zagging you do from ride to ride and to see all the shows. Funnily enough though the parks themselves don't sound that big...

Magic Kingdom has a loop of around 2.2 miles.
Epcot's loop is about 2.8 miles.
At Hollywood Studios there's a loop of 1.4 miles.
Animal Kingdom's loop is roughly 2.3 miles.

How To Cope With The Walking In Walt Disney World | Walking towards Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom.
Walking to Expedition Everest more than once is a fair bit of walking!

The loops aren't where you do all your walking though, it's not as if you go into the park one end, do done loop, and then exit. You move around, go on rides, enter restaurants, and then go back on yourself to a different ride. In one park you can expect to walk at least 5 miles but more like 7-10.

Plan ahead

As with any kind of physical activity the best thing you can do for your body is get it prepared. When an athlete is thinking of doing a marathon they prepare themselves by training. They do extra exercise before the marathon to prepare themselves for the running. And that's exactly what you should do when planning a trip to Walt Disney World.

Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.

Thomas Jefferson

When we are planning a trip we start our training about a year before our planned trip. We start out small, with 10-15 minute walks every other day. Over time we build up to walking 2-3 hours, sometimes covering 10 or more miles in one day. It takes time, you do have to make time for the training, but it is definitely worth it.

When you're planning your trip be sure to schedule in plenty of rest stops. Look out for the best places to rest in each of the parks, whether that's one of the restaurants or finding a bench or somewhere else to sit down for a while.  Some people head back to their hotel room in the afternoon for a rest, some people use the hotel pool as a way to rest too. We did that a few times and actually having an hour or so in the pool is a nice break from the parks. No one can walk continuously all day, you will need rests, and planning them in makes it difficult to overlook them.

How To Cope With The Walking In Walt Disney World | Stop by your hotel pool for a rest, the cool water will be a welcome relief.
Doesn't that look welcoming?


Your choice of footwear for your holiday is very important, you need to be thinking "comfort" rather than "style". I've made this mistake many times and always regret it, my feet have really suffered in the past. A good pair of trainers, or sandals, that are already worn in is a good start.

My recommendations would be to choose light coloured shoes, and if possible get "breathable" shoes. It's always nice to have either holes or breathable material so your feet don't get too hot. Darker coloured shoes can get very hot and makes walking around more uncomfortable than it needs to be. It could be handy to pack more than one pair of shoes, you may find you need them. Once or twice we've been on holiday and one of our pairs of shoes have broken. During summer it was LP who's sandals broke, and after that he had to wear his trainers. We were lucky we had a spare pair.

Carry as little as possible

Taking large bags into the park that contain drinks, snacks, and everything you might possibly need,  might sound like a good idea but bear in mind that you're going to have to carry that bag around with you all day - in the hot sun. Just imagine how much you're going to hate that bag by the end of the day when you've done 10 miles of walking and you're still having to carry a bag full of "essentials".

How To Cope With The Walking In Walt Disney World | Ride the monorail to get a good rest between parks.
Be sure to use all possible ways to get a rest - like the monorail!

The last two times we've been to Walt Disney World I've taken a bumbag, I keep our passports, money, phones, and other small essentials in it but everything else we get either in the park or at our hotel. It's far easier than carrying a backpack, and it means I don't have to remove it when I go on rides. 

Foot care

First of all you should pack, or buy at a local supermarket, a blister care kit which includes cream and plasters. No matter how comfortable you think your shoes are when you're walking around everyday for more than a few days you're bound to have feet problems. 

Walking is man's best medicine.


Whenever you get the chance I'd recommend giving your feet a cool bath too - it can be very refreshing after a day of walking around to dip your feet into a cold bath. While you might think a hot bath could help, and it might at first, cold water can help your feet feel better quicker because you spend so much time on them during the day and they get so very hot.

How To Cope With The Walking In Walt Disney World | Looking for ways to ease the pain in your feet? Check out these tips for coping with the walking in Walt Disney World.

Taking care of your feet is really important when you're in Walt Disney World. Walking every single day can take their toll so make sure you're doing your best to take care of yourself.

How will you rest your feet when in Walt Disney World.

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