9 Simple Ways To Enjoy Summer Days With Your Kids

The sun is high in the sky, and you're sitting on your favourite garden chair as the kids run around the garden. Happy shrieks fill the air as they splash in the paddling pool and chase each other around. Toys lay on the ground amongst the grass, but you don't care. The smile on your face says it all - this is how you enjoy summer days with the kids.

While the summer school holidays can be tough, and having the kids home (and knowing what to do with them) is draining, there are simple things you can do to make the most of the sunny days at home and enjoy the time with your kids.

9 Simple Ways To Enjoy Summer Days With Your Kids | Take a walk with your kids!

Enjoy Summer Days By Not Sleeping In

The first day of the holidays it can be tempting to switch off that alarm clock, sleep in (if the kids allow it), and enjoy not having to do the school run. But if you get up at the usual time, sort out the kids' breakfast, and get ready for the day, you'll find you're more energised and happy to do something during the day.

By getting up early you're getting the usual stress and strain out of the way early and you may even find you'll feel better for it.

The Peaceful Mom has some great tips on how to enjoy the summer too - quick and simple, which is great for the summer.

Invite Friends Over To Enjoy Summer Days With The Kids Together

One great way to enjoy the summer days with your kids is to get together with friends. Invite them over, maybe even sort out a picnic for the garden and you can all enjoy the sunshine. When the kids are in the garden playing nicely together, you'll get to enjoy a chat with a friend. It's a great opportunity for you both to get that adult conversation you crave, while the kids have fun outdoors.

Let the kids go crazy, get out as many toys as they like, and enjoy the sun.

Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.

George R.R. Martin

Let The Music Play During The Summer Days

When the sun is out and the kids are in the garden just stop and think for a moment - is there anything that could make this moment better? Probably not... 

Except maybe blasting some 80s tunes from your iPod (or ghetto blaster!) and getting the kids involved in a dance-off Run DMC style!

Playing music while the kids play in the garden, or getting them involved in that dance-off, is a great way to enjoy the summer days. The kids will probably recognise some of the music, because they include most of it in their favourite movies, and they'll enjoy watching you smile and have a good time. Nothing can make your kids' day like seeing you have a good time.

Head To The Local Water Park Or Swimming Baths

You don't have to spend every summer day at home, so why not take one of those sunny days and head out with the kids. Pack up their favourite swimwear, a few towels, and maybe even a picnic and make your way to your local park that has a pool - or perhaps the swimming baths. The kids will have fun playing in the water and you can sit by the side and watch them, or maybe even get in on the water fun too! Why not forget about being the "mum" and enjoy the summer days with your kids by splashing in the water with them!

Picnic, History, And Fun!

First, scout out the best location - that could be the best park equipped with play areas for the kids. Or it could be an English Heritage Castle with an enormous field and actors to make the day seem more historic. Then pack a picnic, filled with yummy sandwiches, awesome cakes, and snacks and drinks to keep the kids happy. Pack up the car (not forgetting the outdoor fun toys) and head out to your chosen destination to spend a day of family filled fun. 

9 Simple Ways To Enjoy Summer Days With Your Kids | Visit a castle and have fun with history!

Picnics are great, you can sit and read or play with your kids and you all enjoy the sunshine (while it's there!). 

Enjoy Summer Days With Your Kids On A Bike Ride

When the sun is out and the wind is low but cooling, it's the perfect weather for a bike ride with your kids. My youngest, LP, loves bike rides with his dad - they ride for hours and talk the whole way, but the best thing is that they're getting outdoors and enjoying the summer while LP is still young. He loves being able to race his dad; he loves being able to challenge his dad, but he also loves that they can connect with each other while riding along.

9 Simple Ways To Enjoy Summer Days With Your Kids | Riding bikes is fun!

Bike rides are great for getting a little exercise, taking in the fresh air on a gorgeous summer's day, and best of all - connecting with your kids.

Camp In The Garden And Enjoy Summer Says With Your Kids

Pitch a tent, build a fort, or just grab a large stick and a blanket and make yourself (and your kids) a tent. Make sure you have blankets, pillows, and plenty of entertainment - but get out into the garden and enjoy those summer days with your kids.

We have a tent, but I don't really enjoy camping. That's why camping in the garden is great - I don't have to do the whole sleeping outdoors with no amenities thing and the kids can enjoy time in the tent playing make-believe. The best bit is that I can nip into the house, make them a wonderful snack and surprise them with it - to make their make-believe fun even better.

Stargaze In The Garden At The End Of Those Summer Days

After letting the kids spend the day camping in the garden, why not get in on the fun. As the sun goes down and the stars come out, make your way into the garden with the kids and enjoy the summer nights too - because it's not just the days that are great. You could even educate yourself on the finer points of star spotting - or rather constellation spotting!

Oh, the summer night, Has a smile of light, And she sits on a sapphire throne.

Bryan Procter

If you struggle a bit with identifying Orion's Belt or the Big Dipper, why not check out the many apps in the App Store. They can help you spot the right stars and you can amaze your kids with your wondrous knowledge.

Enjoy Summer Days With Your Kids By Learning In The Garden

9 Simple Ways To Enjoy Summer Days With Your Kids | Watch bees in your garden - and learn!
Watching the bees can be fascinating. 

From creepy crawlies to chirpy birds, there're loads of things you can learn from the comfort of your picnic blanket. Get the kids out in the garden spotting bugs to start with - have your phone on hand to teach about the bugs you see. Watch the bugs, let the kids see how they move and maybe even what they eat. Do the same with birds. It's a great opportunity to pay attention to nature and also spend some proper time with your kids, enjoying the summer days. This and many more are ways you can enjoy the summer days for free - why not check out Lauren Greutman's list of 31 ways to enjoy the summer for free.

The summer doesn't have to be stressful... or rather it doesn't have to be stressful all the time. There are going to be bad days, but with a little planning and taking the time to see that summer is a wonderful thing you can really enjoy summer days with your kids.

How do you enjoy summer days with your kids?