Moving made easy with Shiply

My sister recently told me she is going to be moving to Birmingham. Job circumstances and life changes have made her realise she could be happier in Birmingham by joining her boyfriend and starting a new, better, life. We've been discussing the house move over the last few weeks and it made me think about the last time I moved house.

Hours on the phone

The last time I moved house was 14 years ago, I was heavily pregnant (BP was due two weeks after we moved). At the time I had to call around lots of moving companies like Pickfords (who we eventually went with) to get quotes for the move and I spent hours on the phone. 

An old style white telephone sits on a  white table next to an iPad.

I called companies, I wrote down quotes, I took notes. It was a tedious job but we needed help with the move and it was the only job I could do that didn't mean packing boxes or lifting heavy things. I hated calling all those companies, I felt like I was constantly repeating myself (good practice for when I became a mum!). But it was what I had to do, so I did it. 

In the end there was no way of judging which company to choose other than price, so the company who quoted us the best price got the job. There were no reviews anywhere that I could read, there was no feedback from people who had previously used the companies. It was all about that price, which isn't a great way to choose if I'm honest. I mean, just because they have the best price doesn't mean they have the best service does it? And usually, the opposite is true!

Moving Day

The day we moved house the company was very helpful and I didn't have to do anything except go to our new house to supervise. Of course being heavily pregnant meant the first thing I needed the movers to bring in was the sofa! But that's another story.  

A photo of someone's living room. There's a blue sofa to the left of the photo, a single chair sits in the middle of the room.

The move went well, thankfully, and before we knew it we had all our furniture and boxes in our new house ready to be put into their living spots. While the move was stressful (it brought on labour early!) it was over fairly quickly and we were in our new house without much trouble with thanks to the movers and family helping out. 

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

No More calling around

These days it's much easier to find a reputable moving company and you don't have to spend hours on the phone like I did!

Shiply is an online platform that matches those needing something transported (house move / car / pet / furniture) with a transport provider in a similar area. You list your requirements and the transport providers quote on listings where they are already in the area or making a similar route, therefore saving money and the environment. 

For example, in my sister's situation she could go onto the Shiply website and enter her requirements - a house move from the Nottingham area to Birmingham. Companies who are in the area or taking a similar route would quote for the job and then my sister could look at the customer feedback the companies had received from other users, look at the price they had quoted, and make her choice based on feedback AND price rather than just who is cheaper. Add the fact that she wouldn't have to spend hours on the phone and it sounds like a good deal to me!

Shiply's aim is to get unnecessary vehicles off the road - which sounds like a good plan - and so far they've saved over 105 million kgs of CO2 by reducing the number of wasteful journeys. 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. 

Margaret Mead

Of course you may not be moving house, but that doesn't mean Shiply can't help you. You see Shiply is all about transporting anything so you may want to transport a car, or a cat, and Shiply can still help you. Simply list what you want transporting and wait for the quotes to come in.

A grey coloured cat with green eyes looks up at the camera while standing on folded boxes. Beneath the boxes is a dark wood floor.

Each listing receives at least 3 quotes from different companies and you choose your favourite offer after looking at the profiles of the companies that submitted quotes and checking their feedback ratings. Quotes can be up to 75% cheaper, all companies are feedback rated, there's no need to spend hours on the phone AND Shiply has a 9.3/10 TrustPilot rating - that's gotta be a win right?

Transporting your things just got a whole lot easier!

If Shiply had existed back when I moved house I have no doubt I would've used them. I would've saved time by not spending hours on the phone, it would've been much less stressful, and I could've seen other people's opinion of our moving company. I value other people's opinion when they've used a service and I think that's a big plus when choosing. 

My sister is moving in July and she is currently getting her plans together, I've already suggested she take a look at Shiply. 

How stressful was your last house move?

Moving house made easy with help from Shiply - how stressful was your last house move?