4 simple ways to keep the kids out of your hair on moving day

The day of your home move has been rapidly approaching. All you can think about is conveyancing, stress, deeds, stress, boxes, more stress, brown tape and how Fido the dog will cope with the home move. Another niggle of a thought that’s been bothering you is the kids. Although you obviously love them to bits and they are a well-behaved bunch, you have a feeling that their frustrations on moving day could emerge as squabbles, misbehaviour and general low-level annoyances that could add to your already high anxiety levels. All is not lost. Take a look at these ideas to help keep your little darlings busy come the big day.

Encourage them to join in

If you’re busy wrapping and packing as the kids look on wondering what all the rustling is, the chances are that they’ll get bored. The TV is already packed so you can’t use that to distract them and they are starting to fidget. Get them in on the action. Don’t give them responsibility to wrap the delicate antique candelabra that’s been in your family since 1788, but allow them the opportunity to pack some books, CDs and DVDs. If you’re tempted to call in the pros to help you pack as well, take a look at https://www.mybekins.com/location/sarasota-fl-movers/ to discover the advantages and disadvantages to relinquishing the packing duties.


If you have some family pets, consider asking the kids to be responsible for them. This gives them a real sense of purpose for moving day. Their main focus will be the wellbeing of the animal that they’ve been allocated. If little Jimmy is looking after Fido, he’ll be more concerned about the mutt getting fed and watered than himself.


Like with any long journey, the ubiquitous ‘Are we there yet?’ whine from the back seat can get under your skin and cause your stress levels to bubble away until they reach boiling point. Stock the back seat up with games and quizzes like the ones suggested at http://www.minitime.com/trip-tips/10-Best-Car-Games-for-Kids-article. Rent or buy a couple of portable DVD players for the journey and have a stash of age-appropriate movies in the back. With their earplugs in, they can while away a good few hours as you get a little bit of peace and quiet en route to your new humble abode.


When you finally arrive at your new pad, you might be aching for a cuppa whereas your little cherubs may be eager to launch themselves into your new property and race around every room at breakneck speed. To try and mitigate this youthful adrenaline rush, allow your kids to select their rooms and unpack their belongings. Giving them some responsibility to set up their little piece of the home will calm them down and channel their excitement into a much more worthwhile task.

Moving home can be a stressful experience. However, you can use some good old sneaky tactics to keep the kids busy and alleviate some of the anxieties of the big day.

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