Building Lego Tower Bridge 10214

Being a huge fan of Lego you can imagine my excitement when the Hubby bought me the fantastic Lego Tower Bridge set for Christmas. I was excited to get started on this one, I couldn't wait to find out what building the set would be like.

Building Lego Tower Bridge 10214 | A great set to get for Christmas!

Opening up the box was brilliant, but then I saw the bags of lego. Usually, in the lego sets, the bags are numbered to coincide with stages of the build but with the Tower Bridge that wasn't the case.

The bags weren't numbered and this meant we had to empty all of the bags at once.  I could see that this was going to be an epic build. The bricks covered the entire table and we ended up having to put them in a large plastic container so that we had somewhere to actually build the bridge.

The great thing about building the Tower Bridge is that there are obviously two towers which meant that the Hubby and I could build one tower each.

With a bucket of Lego, you can tell any story. You can build an airplane or a dragon or a pirate ship - it's whatever you can imagine.

Christopher Miller

Getting Started building

The first part of the build was the bridge itself, it took no time at all to get it put together and the bridge actually lifts up!

Building Lego Tower Bridge 10214 | Making a start on the build.

After putting the built bridge to one side you can get on with building the towers. As there are two towers that are exactly the same you should build them both at the same time. See - the Hubby comes in handy sometimes!

Building Lego Tower Bridge 10214 | Continuing the build...

The base of the tower is sturdy, it has to be, it's going to be holding a lot of weight.

When the base is finished you can start building the towers themselves.

Building Lego Tower Bridge 10214 | The build on the towers.

This is where you get to enjoy the building. Lego used so many tiny pieces for the Tower Bridge kit and you make slow progress but when a part is finished it looks brilliant. I said in my post about Lego Taj Mahal that they have great attention to detail and that's no different for Tower Bridge.

The columns at each corner of the tower are added separately, each one it's own work of art.

Building Lego Tower Bridge 10214 | Building the towers in steps.

Almost every section of the build uses the tiny pieces and it all goes together elegantly.

It took a long time to build the Towers because they use all the smallest pieces. I loved building it though and the little details made it worth the effort.

I am an artist who works with Lego.

Nathan Sawaya

One of the most satisfying moments during the build (apart from finishing) was when we connected the functioning bridge to the towers. It really began to look like the Tower Bridge.

Building Lego Tower Bridge 10214 | Connecting the towers with the bridge.

There was still plenty of building to do after the bridge was connected and we got straight on with it. Next came the decoration that connects the towers at the top.

Building Lego Tower Bridge 10214 | Connecting the upper walkway.

But we still weren't finished, the Towers still needed their roof.

Building Lego Tower Bridge 10214 | The towers are almost finished.

Once the roof was on I thought that maybe we were finished but no, Lego had a genius idea! The bridge needed cars too!!

Building Lego Tower Bridge 10214 | You'll love the red bus!
I love the black cab and the red bus!!

After adding the rest of the road to the side of the towers we were finished and our Lego Tower Bridge has pride of place in our lounge at the moment.

Building Lego Tower Bridge 10214 | The finished build.

Here's a little video for you too...