Building Lego Disney Castle 71040

As you know we're huge Disney fans. We are also huge Lego fans, that's me and the Hubby (the kids are too), we've bought and built most of the Lego Creator series and love the builds. So, when Lego announced they'd be releasing the Lego Disney Castle the Hubby and I couldn't hold in our excitement. 

One of our favourite, and biggest, builds to date is the Lego Taj Mahal which we've had for years and built 2 or 3 times so far. But with the Lego Disney Castle on the horizon our favourite was about to change.

Having lots of experience building Lego sets the Hubby and I were excited to see what the Disney Castle would be like. We were particularly interested to see what the finer touches would be. The build began slowly with the complicated base, it obviously had to be complicated to support the weight it would be holding but it was fun to see it coming together.

 The finished base, including steps up to the castle

 Two little frogs accompanied by a tiny gold crown.

After building the base we continued to build on it, Mickey Mouse was the first character to be built and he stood by as the Hubby and I built each stage of the Castle. To start with we added pillars and walls that would hold the second floor. We also added the main doors into the Castle. 

I shrieked just a little at Mickey in his tuxedo!

Small lanterns sat just above the fence - more awesome details.

Next came the smaller details for inside the Castle; a chandelier that would hang in the main foyer, a grandfather clock, and a vase of flowers. In front of the pillars we built two statues, they stood guard making sure we got the build right.

I love that this was made from lots of little pieces.

The grandfather clock in place.

A nod to Brave, check out that bow and arrow!

The first floor almost completed...

The outer walls, although large grey pieces of lego, were made a little more interesting with stickers. The brick stickers were to be places at particular places on the Lego pieces and it took a while to get it right but it worked in the end.

Once the finer details on floor 1 were complete we found Minnie Mouse too and she joined Mickey to watch the build. 

Mickey and Minnie stood by to make sure we built the Castle right.

Can you see the flying carpet and Aladdin's lamp?

The next steps were to build the steeples for the Castle and with them came Donald Duck. When we'd finished assembling the steeples it started to look like Cinderella's Castle.

It looks like Mickey and Minnie are happy with the placement of the clock!

Floor 2 pieces included Daisy Duck and she joined the other characters standing by. It was fun to add the details to floor 2 which included Halloween Lego pieces, and Mickey's broom and magic hat from The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Sleeping Beauty's bed. 

From there we added more floors and the finer details continued with Sleeping Beauty's bed, a storybook, and the rose in a display case from Beauty and the Beast.

 Have you found the candlestick from Beauty and the Beast?

Even after all that we still weren't finished, we had to build the final tower. In this step came Tinkerbell, complete with wings and wand! Within the tower the finer details included the Magic Mirror from Snow White and a red apple.

Throughout the build there are acknowledgements to classic Disney Movies like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and Aladdin (and many more).

When built the castle measures 74cm high, 48cm wide, and 31cm deep, and it is very heavy. Attempting to move the Lego Disney Castle was not fun, I was terrified we'd drop it and have to start again!

The castle - finished!

And the inside...

The Lego Disney Castle costs £299.99 from Lego and I think it would be the perfect Christmas gift for any Lego and Disney fan.

So do you think it looks like the original Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom?

This has become my favourite build by far and I cannot wait to build it again.

Do you have a favourite Lego build?