A Glimmer of Hope

More often that not I feel lazy and don't want to exercise or diet. The weight is piling on and I end up feeling worse about it all.

Today is different...

Not the weight thing, that's still the same. But I'm different. Or at least I feel different today. The sun is shining in my head, I feel more positive. Don't get me wrong, I'm still lazy and it's going to take a lot of effort to do some exercise but I'm going to do it.

These two things are going to feature heavily in my future.

This morning I woke up with this determination, a switch had been flicked inside and I suddenly feel like I can do this. I've done it before, I know exactly what I need to do, so why haven't I been doing it?

A little help from friends

I wonder if my change of heart has been because of some really wonderful ladies, two women who have followed my previous weight loss story and cheered me on when I was winning. And now, even though I've completely undone all my hard work, these ladies are still here, cheering me on.

Mirka, aka Fitness4Mamas, has been so kind. She offered a friendly ear when I was feeling down about my weight gain, she gave me advice on how to get started and she's always there if I need her. She has a genuine interest in helping me, and that means the world to me.

Sim, aka Sim's Life Blog, gave me a pep talk on Sunday. Prompted by her genius #FridayFitBit, we got talking about weight loss and exercise. Her positivity and determination was infectious, she reminded me that I've done this before and I did it. Sim also reminded me that we all have our own battles but if we turn to friends for support, they'll be there. 

Both these ladies have had a hand in making me feel like I can kick-start my weight loss again. I had a salad for lunch today, and we have a pot roast for dinner. All healthy, nothing too bad. 

I have been making more healthy choices lately, and although I've been eating more than I should at least it's the healthy stuff. My next step is to reduce the amount I'm eating. 

Right now I feel like I can do this, it's not determination, it's not motivation, it's more about knowing that the effort will pay off. Knowing that when I do this, I'll feel better and that will help motivate me to keep it up.

What I've realised these last couple of days is that no one can get along alone. My motivation had deserted me, my 'get-up-and-go' and got up and gone, but thanks to some amazing people I now see a glimmer of hope.

I can do this.

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