Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens meets My Doodles

Every day 10 young people in the UK are diagnosed with Cancer. 

Cancer is the leading cause of death in children, teenagers, and young adults despite advances in technology and treatments.

That's quite shocking isn't it?

The word "cancer" is shocking enough but when it's to do with children it somehow has a whole new level of scary. 

How common are children's cancers?

Around 1,600 children (under 15) are diagnosed with cancer every year, compared to 320,500 diagnoses overall in the UK. Children's cancer is rare. 

More than 8 out of 10 children diagnosed with cancer will live for more than 5 years, most of the children will be cured.

Types of children's cancers

The list of Cancers that affect young children is long and looking through it really makes you think. 

Acute leukaemias, (1 in 3 children with cancer are diagnosed with this)
Cancers of the brain and spinal cord, (1 in 4 children with cancer are diagnosed)

There are rarer types of children's cancers, and these include:

Retinoblastoma (a type of eye cancer)
Neuroblastoma (cancer of nerve cells)
Wilm’s tumours (a type of kidney cancer)
Osteosarcomarhabdomyosarcoma, and Ewings sarcoma (muscle or bone cancers)
Lymphoma (cancer that starts in the lymphatic system)


Although children often develop different types of cancer to adults they receive the same types of treatments.

These treatments can have debilitating side-effects on children that can last into adult life. Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens are working tirelessly to find kinder treatments.

To raise awareness and to try and raise funds Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens have teamed up with My Doodles for their current campaign.

My Doodles

My Doodles create characters and accessories to brighten your day. They're "all about making every day things more exciting". 


In order to help raise funds My Doodles have created two special characters for the Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens campaign; a dragon and a unicorn. These characters are available across a number of products including headphones, tablet cases and watches.

There are also new products designed by Bella, a young girl diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukaemia. Bella was asked to come up with some designs and My Doodles were so impressed that they decided to use them.


Bella's finished design in the My Doodles products:


The My Doodles team have been getting active to support Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens too. Here are a few photos from their fundraising challenges. They recently did the Three Peaks challenge and managed to raise £1500!


50p from all purchases will go directly to Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens.

Let's help tackle children's cancer and spread the word about the My Doodles collaboration with Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens.

You can also donate here.

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