What Does Your Jewellery Mean to You?

You say jewellery and I imagine sparkling diamonds, twinkling sapphires, and shining rubies. If it sparkles I'm automatically interested, and especially if it happens to be jewellery.

I have lots of jewellery but there are a few pieces that mean a lot more to me than others. The obvious one is my engagement and wedding rings, they're my prized possessions and I never take them off. I have a small diamond cross necklace, it's the first piece of jewellery the Hubby bought me, and my Thomas Sabo necklace and charms which the boys bought for me last year.


My jewellery means something special to me, but did you know that jewellery can hold a different meaning around the world, that there's a whole side to jewellery you had no idea about?

The infographic below has been put together by House of Fraser, it's a really interesting read.

I enjoy learning about different customs around the world and I think it's really interesting to learn about the cultural differences. I love that the way we wear our wedding rings is because of Egyptians' beliefs - how awesome is that!?

Do you have a special piece of jewellery and if so what does it mean to you?

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